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Dimension  Consciousness


Fifth Dimension Defined




14 Oct 19

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What Is The Fifth-Dimension
It's a state of mind, a state of Infinite Consciousness.  
The Fifth-Dimension is NOT a physical place.  

This is where Earth-Humans are headed.
Service to All~    Replaces    Service to Self

Entering the Fifth-Dimension
is NOT a physical or situational journey.  
It's an energetic, emotional, vibrational journey. 
It's an internal journey, a shift in
*   one's level of consciousness, 
*   in one's understanding of the nature of
     the reality we find ourselves in,
*   in one's  state of being,
*  Experiencing ourselves in
   another  grander bigger experience
    We are another step closer
     to our  Full-Conscious-Selves.
*   learning that we are all One-Being,  One-Body,
    One Single Everything.
     Follow the universal Law of correspondence
     and see ourselves a cells
     in a bigger body we call Source/ God/Goddess.   

We are the marriage of Heart
(that's us, here in physical form)

( that's everything we created in all of ourincarnations

<><><><><>  <><><><><>

One of  our creations is
The RelAxerciser
s a Body-Dance Instrument
We've designed a system
in the same family with  a musical instrument
that give out vibrations for the ears,

This instrument is an instrument  that vibrates vibrations
for the body cells and tissues to feel/sense,
like holding a inflated balloon and
feeling it vibrate to the music we are listening to.
This instrument is for the entire body to fee the vibrations

Composers will create the vibrational equivalent of
everything our ears here.
The instrument is called the RelAxerciser

This is one of the pieces of consciousness
that we are pulling out of our
Ignorance/Idiot Quotient..~

Here Is the Amazing Part of Creation::
Once we have, in our minds, 
created whatever we chose to create
 Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
turns our thoughts into our physical reality.
Holding and feeling strong positive emotions
speeds up the process

We are all Great Creators.~  
We live in a Thinking and Feeling Person's Universe~.  

If something in your life is missing or does not work,
it's because your point of mental focus
is off the target of your intentions.
For example: 
Is our point of focus on
being with your beloved
or is it on his or her absence.?

When you are working in
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
You are working in your mind,
at the first-cause-level of creation~.  
You are NOT working in the external, physical world. 

Please understand that the transformation
life as you know it now
The Fifth Dimension Matrix
is a process.  

It's NOT a magic, instantaneous jump.  
It's a learning process in which both
your understanding and your abilities grow.

<><><><>   <><><><>  

Here's the Bottom Line Regarding Reality:
Reality has two sides,  
*  One physical  
*   One non-physical.
*   The non-physical side of reality
     dominates and controls the physical side.
*   Thoughts and feelings (emotions) produce all of our
     human, Earth-plane, physical experiences.

Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
There's  NO  Woo-Woo. 
It's  NOT  Crazy.
It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans 
     do  not yet understand.

Non-physical consciousness
follows an exacting set of rules.  
Everything we know,   everything we are
is based on    and    is a function of
non-physical consciousness.

Let me say this again.
is the Creator of
*   Everything we know,
*   Everything we are    and
*   Everything we experience.

*   Everything is Consciousness.
*   Consciousness is King.

*   You and I, we are each  a piece of
    "THE"    Controlling Consciousness.
*   Collectively we are the gods of creation.

*   What we are presently experiencing is
     a creation of consciousness.
*   There is nothing physical.
*   Everything is a multi-Sensory, multi-Dimension
    representation of    each Being's imagined       physical reality.
*   Consciousness is the indisputable, Supreme
    Creator of everything.

     The part that chooses to
    fight/hate instead of Llove
    it, too, is included.
     We neither judge nor punish.
     We simply withdraw our consciousness
     and the unwanted gets returned to
     the warehouse if the infinite un-manifested.

<><><>   <><><><> 

The Fifth Dimension is a state of mind
in which we all know that we are 
Eternal, Non-Physical Beings
having a human experience.  

In the fifth Dimension,  
I realize that I exist.  
I Am that which I Am.  


It's  a state of mind in which we understand
that everything is part of a single Divine WHOLE.
We are an inseparable Oneness.  


It's a state of mind in which we realize that
time is an illusion that everything is now
What we think of as the future is called a timeline.  
It's changeable, imaginary impressions of
what will most likely become our tomorrow's experiences.  


The Fifth Dimension is a state of mind
in which we understand
that we are Great Creators.  


It's  a state of mind in which
we understand that we  live in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe

We also realize that
we each create our own experiences.     
In a Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe,
our consciousness creates everything we experience.
By consciousness we mean
*   our thinking,  
*   our  emotions,  (our internal feelings)
*   our attitudes,  and expectations
*   our entire belief system
*   our perceptions,
*   our beliefs,
*   our mind-set.
In this holograph reality,
we are aware of nothing else.  
A holograph is NOT physical.
It's an illusion,  a representation of something physical.

In a holographic world, what we put out is what we get back.  
What goes around comes around. 
As we sew, so do we reap. 

If you think in the context of   Sheyit-Consciousness 
the life you live will be an expression of
(This is standard third dimension life.)

As we vibrate (think, feel, etc.) so we experience. 
Every thought has its own family of vibrations.
Like vibrations attract like vibrations.
We attract people, situations, and circumstances
that match our own vibrations.

<><><><>   <><><><>  

Everything constantly changes 
except for the Universal Laws.   
See:   The Physics of Consciousness.


In a holographic realty,
our minds create and control
all our personal, human experiences.  
This occurs in one of
the two very different ways, described below as :.
*   Third dimension  and as
*    Fifth Dimension

Most humans still  live in
      third dimension   unconsciousness.

           Their lives are created without their
                  awareness of what they are doing.
                       Their thoughts and emotions do the creating
                           mostly by chance, by  accident,
                                by default, and by happenstance. 

This is a state of being in which mindless,
 mechanical people  have their lives run by
secret, Cabal-created-programming.  

What Are the Evil Ones Doing.?
Here are some examples
*   Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War
     Humans are    conned,   lied-to,  
     and    mind-manipulated.
*   We are feed Cabal-controlled,
      corporation-produced food
     laced with poisons and
     devoid of most of its nutrients.
*   Our environment is being
     intentionally damaged and destroyed
*   This produces
     mostly pain, grief, misery, and struggle.

The evil ones treat us badly because
low-vibration, human-energy
produces food for the evil ones.

Like shearing sheep and milking cows,
Humans are farm animals to the evil ones.


Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
      5th-D.-Conscious people understand that
          Control of one's life is 
               a function of human thoughts and emotions.
                     Life is lived by conscious intention.      

We can free ourselves from evil's invisible prison
     by consciously and intentionally using
          the basic laws of the Universe.
               When we learn how to do so,
                    We vibrate so high that
                          the evil ones cannot reach us
                              We can then, experience absolutely anything
                                   we could ever want, need, require, or desire.  

Let us show you the pathway to
    creating anything and everything 
          you could ever want, need, require, or desire,
               Including your ideal Llover.   

Welcome to
Adventures  into   Fifth-Dimension -Consciousness

If you have children,
go with them to
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

Teach them
The Art of Giving Llove.
Practice together with them
You'll be amazed at the results

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Fifth-Dimension   Defined

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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