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Dimension  Consciousness






What  Is  It ?







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On Your First Reading of These Pages,
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When we were born into
human life, here on Earth,
we were all required to forget
our full-Cosmic-Consciousness.

Your Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient

is that portion of your full human/cosmic- consciousness
that you have not yet remembered.
Right now, at this moment,
there are huge pieces of your full consciousness
that you would  be wise to know,
but you don't know       and
you don't know that you don't know.

Every one of us, without exception,
has huge amounts of information hidden in
his or her Ignorance/Idiot       Quotient Defined


***  Your brain is the physical stuff
       inside of your physical head.
***   Your Mind  (Your Consciousness) 
        is the invisible/ non-physical  part of you.
***   Your mind is an energy field that surrounds you.
       It's like a huge invisible library.
***   We have access to only a tiny fraction
       of our full consciousness.

***  Find out what in in your Ignorancw/Idiot-Qotient at:

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       Quotient   =   proportion,   piece    part  
        measure,  amount,  share,   percentage...





For All of Humanity

On Your First Reading of These Pages,
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There are thing we don't yet remember
that are critically important for us to remember.

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*1   Leadership of planet Earth must change
       it is in the process of shifting:
       FROM top-down hierarchy of control. 
       The only thing that those presently  in control
       (the so-called good guys / the white hats)
         understand is Service to Self.
        (See  Cycles of War)

       TO bottom up Social structure
       with We-The-People in control
       of a Service to All Social Structure.

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     If this is your first reading,
    ignore the links in the next paragraph below.

*2   We-The-People must shift from working alone
       to working together in teams.
        Because collective human consciousness
       is the most powerful force on the entire planet
      This includes:
       *   A People-to-People Connection Service~
       *   Mutually supporting each other
            See the First Universal Law of Llove~.
       *   Creating the We-the-People Advisory Council~,
           consisting of about 777 of
           the best and most aware humans on the planet
        *   Creating our Financial-Power-Team.
        *  We must work together and step by step,
            take back control of earth
            by creating our new Service to All Social Structure~
       *   All of this has been designed and is
            ready for the building phase.

The only ting missing is YOU.
Our job is
     *  To remember what we need to remember
         and then
     *   To tap into the vast supply of money
          before that money becomes worthless.
See the  next section below, The-Truth-About-Money. )

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*   Section Title    ..Why-IIQ-Is-Ccritically-Important.     .....


*   Collective Human Consciousness
     is the most powerful force in the entire Universe.

*   In order to get beyond
     the evil ones  here on Earth,
     the job for most humans is simple.
     Focus your  attention on giving Llove.
     Simply practice the first and the sixth
     Lost secrets of Llove.

*   There are specialty teams handling all kinds of challenges.
     If you choose to become active on one of the teams,
     please go to he page titled :
    Introduction  to  Fifth  Dimension Consciousness  





On Your First Reading of These Pages,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

The purpose of this website is to assist people
in finding their own and each other's
hidden information.

Every one of us has something at which
we are competent or at which we excel 
other things regarding which
we know little or nothing,
or about which we are living in a lie.

Many of us have the mental challenge
of not being able to accept that
there is much information that we still don't know.
This denial is part of the cabal's system of lies and illusions
When we incarnated into physical form,
we entered into the most sophisticated
Mind-Control Prison ever devised in all of cosmic creation.
Find some examples here:

Unless you have reached full cosmic consciousness,
you are still a mind controlled slave
living at least partially unconscious in a false Cabal-created Lie.

Those who believe that they already know
all they need to know,
commonly, are NOT willing to hear
anything outside of what they believe they  already know.

For the average person this makes little difference.
However, those who believe that they are
disbursers of major pieces of wisdom,
their self image  often prevents them from learning
anything that threatens their self-image.
Thus their teachings are dysfunctional at best
and the person is usually functioning at
less than ten percent of his or her full potential.

If there is something / anything about which
you think you know all you need to know,
that's an area where your
makes you a slave to your own ignorance.

When offered something new,
if you thoroughly examine the evidence,
you are free to make a conscious choice,
to accept it,  or to reject it.
If you choose not to examine the evidence,
you remain the slave of your own ignorance.

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On Your First Reading of These Pages,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

We have fixed opinions (beliefs) about all kinds of thing
about which we are 99% ignorant.

The Consciousness challenges for each of us is:
    *  to realize that 99% of what we believe
        is a third dimension lie,
    *   to realize how little we know,
    *   to realize how much there is to know.

our Earth-Mind,
our  Personality-Self,
mind-melds with our
we know everything that our
Super-Conscious-Self knows
It's called enlightenment.        It's our natural state of being.

Our Super-Conscious-Self is a blend of every life
that I/we  have ever experienced.  
We have experienced many lives
in Prime-Creator-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.
We are remembering some of them,
those useful in our present endeavors.

At some point, we will realize that
we have been tricked   (mind manipulated)
into believing the lie that
arguing, fighting, and wars  solve problems.  

We no longer engage in
third dimension Sheyitt-Consciousness
because we will realize that we are all one.
We also realize that we are both,
non-physical, divine beings and great Creators.  
We have the ability to create and/or attact so much wealth that  there is so much of everything that
there nothing to fight about anything.

For the remainder of this article, please go to:

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*   Section Title    .
     Realize-We-Dont-Know-What-We-Dont-Know..     .....
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C S 18-06-22




On Your First Reading of These Pages,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

3 May 2021 - Update

Are you aware that, in spite of your incredible mastery,
your consciousness has a major blind  spot in it.
This is commonly known as your Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient.~

without exception, has an Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient.
It's something that someone else can see,
but you can't,   won't,  or simply don't  see it for yourself.

My assessment of your situation
is based on my 32 years of intense study and research  and on
25 years of education before that.    (See more here.

Because of the work you are doing,
I/we see a powerful, easy-to-awaken,
dynamic, and as-yet-untapped possibility
in your present work/play system.

You are presently ignoring
a huge percentage of your potential.
You have the potential to make your work
 vastly more effective than it is now.

If and when, we add your untapped potential
to that of  others,  our collective consciousness and
our collective actions will liberally
transform planet Earth~ and every human being on it.

If you are as smart as you otherwise appear to be,
you'll seek the visions  (the perceptions) of yourself
as seen by an outside advisor,
someone who WILL NOT kiss your ass
to make you feel good.

If you are wise, you'll
make me prove that

you have great untapped potential.

Let's begin by discovering where we are:

one other thing,
Staying Stupid Is a Choice.

Robert Cote'  and  Aum  FahZoom

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On Your First Reading of These Pages,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

Once w realize that
we are incomplete human beings
our  jobs is
*   To remember our most important,  missing pieces.
*   To remember What and Who We Are.~
*   To remember How the Universe functions
*   To remember
The Rules of Reality.~
Our next job is to gather all the pieces together
for ourselves and for everybody else as well.

No matter what your area of expertise is,
*   there is always much more to know about it,
*   and about the things
     that are closely related to
what you know,
*   and about what happens to
what you know
     when there is  a change in the context
     in which
what you know
      is a piece of its content
*   For example, because of our growing awareness of
     what and who humans really are,~
     and because of the rapid advancement in technology,
     Earth's social structure is changing
    Cabal criminal-controlled service to self
     We-The-People-Controlled  Service to All.~

*   This is a profound change in context.
     This new context is producing a dramatic change in
     our understanding of what money  is,
     what it does, and what its value is,
     This is about to  dramatically change how humans relate to money.

Can you believe    that  you used to believe
that your small piece of consciousness
was  the complete/whole, Universal Truth on the topic of money.? 
You were living in your own mind-prison.
You were living a lie. 

With pieces missing, you are dysfunctional, at best.
The sooner you wake up,
the easier your life will become.

Out of this, will arise the realization
that we are we are cells
in a grander body of God-Goddess.~
Collectively, we are one single, Eternal Divine Being.

<><><><><> 1   <><><><><>
Quotient   =   proportion,   piece    part    measure, 
                      amount,  share,   percentage...

To find your missing pieces,
please go to:
Index to / Content of

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Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'    Aum   FahZoom

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