How to End the  Million-Year-Old  Cycles of War


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Cycles  of War---How  to End 







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The Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient

.The  Ignorance/Idiot Quotient
is that portion of your full,  Human-Cosmic-Consciousness
that you'd be wise to know, but you don't know      and
you don't know that you don't know.

For an introduction of the Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient,
please go to page One:  





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On this page,
Rev. .Robert Cote'  explains
How to END -- The-Thousands-of-Years-Old -- Cycles of War~
 by explaining
What and Who Earth-Humans Really Are
 and then by applying
The Physics o Consciousness.
The rules of Reality
***   Here's the first and primary rule of reality:
Consciousness Is KING.  

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We-The-People Must Create
Our Own New Social Structure

Because the old structure is
***   Overwhelmingly  polluted
***   Totally dysfunctional
***   and carries very heavy LOW vibrations
***  It's owned and controlled by
       The-So-Called-Good-Guys and
       by the Cabal criminals.~

***  President Trump~ may succeed in
       getting rid of the Cabal  Banking criminals,
     ,  dealing with the so-called good guys
       requires Cooperation from We-The-People and
       it requires learning Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.~

       Trump  DOES NOT HAVE the consciousness
        required to
        Win a War of Consciousness.~.
       The U.S. military are also stuck in their
       own and their collective
        Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient  ..

***   The so-called good guys  (the white hats)
         are  a major problem  and a  challenge
        that President Trump, is not capable of handling
         without the assistance of We-The-People~.
        and the application of Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness

WHY.?   Because
The-So-Called-Good-Guys              The-So-Called-Good-Guys..  ..
are hiding essential technology
such as free  energy, fresh water,  and much more. 
They Are the Source of
     the ongoing  CYCLES  of WAR.
                          CYCLES  of WAR.
                          CYCLES  of WAR.

They Are the Source of
    the ongoing  CYCLES  of WAR.
                          CYCLES  of WAR.
                          CYCLES  of WAR.

They Are the Source of
    the ongoing  CYCLES  of WAR.
                          CYCLES  of WAR.
                          CYCLES  of WAR

The Cycle of War have been going on for
at least hundreds of thousands of years

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***   We are
The New Phoenix,  (Note the page heading.)
        We are building the new out of the remnants of the old. 

***  God/Goddess has taught us
       How to End The Cycles  of War.

leave the top down super wealthy, Service-to SELF
vertical hierarchy to die by its own actions.

The Cabla Criminals have been stupid enough to ignore
The Universal Law of Returns.
This law is described in detail  with examples
as part of  
The First universal Law of Llove

The evil ones are now getting back
what they have been  putting out.

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How to End the Cycles of War 

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Here's what they are:
*   The  Fossil fuels industry, 
*   Big pharma  (drugs)  
*   Corporate farming
*   The medical industry, 
*   The weapons builders, 
*   The Quantum Financial system
*   They also own and/or control
      the present legal system

Their consciousness is:
*.   Limited to Third-Dimension-Consciousness~
*   Fear,
*   War consciousness
*   Artificial scarcity
*   Self interest
*   Victim Consciousness
*    constantly Preparing for the next war
*   Belief that the most powerful violence wins.

For example,
*   The Quantum Financial System
is/was designed
by and for the super wealthy.

One of its major purposes
is to prevent the evil ones
from making secret criminal transaction
and hiding those transactions
in the major corporate business
and financial system.

It also prevents the powerful elite
from stealing from each other.

It will also end all forms of taxes
Including income taxes ,
(which has been illegal from its inception) 
In the new system.
There will be a 14% sales tax
on all new products, first time sold.

Remember,  This is being presented to us
by the super-wealth, for the super wealthy
with absolutely ZERO input from We-The-People

We Do Not Yet Know
what their hidden agenda is.
One thing you can know with  certainty.
The super-wealthy Want to maintain their

You can bet your life that
they will give the people
 just enough "goodies" (benefits) so that
the people  will take no action on their own

*   Their mission is to keep the people as
     dependent, ignorant, wage slaves.
*   Check with David Wilcock an Corey Goode
      regarding the conflict between
     full disclosure of the truth and partial disclosure.

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No matter what the the white hats offer us,
We-The-People Must Create
Our Own New Social Structure

Because if we fail to create our own
 people-based, laterally controlled, social structure,~,
the super-wealthy will impose their system upon us.

The 3rd.Dimension, physical-level war against the evil ones
is led by very powerful self interest groups.

President Trump's so-called allies.
the so-called good-guys are
 service to self, multi-millionaires.

They are hiding essential technology
They see us as nothing more than wage slave / servants.

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Cycles of War
The Rules of Reality / How the Universe functions

It is one thing to Win a War
it's something far grander to
learn the truth about
how to end and then eliminate
Evil's Cycles of War...

*   Every thought you think is an act of creation
*   The life you are presently experiencing
     is a blend of your most dominant thoughts.
*   Thoughts accompanied with high emptions
     are the most powerful thoughts.
*   High-emotion thought manifest much faster
     than low-emotion thoughts.

The Evil ones know this trick as Cycles of War

*   What they do is break up humanity into groups.
*   To each group,
     they pedal lies about how bad the other side is.
*   They escalate fear, anger  negativity.  
*    Create fear of being invaded,
*    To each group, they say,
      We must kill them before they they kill us.
*   Then trick the people  into consuming
      most of there production energy
      on making weapons to win the mext war.
It's really that simple.

*   FEAR, fighting and destroying and killing
     are at the core of their consciousness.
*   That  appears to be all they know how to  do
     and therefore
     they can never end the cycles of War.
*   This cycle has been going on for
     at least hundreds of thousands of years
     and sill today, they keep the wheel spinning

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The Trump Team will very likely make
a huge dent in the armor of the evil ones, but
unless they also learn the truth about
The Rules of Universal Creation  and
The First Universal Law of Llove,
the peace they create 
will be just another
lull between  wars.

Fear and anger will continue as the war mongers
prepare themselves for still another
bigger and more deadly and more destructive war.

The so-called good guys focus on building better weapons
in order to be prepared for the next war.
By  their thinking process, they attract/create the next war.

This is precisely and exactly their consciousness
maintains  Evil's Cycles of War.
From these people the next Dictator will arise.
Because humans are thinking machines.
For each of us, our thinking creates our reality
Our collective thinking creates  our collective reality
If we fail to create a people-to-people based social structure
their consciousness will give us another round of Wars..

Sending people out into the  physical reality and
trying to change what already is is futile gesturing.
Politics is NOT the solution.~
Teach people how the universe functions
and they and you  will change the world together.

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If President Trump stays stuck in his
war-losing, third dimension  consciousness,
that's OK.
He is a third dimension genius.
We certainly appreciate him and his mastery

Regardless of what he does,
We-The-People are moving
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness with or with out him.

Consider this possibility:
President Trump may be tricking the so called good guys
in order to get their cooperation.
There is a good possibility the he holds

*  Regardless of what those stuck in
     third dimension consciousness do,
*   We-The-People are already creating a new reality~
     that will vibrate so high
     that the evil ones will simply
     be unable to function at our high level of consciousnes. 
*   This will forever end the thousands-of-years- old,
     third dimension,  Cycles of War.  

Are You Aware that
***   We the people are learning
In 5th.D.,
***   There are no Secrets.
***   Control is lateral.   (i.e.  with the People)
***   The people are learning Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.~ 
***   The people are learning  The Physics of Consciiusness
        and   The Rules of Reality.~
***   The People learning What and Who they are~.
***   The people are learning
        The Universal Law of Thought
***   Self-Aware People~  DO NOT go online and
         focus on what they DO NOT WANT in their lives.

***   The people are learning that
        focusing their mind on  Sheyitt-Consciousness~
        Is HUGELY counter-productive.
***   In the new system
Control is in the groups of
We-The-People are no longer waiting for
someone like Trump to save them.
We are joining together to work as teams
creating the new sharing social structure, Service to All.   ...

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We-The-People offer four unique,
mass education programs,

***1   Full moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

***2   Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient

***3   The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
      **First Lost Secrets of Llove             (website)
The First Lost Secret of Llove    (web page)

***4   Another of the most powerful of the new action groups is
Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
by,  of,  and  for  

We teach each other the rules of the game called Life on Earth
Physics of Consciousness      
     How the Universe Functions  
*   The Rules of reality,~
*   The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~

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***   Consciousness is King~
***   Holographic Universe~
***   One Step Above Emotional Neutral~
***   Thinking and Feeling Person's Universe
        The Universal Law of Thought  gives us more of
        what we think about, particularly
        when we are very emotional.

Trends /
Changes in Direction of Pieces of our Social Structure
*   Global-level shift  in computer communication technology
*   The Desire for Personal, Human-to-Human Connections
     are stronger than ever.
 "You never miss the water until the well runs dry."
 *   Virtual (computer-simulated) contact is growing dramatically
     When Humans learn the simple rules bout  how to combine
     our collective powers of creation,,
     the world make the greatest change
     that humanity has ever seen.
*   The inevitable, unavoidable, complete death of money,
     in all of its forms

*   The second phase of awakening is becoming popular.
     Earth-Humans are learning the truth about
     What and Who They Really Are.~
*   People are learning and practicing and teaching and living by
*   Our transportation system is being dramatically upgraded
     by new technology
*   Universal Free Energy already exists.  
     It's not available to  We-The-People because
      the so-called good guys are hiding it from us

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Cyclec of War  ---  How to End

.Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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About the  Author of
Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Robert Cote'   aka   Aum FahZoom

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