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The Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient

.The  Ignorance/Idiot Quotient
is that portion of your full,  Human-Cosmic-Consciousness
that you'd be wise to know, but you don't know      and
you don't know that you don't know.

For an introduction of the Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient,
please go to page One:  





On Your First Reading of These Pages
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On Your First Reading of This Page
or any of the other pages in this book,

Ignore-the-Links    Here's Why.

*   If you keep flipping from one topic to another,
       You'll get lost and confused.

*   Links are like a detour sign.
    They change the direction of your point of focus. 
    This interrupts your reception of the original message.

***   You are reading
         a college-Level Course on a topic that
        is new to most people.   It's called
        Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.~
       It takes readers into the non-physical world of

***   The links are essential.
        Without the supporting evidence,
        you'd think the author must be crazy. 
       You'd think the information was false or impossible.
        and you'd  go away believing we offer nothing of value.  

***   There are hundreds of major chapters and
         thousands of smaller  pieces of information
        that explain and expand the major topics

***   We have at least seventeen major topics
        that are exclusive to this book.
        You will NOT find them anywhere else.
        Here are just two examples:

Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient  ---  What Is It
         .   ,, 
         ***      The Death of Money  The Final Solution
  ...  .

If you require or desire guidance and/or assisance,
Contact  information is in the section below.

On Your First Reading of These Pages,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why

On Your First Reading of These Pages,                 Ligno
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.

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On Your First Reading of This Page,
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Aum FahZoom Quotes    (aka   Robert Cote)
***   "One day you will wake up and discover that
        isn't ordinary at all,
        unless, of course, you think that
        being an eternal,  non-physical, God-Being is ordinary."

***   "The existence of God/Goddess
        is NOT something you prove or disprove,
       it's something you realize you are.

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Nikola Tesla quotes:
***    "The day science begins to study non-physical
        it will make more progress in one decade
        than in all the previous centuries of its existence. "...     .

***   "If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
        think in terms of     Energy,   
Frequency,    and    Vibration.

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Einstein spent the last 20 years of his  life
seeking the Unified Field Theory.  
He Failed.
Because he ignored the non-physical side of reality

Tom Campbell spent years
studying and exploring
the non-physical side of reality.. 
 He Succeeded

<><><><><>   remember   <><><><><>,
Ignore the Links

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Here's the U
niversal Truth Regarding Reality:
Reality has two sides,  
One physical  
One non physica

The internal,  non-physical i.e.  our Consciousness
controls the physical, external world.

Bottom line:
We live in a virtual reality    controlled by Consciousness.
Consciousness is information.
Consciousness is knowledge.
Consciousness is perception.
Consciousness is awareness with a choice.
Consciousness Is King~.
Consciousness is Everything.
Everything is Consciousness.
There is nothing else.
For those of us  in physical form,
perception is all we have.
We experience energy as Frequency and Vibrtion.

<><><><><>  <><><><><>   ><><><><>>
"Know the truth and the Truth will set you free."

At least, three times, in the Christian Bible
Jesus tells us we are Gods.
Conscious Christianity    ..  ..

Human Nature  What is the True Nature of Earth-Humans

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What we call physical reality is NOT physical.
It is a non-physical, multi-sensual, multi-dimensional
representation of a physical world.
In our collective reality,
Every human being is part of the controlling consciousness.

Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
There's  NO  Woo-Woo. 
It's  NOT  Crazy.
It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans 
     do  not yet understand.

Non-physical consciousness
follows an exacting set of rules.  
Everything we know,   everything we are.
Everything we experience here of Earth
is based on and is a function of
non-physical consciousness.

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Heaven Is not a place.    It's a state of mind
Roman Catholic Christianity's Pope John-Paul II
Tells us he truth about hell and  Heaven

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How do you answer this question:
Why do you believe whatever it is that you believe?

Almost all of your beliefs
were plugged into your subconscious mind
by someone else or by something else,
such as a childhood experience.

Are you a mind-controlled slave?
If everything above in this section
is not common knowledge to you,,
We suggest that you take the  Freedom / Slavery test.

Let's quote Einstein again. 
     "You cannot fix a problem
     with the same consciousness
     that created ithe problem."

.   The same principle applies to money 
     You cannot solve the money problem with money.

<><><><><>   <><><><><>   <><><><><>,
Ignore the Links

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Awakening of Humanity Also has two Parts.

***1    The Awareness that something is wrong:

***2   The Realization of Our True Human Nature.

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Remember Shakespeare told us 
All the world is a stage.
Many others have said Life on Earth is a game.

***   "Take whatever  role/part  that life gives you,
        and play it better than anyone else."

Our family of website offers you
       Seventeen Major Revelations
       that you will  not find anywhere else.

Here are just three examples:
The Death of Money..
        The Final Solution
to the Problem/Challenge called Money

       The Inevitable and  un-avoidable
       Decline and Death of money

***   Declaration of Sovereignty

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Monthly---At the Time of the Full Moon

On Your First Reading of This Page
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why~

The Context In Which We Find Ourselves
Look around yourself.
Look out into the physical world of your five senses. 
The only thing real in all of that is you.
Everything else is projection of consciousness. 

Where Are You.? 
You are inside of God/Goddess's Cosmic Holograph.
You are in an ongoing collective reality. 
You and I, and every other human being,
chose to come into  this  already existing story. 

What Are You.?
You are an eternal, non-physical God-Being.
You are a great Creator experiencing life in physical form

Why Are You Here.?
*   You are here for the great joy of
     Creating and  then experiencing yourself
     as a Great Creator. 
*   You are also here as part of God/Goddess's
     The Earthe Recovery Team

What Is All This.
Everything in your holographic reality
is a self-created and self managed
projection of Consciousness. 

*   Join the world's first
     Monthly Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.
    This is the greatest "job" you'll ever have
     in your entire life.

The Power of We-The-People:

The Power of Collective human consciousness
Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
Every month at the time of the Full Moon
we celebrate our Godhood.
We honor Source Creator's Gifts of Life and Llove.

*   Learn what is still missing from your full Self-Awareness
     Learn what you don't know and don't know that you don't know.

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;;Simon and  the ultimate worthy cause

Urgent Call to Action:

*   The Ultimate and Urgent Worthy Cause.
We Are FAILING to Prevent an Easily Avoidable,
but otherwise inevitable massive multi-level disaster
   Continue to ignore this looming disaster,
        Continue to do nothing,    and
              a trillion-Dollar Disaster
                   is inevitable ! ! !

Let me introduce you to one of team leadersin the Earth rRecovery project

I have been building myself
for this transition since 1964
that's  57 years,  

32 years of inense study,  Research,  and experiences  ant in
25 years of learning training before that
On july fourth  1989,  The forcesd motherhood war took a hugue nosedive into totalitarianiss
I infiltrated both sides and ws disgusted with wha I unvcoered

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.Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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FROM:  Robert Cote'

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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