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Examples of Money-Generating-Businesses

Our-Presently Active Teams




F.R. 18-03-09



By way of monthly parties,
we are building a permanent
Electro-Magnetic Energy Field  
focused on Joy, Fun, Llove,
on Orgasm, Ecstasy, and FahZoom.

We build this
Llove-Energy Field

for Gaia and for all Earth Humans
who choose to participate in     
monthly celebrations of Llove.

We celebrate Llove.
We do not worship.  
We Honor, respect, and appreciate Prime Creator
for His-Her Twelve Gifts to Humanity
We focus primarily on the gift of Llove.    




R. F.  18-03-07


The concept of Monthly Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove
has potential way beyond what we can imagine today. 
We say that because
it is a prefect fit
with absolutely every aspect
of human consciousness

that this author has encountered
in 57 years of investigating human consciousness.

There are two major aspects of this concept.
One is the formats, the structures, and the designs
created by this project's core designers,
the TLC-Life-Center's Creation Team.

The other will be what We-The People
will do with this concept
and where it will take humanity.

Imagine living in a world where everybody
understood, practiced, and lived by
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

Monthly celebrations of Life and Llove
can and will make our world into a joy-filled
place to live
it will do so with amazing speed.  
It is already a very strong timeline.

This page is a summary of some of the key factors
as we see them today, June 2020.


We distinguish between two types of celebrants.
Those who just want to have fun celebrating Llove.

The other is for those who choose to be
one of the people who participate in
designing, building, and managing
the TLC-Life-Center's Business Teams.

This page was written for those who choose to be active in
designing, building, and managing our businesses.
If actively working with us is not for you,
Don't bother reading this page

For potential business partners,
let's start by learning why
 being part of one of our core teams is
the best possible job (work/play) you could ever have.   
It doesn't matter where you live.





F.R. 18-03-09


The Best Possible Job  

You are invited to work/play with us
as we create and expand our
Monthly-Full-Moon-Celebrations of Life -and-Llove.

Let's look at the attributes of an ideal business:
We create and attend parties for the purpose of
Celebrating God/Goddess's gifts of  Life and Llove.
there are:

*   NO physical products
           to purchase,  
           to inventory
           to sell,  or
*   NO production equipment.
*   NO capital /financial investments required.
*   NO college degrees required.
*   NO training required.
*   NO new technology required.
*   NO employees.
*   NO business regulations to follow.
*   NO taxes.  
*   NO business licenses. 
*   NOTHING that we must own.
*   NO specific locations required.
*   NO design requirements to follow.
*   NOBODY else must be pleased by what we do.
*   We are no longer subjected to top down control.  
*   Governments and regulators are completely eliminated.  

<><><><><>     <><><><><>

*   You have your own  total creative imagination to follow.
*   Each party has its own style, location, and creative expression.
*   Your celebration can be private or public.
*  How you dress or don't dress is your choice.
*  Your party can have an number of particpants.
     from yourself only in your private setting.
      to millions televised to the entireworld.
    and anything and everything in-between.

Our job is to inspire thousand of celebrations
all over the world.
We will televise and share some of
the most exciting and most entertaining parties
by way of the Internet.
Our mission is to have
millions of people all focused on
 giving and receiving Llove all at the same time.
Are you awareha collective focus
of human consciousness
is the most powerful force
in the entire world.

Our Job Is 
to create monthly
Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.
Our job is to create and participate in
Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom Parties.

In the parties we sponsor, we explain, and we focus on
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
and anyything and everything else relating to
giving and receiving Llove.

Now, tell me,
how easy it is to have a Christmas party,
or a New Year's party
or a wedding celebration, or
to host a thanksgiving dinner?   
That's how easy our job is.

<><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title    Attributes-of-An-Ideal-Business
*   Section Address:     



F.R. 18-03-09



If you are NOT interested in being on one of
our Business-Creation Teams
don't bother reading this.
<><><>   <><><>

Our Product:
We gather together to
co-create a world of Llove
in which each of us is center stage 
in our own version of
a joy-filled human life.  
***   By example, we demonstrate
        the art of Living as Llove Personified.  
***   Our product is Llove.  
         It's the most valuable product
         in the entire Universe. 

***   Every time a new person chooses
        to participate in a
        Full-Moon Celebration of Life and Llove,
         our  product becomes more powerful.

Remember, The power of creation is in human thought.
Collective thought is vastly/ exponentially  more powerful
than individual thought

Our product opens the door to self-awareness, 
         to Fifth Dimension Consciousness
***   Our major product is to create
        Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom feel-good feelings.
        for all who choose to tune in
        and participate in the Llove Day  celebrations
***   Our product is giving and sharing Llove. 
        The supply is infinite.   
***   Our product is the feelings and the expression of
        Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom emotions.
***   Feelings and emotions
        are the core attributes of being human.  

Regarding Customers/ Clients/
      Students/ and Product-Receivers:
***   We have the largest potential "customer base"
         that the world has ever seen.
***   We have about SEVEN BILLION people
        interested in one or more variations
       of what we have to offer. 
***   We have the highest percentage of repeat customers
         of any business in the entire world.
***   Our product will never become obsolete or go out of style.
***   Llove Is Timeless.  
***   Llove is Eternal. 
***   Llove Is Universal.  


Competition?    There isn't any:  
*   When others copy us, they are actually joining us.
*   This is the greatest business we could ever be a part of.

Eliminates 3d Opposition
*   Every new player in the game of Giving Llove~
     raises our collective vibration,
     makes our product more powerful,
     and literally contributes to the elimination of
     the Cabal~ from our reality.   

The Advantages:
*   Start up money is little more than pocket change.
*   Our profit generating activities
     are designed to make a lot of money.    
*   All the profit money that the core-creation team generates,
     every bit of it, belongs to the team
     that created whatever they created. 

*   No travel required.
     Everything can be done wherever we are.  
     Any location.   Anywhere in the entire world.
*   Each of us is sovereign and completely self-controlled.
*   Anybody, independently, can celebrate any way they choose.

*   However, to affiliate with
     The Sensual Delights Network,   SDNet,
     requires adherence to God's Prime Directive,
     Thou Shall NOT Violate!~   
     No lies,    No secrecy.    No violence,
     No adult/ child sex.
     All activities are completely consensual.
     Our framework is based upon
     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

*   We, ourselves are the only judge of ourselves.
*   We work/ play whenever, wherever,
     how long, and how often we choose. 
*   We work/ play on our own time schedule.
*   We can work/ play in any climate and weather conditions. 
*   Our collective activities are team managed.  
*   Consensus is our watchword.  


How and Where to Practice
    The Art of Living as Llove:
*   We can be, share, and express our Llove 
     with family, with friends, with  Llovers, with co-workers
     and with people we have never met before.  

*   With strangers, we can share a smile and a warm greeting.

*   With our families, friends, and co-workers,
     we share and
celebrate Life & Llove in ways
bring us joy and feel good feelings.  

*   With our Llove Partners, we can take Llove
      all the way into orgasmic ecstasy.  

Parties   The Events   The Returns:
*   Full Moon Celebrations of Llove

     huge amounts of joy, Laughter,
     and every kind of feel-good feelings
     that humans can imagine.  
     We are a living demonstration  of
     the bliss message from Joseph Campbell,  
     "Follow your bliss and the money will follow."

      Here is the 5th Dimension version of that quote:
      Follow the truth and
      not only will bliss and money follow,  
      but also, 

      when we work/play together in teams, 
      so much wealth will show up
      that money will become obsolete and valueless.   

*   Our work/play produces great satisfaction.
      It fulfills and satisfies everybody's human needs

*   Each month our Full Moon  Celebrations of Llove
     Raise Universal Consciousness
     Expand human self-awareness and 
      Raise the vibration rate
     of the entirety of the human Species

*   We receive by and while giving.

*By The Law of Returns,
     we will get back
     an expanded version of what we put out.

     See:    The First Lost Secret of Llove.

*   We can generate income in dozens of different ways.
      I see several possibilities.  
      I'm sure there are many more.
 Each team owns the profits from the business they create.

*   We will also receive donations of
     money, products, and services.  
     Some of the donations will be huge,
     when measured in terms of
     their value to expanding our services.  

*   The returns for our activities are potentially infinite.   


The Old Third Dimension Ways Are Dying:
Our new functioning service structure
does NOT come to us from the former social controllers.
Those days have ended!


The New,  Fifth-Dimension,  Collective Consciousness:
*   The new, 5d system is being built from the base up.  
*   We-The-People are that base.
*   We are taking over control. 
*   We are working for ourselves.  
*   We own the businesses.  
*   We keep and then use the money
     for the benefit of ourselves and each other.
*   We radiate the vibrations of Llove.
*   We do NOT push anything.  
*   We allow and invite.
Our energetic vibrations  are
Feminine, Lloving and Magnetic. 
      We attract!

*   Publicity will come to us
      through the energies of Llove that we generate,
      by way of the stories we tell,  
      and the interviews we give.

*   Major, well-known entertainers
     will offer us their services at no cost to us.
*   Highly-talented, but relatively unknown entertainers
      will ask for the opportunity to offer their services.
*   Together, we will literally create a
     Fifth Dimension Entertainment Industry.  

Infinite-Possibilities   Infinite-Potential:
Celebrations of Llove are always  available to all. 
Anyone and everyone can intentionally
Celebrate Life & Llove

anytime and anywhere  he or she chooses.

Generating Wealth:  

There is not another product in the entire world
that will generate more wealth for everyone than creating
Intentional Celebrations of Life & Llove.
The wealth produced will be distributed fairly
to every person who chooses to work/play with us.

OK,  It's Bottom Line Time:
Choose Slavery~  and   Sheyitt~

Or learn
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
The co-creation team is extremely pleased
to have you here with us.








This section summarizes our business structure.
We are using the Fifth Dimension
Foundation-Corporation-Partnership Business Structure.
This is an interim business format
designed to take us from the 3d money world
to the 5d world in which there is so much wealth
that money becomes obsolete and useless.

Understand that
there is no money here until we create it
The money belongs to those who create it

We are building a prototype (a test model)
to answer this question: 
How do we create powerful, joy-filled,
money-generating businesses
using the
Partnership Business Structure?

The foundation owns the business.
The business make the money.
The business gives most of the profits to the foundation.
The foundation dispenses the money to its beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries are
the people who created the business.     
All who are active, functioning team members
are the beneficiaries.

As the profits come in,
they are used
first, to keep the business functioning.
The rest is divided between two parts.  

A portion is directed to enhancing
our capacity to be of service.
This will update and expand
our organization's infrastructure, 
our creativity, and our productivity.

The other part goes to all the team members.
Technically, we say:
Use this money to take care of yourself.
Keep yourself fulfilled.  
Direct the rest into Service to Others.
Service to Others is Service to All.

Our mission is to see
how much joy we can produce
using this format.

Do whatever brings you your greatest joy.
It's the best way to be of Service to Others.
Being of service to another person
is being of Service to All.    




F.R. 18-03-09



In additions to
creating and experiencing a monthly day of
Great Llove and Great Joy,
what else will we create?

Let's look at what we have to work with.
Let's assess ourselves and each other and   
find out what resources we have available.

We are all
committed to learning
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

In one area or another,
we are all skilled, talented, and creative.
Many of us have amazing talent and abilities.  

Every one of us, has a strong, powerful
God-generated natural instinct:
*   to fill our own cup first;
   to create, have, and experience wealth and abundance;
*   to be of service to others.

Thus, we have the means, the motive, the opportunity,
the Inspiration and the
Personal Motivation   
to Create Celebrations of Life & Llove.

We already have everything we require. 
We have everything in abundance, and/or readily available. 

Highly skilled
people in every walk of life
will offer us their services at no cost to us.
Highly-talented, but relatively unknown entertainers
will ask for the opportunity to offer their services.
Together, we will literally create a
Fifth Dimension
visions and versions of Llove
that have never existed before.  

Have you ever created or attended
a birthday party,
a thanksgiving celebration,
a Christmas party,
a New Year's Eve party, or
a Fourth of July celebration?    

To this list, we simply add
one more reason to celebrate.  
Every month, we Celebrate Life and Llove
That's how simple our job is.

Once we commit ourselves to being of Service to All,
everything else will fall into place with
the grace and ease with which water flows down hill.

With our own and each other's talent available,
With our universal interest in
Lloving and being Lloved
With all the pieces available,  
With The Universal Laws,
(The Physics of Consciousness)~
clearly supporting our intentions,  
with the vast array of additional talent
that we can call on

Success is Guaranteed

Even the business management infrastructure
is readily available.   We will use
The Sam Ovens Office Management System.

We also apply the business and money-generating lessons
we learned from Tai Lopez to also assist us.

Given all of the above,
how many
will evolve out of our very simple start? 

When people understand
The Physics of Consciousness
Celebrations of Life & Llove, 
at full moon times and more
will all be seen as an everyday,
vital aspect of everybody's life.





R. F.  18-03-07

Examples of Money-Generating-Businesses    


See our website, 5d People-to-People Connection Service
If you are committed to acquiring
full Fifth Dimension Consciusnes,
You certainly want to connect with others of like mind,
This is absolutely essential
when you are looking for romantic partner.

Party Coordinators
Are you familiar with what a wedding coordinator does?  
She coordinates wedding celebrations of Llove
for two people plus their family and friends. 

We will create/coordinate celebrations
of Life and Universal Llove
for all who choose to celebrate with us.  
Our combined energy will alter all of humanity. 

For example, we will honor Life and Llove
in an annual celebration of
December 21, 2012,
the end of Mayan calendar
and the entrance of humanity
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
This Llove Day Celebration 
will be available worldwide
via the Internet.

Imagine the entertainment value of
the greatest, most talented people in the entire world
all focused on Celebrating Life and Llove,
all at the same time.
The power of our collective consciousness
will affect the entire world.

Filming Our Celebrations
We will film/record portions of our celebration.  
The best pieces will be available on our website.
They will introduce viewers to
the Seven Secrets of Llove.   
They will be available for replay anytime 24-7

Other portions will titillate the sexual drives of viewers and
inspire them to want to attend a Full-Moon Celebration
or create their own celebration.    

We are not doing this for money.
We are celebrating for the joy of celebrating.  

The Universe turns our celebrating into more to celebrate. 
We get more of what we focus on.
We get more to celebrate.   
We get more joy, more abundance, more Llove.   
And remember, we are the receivers of everything we create.
See The First Lost Secret of Llove.

Here's My Favorite Money Generator.  
We are going to create a series of videos
that Celebrate the Human Joys and the Sensuality of Llove
in ways that have never ever been produced
on film in all of known human history.  


Examples of Money-Generating-Businesses



R. F.  18-04-01




The overwhelming, irrefutable
physical evidence tells us that
a group of humans with combined intentions
can change the overall social consciousness.

We intend to put the Cabal, criminal bankers
and all other money-manipulators 
out of business. 

We simply alter our consciousness.  
We wake up.  
We remember/ we realize that
we are all eternal, non-physical God-Beings.~  
We remember that we are all Great Creators.~    
We remember that we live in a Holographic Universe.  
In a holographic reality, we create by thought.   
We remember that we are all pieces, parts, aspects of
a single, unified whole.~

While doing whatever brings us our greatest joy,
we each fill our own cup,
and we also fulfill our desire to be of Service to Others.

So, lets create monthly
Full-Moon Celebrations of Life & Llove.
We simply create
a wave of human Llove energy every month
on the day of the Full Moon.    





R. F.  18-03-07



We have two presently active teams.  
Our first team is focused on Celebrations of Llove.

Our second presently-active team is focused on
Fifth Dimension Education for all who choose to learn.  

Adventures  In  Consciousness
is a work in process.

e are a work in process.
All of life is a work in process.   
Here are the bottom line rules:

Relax.    Allow.    Llove.    Appreciate.    Enjoy.    Just Be. . . .      


Our-Teams      Page-Content






Full-Moon Celebrations produced by the TLC-Life-Center Team
will  have three basic formats. 
*1   Llove Celebrations with no sexual activity.
*2   Llove Celebrations with two separate areas, 
      an area with no sexual sharing and
      a private area for CLI-Circle sexual activities.
*3  Llove Celebrations with open sexual sharing
       in the  CLI-Circle format.

If you are not yet familiar with
CLI-Circle safe, sensual and sexual sharing,
please read the page titled: 

CLIC Sensual and Sexual Sharing.~  

CLIC-is an acronym for
This is intimate private sharing
and for
This describes social events.   





More about our-Celebrations   

The parties,     the celebrations,     the participants,    and
the abundance of Llove Energy
are building a permanent
Electro-Magnetic Energy Field  
focused on

We build this Earth-Llove-Field
for Gaia and for all Earth Humans
who choose to participate in
monthly celebrations of Llove.

We celebrate Llove and
we Horning of Prime Creator
for our gifts of
Life and Llove

Party of One means: 
Do whatever you choose to do
that brings you great Joy.
Simply choose to
Follow Your Bliss          (Add link)








Post Secret  L4  Llove-Day Celebration Parties

R. F.  18-03-07



In the First Secret, we  talked about Giving Llove.~
In the Second Secret, we shared  knowing  that We Are  Llove.~
Then, we opened the door to Creating-a-Celebration-of-Llove-Day.~ 
Then, we suggested Ways to Celebrate Llove.~  

In  the Third Secret  we examined  Oneness and Unity of All .     

In the Fourth Secret of Llove~  We learned that
            humans are each a piece, a part, an aspect of God.

Now you know the intentions of
and purposes for Llove Day Celebrations.

We have shown you
the world's best job, It's Party Time!  

We offer you several invitations
from this website's author/ creator.

We show you
The Fifth Lost Secret of Llove 
*   Holographic Universe 
*   Creation by Thought   
*   We ar
e Great Creators   
*    Includes how to create the Llove of your life


Complete Site Map:   






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TLC-Life-Center is based on the three keys of creation

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Universal Consciousness .  

We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal
connection to Source/Creator/God-Goddess.  
Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
Financial Freedom, and
Enlightened Consciousness for all

Copyright © 2018  --    Robert E. Coté   --   The Life Center

All rights reserved.     See:   Terms of Use      Privacy Statement

Page Title:   The Lost Secrets of the Seven Levels of Llove    

Page Description  

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    






C S 18-06-22

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Party of One means: 
Do whatever you choose to do
that brings you great Joy.
Simply choose to
Follow Your Bliss          (Add link)


Each Full-Moon, 
We celebrate
the re-discovery of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
         we celebrate
         our new
         Fifth Dimension

*   We are creating and celebrating
        orgasmic-level  Joy-Fun-FahZoom
        in every aspect of our lives. 
*   our goal is to  Move Beyond  the money generating businesses.
*   We intend to create so much real wealth
       that we will make money obsolete.   
        We begin our adventure by creating
       Monthly Full-Moon Celebrations of Life & Llove. 

*   We are creating every kind of wealth you can ever imagine.

What do we mean when we say
celebrate Llove consciously and intentionally.

Celebrating Llove is the 5th-D.  replacement
for 3d going to church.
Third dimension worshipped  an angry, fickle, vengeful,
mass-murder, super-human-being  who lives in the sky.

In 5th-D. consciousness, there is nothing to worship
because we are all eternal, non-physical, God-Beings.
If you don't yet know that you are god, ask Jesus~.

Have some fun.  
There's an infinite supply.  
Find it at:  
at. . .    at. . .
Never mind..   You are already here.

Read  our homepage at 
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove







5th-D.   Business Structure
We are using the

The foundation owns the business.
The business makes the money.
The business gives most of the profits to the foundation.
The foundation dispenses the money to its beneficiaries.
The beneficiaries are us.     
All who join our team are the beneficiaries.

To learn more, go to:    

Money-Generating Businesses
We are in the beginning stages of
making ourselves and each other super wealthy.
This new service to all social structure
will make everybody  so wealthy that
within a few years,  We Will Put Money Out of Business.
There will be so much abundance
that everything will be FREE!
To learn  more, go to the sections below which describes: 
Examples of Money-Generating-Businesses

The Power of Group Creating
The overwhelming, irrefutable physical evidence
tells us that
a group of humans with combined intentions
can change the overall social consciousness.

We intend to put the banksters
and the money-manipulators 
out of business. 

To learn  more, go to: 

Our Work / Play teams
We have two presently active teams.  
Our first team is focused on Celebrations of Llove.

Our second presently-active team is focused on
5d education for all who chose to learn.  

To learn  more, go to: 
Our-presently Active Teams

Our next step is to physically create monthly
Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove.  
To learn  more, go to: 

Watch this Video
This Abraham-Hicks audio/ video recording
describes  the attributes and the consciousness of
Robert Cote'   aka Robin FahZoom.
Listen to it.  
(1) Abraham Hicks - Powerful energy rampage! SasM!X - YouTube

If you feel similar vibrations
Contact us.