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Missing- Piece-#046

If you don't believe that money is about to be gone,
Examine this piece of evidence:  
Banking    Six-Major-Banking-Frauds~

These six lies have been peddled
to the the people in the United States
for 108 years and still,
almost nobody is paying any attention.
This cartel of organized criminals
 has grown to become a world-wide phenomenon.
And if not stopped, this disease, this  parasite
will eventual kill most of humanity
and keep the rest as mindless slaves.

Right now, today,
You are an unconscious, mind-controlled slave.  
Most people are wage-slaves.
Most of the wealthy  are
Money and Profit Dopamine Addicts
and they do NOT know they are addicts. 

*  Are you aware that
     Making large amounts of money and snorting cocain,
     both have the same affect on the human brain.?
     Both trigger the the release of dopamine pleasure chemocals.
     It's the dopamine produces thehigh
     Cocaine and Making money
     are simply the triggers that release the dopamine. 

Are you aware that making large amounts of money
has the same affect on the human brain
as does 
Snorting Cocaine.?

For the Full Story: 
Banking    Six-Major-Banking-Frauds~

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Is Part of Your--Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient

The  Ignorance/Idiot Quotient
is that portion of your full,  Human-Consciousness
that you'd be wise to know, but you don't know      and
you don't know that you don't know.

To learn the basic principles  of
the Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient,
please go to page One:

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The-Death-of-Money.~     044.....

Exposing-The-Source-and-Purpose-of-Money~    45

Six-Major-Cabal-Banking-Frauds.~.     046.....

The-Death-of-Money---The-Final-Solution..~     055 ..

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Missing Piece-#044  


The most profound opportunity
that has come to humanity
in all of its entire existence.
is sitting right here in front of you, in plain sight

has made an amazing discovery

In response to this discovery,
we are building  
A Special Action Team 
of   self-aware people~
to share our discovery with each other and then,
as a team, share it with anybody and everybody
who chooses Llove, Joy, Freedom, and Abundance.

This discovery is  global in scope.
When implemented,
it will literally change planet Earth's entire social structure. 
Nothing will ever be the same again.

Examine the discovery at:
then, come back here and
answer the two questions below.

*   Once you know that no other civilization
    in the entire galaxy uses money. . .
*   Once you know the Earth humans
     will soon be living in a world without money. . .
*   Once you know that
      The Death of Money is a Cosmic Certainty . . .
*   Once you know that your life
    is going to change dramatically
    after the Death of Money . .
*   How are you going to respond
    to this new information.?

*   Now that you know   
        what you didn't know
             only a few minutes ago,   
                  what are you going to do today
                       that you didn't do yesterday.?

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*   Section Title    ..The-Death-of-Money.     044.....
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Cabal Criminal Bankers and their controllers
Are the Source-of-both Scarcity and Money.

What is the Real Purpose of Money.?

The Real Purpose of Money
is to Control and Enslave Humanity
. ..
Read the full story at:


I /We don't usually publically expose anyone's personal content
of their Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient, however,
this example is so clear and the person being exposed
is such a master in his field that
he is strong enough and is wise enough
to understand the educational-value
of exposing one of his missing piece of consciousness.


To understand the source of money,
one must see it from both
the third-dimension,  physical perspective
and in the context of
The Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.~

The 5th-D.  perspective  takes us into
the non-physical side of reality.
We'll examine money from the perspective of 
The Physics of Consciousness.~

In the 3rd-D., everything is based on
false, Newtonian physics~
which says that:
*   Everything is made of
     small pieces of  physical stuff.
*   That the Earth is a single, physical, objective  place
     that we come along and experience.
     It's actiontie.

<><><><><>   <><><><><>
If you need more evidence, keep reading, below.

I/We recently listened to an audio presentation
from Dean Graziosi about his understanding of
the fundamentals of money,
There was no mention of what money really is.

His perspective appears to be that 
money is simply a natural part of
God/Goddess's cosmic creation.
It is Not.!
Both Scarcity~ and Money~
are artificial creations of AI~
and several cartels of parasitic criminals
known as .the Cabal and as the Deep state.~
Scarcity and Money  are tools:
*   For stealing everybody's wealth and
*   For the enslavement of humanity.

*   His perspective is that money is
      an essential function of inter-human activities
     in the physical world.
     Dean  says, if you want more money,
     let us teach you how to earn it
      using the third-dimension
     physical activities that we teach you.
*   There was no mention of anything
     on the non-physical side of reality,
     (Except pep rally kind of stuff.)

*   He appears to have not yet remembered
     that human thinking~ is the real source of
     creating anything and everything
     that we experience, here on Earth,
     including money and wealth.

*   He told us (with supporting evidence)
that money is one of humanity's
major sources of stress and its resultant
production of ill-health, grief, misery,
broken-relationships, and Sheyitt-Consciousness.~

His solution is to make more money
so that when a problem arises you can
just write a check and the problem will be gone.

His plan is for his clients  to earn  money
by creating and selling services and products

He is actually doing a great service to everybody
by teaching people how to
take care of themselves and each other.  
For that we say, "Dean, Thank you.  Thank you.   Thank you.".

However, there's about seven billion of us.
A few hundred of us might succeed by his plan, but
what about the other seven billion.  

And an additional missing piece of his full consciousness
is that his plan leaves the Cabal banking criminals~
still in complete control of our money system~
and  just about everything else, as well.

<><><><><>   <><><><><>   <><><><><>

Is there a better way to resolve this problem/challenge.?
Of-coerce there is.

Let's look at solving all money problem
by going to its root cause.

First, we define the problem:
The root cause of our problems related to money are:
plain and easy to see once we look inside of
almost everybody's 
We find the missing information.  (Described below)
We find that most people's source of stuckness
includes  Normalcy Bias~  along with Cabal-installed,
feelings of powerlessness.

The evidence tells us that we,
(Earth-Humans) are mind-controlled slaves. 
Our lives have been hijacked
by the Cabal criminal bankers.~
Our consciousness has been stolen.
Our minds  have been intentionally
filled with Sheyitt Consciousness.~

We have been lied to, conned  tricked, hoodwinked
fooled, deceived, mislead, and betrayed.
The secret intention of our so-called leaders 
is to keep us weak, distorted, dysfunctional, and ignorant.

There is almost nothing real in our entire
lives that has not been distorted, omitted,
or turned into  a farce.

Money is a fake fraudulent creation of the evil ones.
Money can only exist in a context of Scarcity~.
Scarcity only exists because
most people not yet know
What and Who Earth-Humans really are.~

Take away scarcity and there is
no longer any need  for money.
Here's the bottom line:
Money is a Cabal control tool~ for enslaving humanity.

Why do they do this.?
*   Because evil feeds itself on the low-vibration energy
     that radiated from a human body
     when the dweller in that body is experiencing
     stress, fear, anger, ,grief, misery, frustration,
     and any of the other low vibration energies.
*   Because the evil ones are incompetent parasites.
     To survive, they need servants (wage-slaves)
     to do their bidding
*   The evil ones consider humans to be nothing  more than
     disposable mind-controlled slaves.

Here's just one example of the real problem:

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Now, let's look at the solution;
The evidence-verified truth is that:
*   We live in a holographic reality.~
*   Everything we call physical is merely
     a multi-sensory representation
     of that which we call physical.
*   Everything physical  is based upon and created by
      non-physical  vibrations of consciousness.

*   We do not create money BY working.
     We create money WHILE working.
*   It's not our activities, it's emotion-laden-consciousness
    that creates / attracts the money.
*   Successful activities are merely
     inspired follow-ups to the creations of/by consciousness.

*   The end of money is the real solution
    to humanity's money problem:

     Find the path to the death of money  here:

The end of money is a Cosmic Certainty.
No other civilization i the entire galaxy uses money.
It's as certain as~
day follows night and night follows day.
It's only a matter of when it shows up,
and  when it shows up is a function of
We-The-People do and don't do
 between now and the end of money.

If you want more information,
find an overview of the end of money process at

<><><><><>   <><><><><>

Almost nobody on the entire planet
is expressing their full potential.
For each of us, most of our universal truth
is still hidden in our personal Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient.~

Imagine how dramatically the United States  will change
We-The-People  wake up and
 realizes our full potential  
and then choose to act upon it.

We are NOT pointing fingers at Dean
or at anybody else who chooses Llove.
We Llove him and are deeply grateful
for what he is doing exactly as  he is dong it.
Why.?   Because we are years ahead of
where we would be without him.
Dean,  We Llove you, we appreciate you and
we invite you to see the vast and wonderful future world 
we will have because you are in it, 
Thank you.   Thank you.   Thank you

Dean, if you want to see an example of your real potential,
See our message to Tony Robbins.
This is just one piece of the full potential
of you and Tony expand you work as a team
Thank You.    Thank you.   THANK YOU.!

Message to Anybody and Everybody:
If you know Dean or if you know somebody who knows him
please invite him to read this message
If you do so, you will receive a very significant  reward
for you contribution to the well-being of humanity.

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     Exposing-The-Source-and-Purpose-of-Money.     .045....
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When examining the three above sections about money,
it becomes obvious that
the simplest, quickest and easiest way
to solve the money problem
is to wake-up to our true nature~ as great creators

*   Remember money can only exist
     in the context~ of Scarcity~.

*   Eliminate Scarcity and
     the need for money disappears.

*   Imagine yourself in a world
     with absolutely anything you choose
     to be, have, do express and experience
     is yours to chose.

*   To be free, we must learn the rules of consciousness
     and declare ourselves o be Sovereign Beings.

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     The-Death-of-Money---The-Final-Solution..     055 .....
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