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14 Oct 19

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This Page Has Two Major Messages:

*1   President-Trump-and-the-U.S.-Military
     Versus The Evil Ones

*2   President-Trump-&-the-Privileged-Elite
     The Challenge  ---  Trump has no  Solution


*   Politics-Will-Never-Solve-Our-Social-Problems

*   I/We  offer to assist / coach / guide  President Trump
    on his journey into his Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient,

I/We Offer-to-Be-a-Guide-Who-Shows-the-Way


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Major Challenge  # One of  Two


On Your First Reading of This Page,
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Thank you.!   Thank you.!  Thank you, President Trump.!
Your accomplishments have been  amazing.!

Also amazing are  the things you could have done, 

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If and when  President Trump and the U.S. military
actually do get rid of the cabal criminals,
their success will be an absolute miracle.

*   Because the overwhelming evidence tells us that
     the only thing these men know is
     third-dimension consciousness.~
     They believe that their third dimension world
     is controlled:
     *   by whom-ever has  the most advance technology of violence,
     *   by following the rules of    false. Newtonian physics,~
     *   by the Power of make-believe money and
     *   by the Cabal Banking Criminals.~ lies and illusions

*   In humanity's  Fifth-Dimension war
     for the control of human consciousness,
     President Trump and the military are fighting
     a traditional, third-dimension-war
     using    only physical weapons,    physical strategies, 
     and    physical actions.

*   They fail to understand The Physics of Consciousness.~  
     They fail to understand this  basic fact of life
     Collective human consciousness
      is tthe greatest power in the entire universe

*   They appear to be completely ignoring
     what the evidence tells us.
     The  evidence tells us that
     we are in a war for the control of human consciousness
*   Apparently they do not realize that
          <>   Consciousness ALWAYS comes first,
          <>  The physical world is a product of consciousness,
          <>   We live in a holographic universe,
          <>   Collective human consciousness is
               the greatest power in the entire universe.

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*   The overwhelming evidence points to the conclusion that
     Trump and the U.S. military leaders
     falsely believe that  all changes
     are the result of  taking physical actions.

*   They ignore the power of collective human consciousness.
*   They ignore the talents and abilities
      that the  best and the brightest of humanity can offer.
*   They ignore our wisdom.  
*   They treat us as if our only three values:
      *   as wage slaves who will do their dirty work for them
      *   as sex slaves
      *  As victims for their satanic rituals
*   They fail to seek our advice.
*   They are stuck in their   individual and collective
*  They refuse advice from from those of us
     who are NOT part of the wealthy privileged elite.
     They act as if they already know  all they need to know.
     In other words , our so called leaders
     are closed-minded idiots
     Most of them mean well,
     but with regard to How Reality Functions,
    They are severely dysfunctional

*   They appear to be all head and very little heart.
     They violate the core rule of Consciousness
     They focus  on the criminals
      and on what the evil ones are doing.
*   When they focus their consciousness
     on what they do not want.
     they tell the Universe to give them
     more of what they do not want.

*   They fear and fight and prepare for war.
     In so doing they attract and/create more wars.

     This is another clear example of
      lack of knowledge regarding
     What and Who Humans really are.~

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"Obliterating Problems Is My Job." - Military Man - Bing video~
Beginning at minute 5:40 hear Abraham explains why
focusing on and fighting the unwanted
only amplify the unwanted and
make them active in your vibration
Focusing and fighting the unwanted
makes the unwanted stronger.

*  For those of us who to have something to offer,, 
     we have no way to contact Trump or the military leaders.  .
     They never ask for our advice.
*   Their consciousness
     is locked inside of their
*  They have no ears with which to hear
     anything outside of what they believe they  already know.
*   They ignore the needs and wants of We-The-People

*   The keep everything Secret.  
     They ignore the basic Facts of Life
     (i.e. the Physics of Consciousness.)
*   In Fifth-Dimension There are NO SECRETS.
*   In Fifth-Dimension There are NO SECRETS.

Here's just one very basic,  very simple
and very-ignored Rule of Reality:
focus on what they do not want
and they
fight it.
And by so doing, The Universal Law of Thought~
gives the collective us
more fighting, more destruction, and more wars.

Nobody who understands how the universe functions~
would ever do anything that stupid.

They are completely ignorant regarding
how to end the thousands-of-years-old 
Cycles of War:
How to end the cycles of War~       


See Major challenge number Two
     The Challenge and The Solution

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C S 18-06-22


Major Challenge Number Two


On Your First Reading of This Page,
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*   Even if Trump Succeeds in getting rid of the evil ones,
      we are still facing
     the financially powerful, service-to-self
   special-privileged elite.

     This groups consist of
     The war-focused,  U.S. Military
     *   Military-Industrial Complex.
         These are the men who
         make trillions of dollars from
         designing  and building  the killing systems.
     *   The fossil fuel industry,
     *   Big-Pharma-   The sellers of "legal" drugs,
     *   The health industry,
     *   The domestic , banking industry,
     *   the Global, finance industry, 
     *   The Transportation industry,
     *   The marijuana industry,
     *   The Insurance Industry,

     *   The Communications industry,,
     *   They own/control the Internet.
     *   They control every major website building program.
          If you have a website built by
          a major web-building corporation,
         THEY OWN  IT
    *   Your voice is being shut down,.

NONE of these  people are going to willingly give up
their special privilege status.

Have you notices that We-The-People
are treated like property by those in control.
Everything they do is  is done secretly..
The people are never informed.
Our advice is never asked
We are still being lied to, used,  and manipulated
In their consciousness, we are expendable.
They want at least five billion of us dead. and gone.

They are not going away until We-The-People,
      *1  Wake up,.
      *2  Support each other,
      *3   Cooperate with each other,
      4*  Learn and use the  power of
           Single point our focus of
           Collective Human Consciousness,
       *  Create a new social consciousness,
       *  Start building a new  physical social structure
          that is by and for We-he-People.

We-the-People~ are the only real alternative.
to more of their same old Sheyitt-Consciousness

*   We will still have two options:
   **   Option One  
         Continue to do nothing and continue to be
         enslaved by moneyed elite
         who, if unchecked, will soon turn the USA into
         another form of secret dictatorship.
   **   Option Two
        Take on the task of freeing ourselves
        by applying the Winning Strategy
        designed and detailed in
       The Fast
Track to Freedom
https://mystycrystal.com/55C-Core-Team-Invitation.html .
   **   War-Winning---Sucess-Srategies

Much of the evidence of Trumps  incompetence
is based upon WHAT HE DID NOT DO.  
Here are a few examples:
*   Trump failed to end the
    absolutely-insane war
against Marijuana.
*   He and his super-wealthy cronies
      are  still hiding much advanced technology
     such as  Free Energy.
*   Trump could have simply said to millions of home owners
   "Stop making your home mortgage payments
    as payments for fraudulent bank loans.
    for the use of their fake, non-existent money."
            Fraud # One of the Six major Banking frauds
*   Trump could have instructed the patent office
     to released the non-dangerous
     secret  patents for technology.
*   Internet censorship is all but completely overwhelming
     And Trump does NOTHING
     to give us access to vital knowledge that.
      wound assist We-The-People in creating
      so much wealth that scarcity would end
     resulting in money becoming
     unnecessary, worthless, usellss , and gone. Gone>  GONE! ~

*   He could have simply cancelled the national debt
      because, like home loans, it's based on fraudulent loans
      of non-existent money.
*   The same principle applies to student loans.

*    Trump still ignores
      the massive power of collective human consciousness.~
*   Instead of creating   The New, Fifth-Dimension world,~
     Trump and the military are focused on
     and are fighting the old.
     To focus on what's wrong is guaranteed failure.~
*   Trump lacks the consciousness required to win
     the war for the control of human consciousness.
*   His biggest snafu was and still is
     IGNORING We-The-People.

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Remember   Ignore the Links,~

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*   Shortly after the assassination of President John Kennedy
     November 22, 1963, about 200 top, U.S. military leaders
     formed a group committed to eliminating the Cabal criminals.
*   It took 58 years for  this group  and
     those who later joined the group
     to come as close as they are to accomplish their mission.
*   We are still waiting to see if
     they are actually going to accomplish their mission.

Why so long.?
*   because they ignored the non-physical side of reality.
*   Because they ignored the major tools and strategies
     in a war of consciousness
*   Because they used exclusively third-dimension consciousness.~ 

*   In a war for the control of human consciousness
     Trump and the military focused on physically  attacking
     and destroying their enemy.  
     Any competent leader should knows that 
     Fighting is for Losers

     *#*@*  Fighting does NOT defeat that which one focuses on ,~
     It empowers and gives the fighter's life energy
     to that which it fights.

 *   They ignored the power of information.
*   They ignored giving the people any information
     about the Cabal's secret, dual, corporate control system.
*   They ignored the non-physical side of reality.
*   They Ignored learning how the universe Functions
    Physics of Consciousness  
*   They ignored the power of We-the-People.
*    They ignored obvious evidence that
       we live in Thinking and Feeling Person's Universe.~
*    They ignored the evidence that told us that
     all humans have been secretly mind manipulated.~
*   They Ignored The Physics of Consciousness.~
*   They ignored The Rules of Reality~
*   They fail to inform us  of
     the Cabal's secret  dual corporate control system.~
*   They ignored severe internet censorship of the truth
*   In California, the American people are facing
     an easily-avoidable, otherwise inevitable trillion dollar disaster,~
   And Again Trump DOES  NOTHING.

*   They are completely ignorant of the technology of Consciousness.
     They don't realize that Llove is the ultimate weapon of war.

Their excuse for doing nothing is  that 
they are afraid of crashing the economy.
It's more than obvious  that
the present economic system is doomed.
It will
,  or
fade out with the end of scarcity,
 be intentionally replaced by  the moneyed elite.

The final outcome will be the complete death of money.~

Here's our strategy on the
 fast track to eliminating the Cabal banking criminals.
Go to

In this strategy,, again,
Trump and the U.S. military are both completely absent.
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In the physical world, everything you see, hear,
taste, smell, or touch is what you have already created
Attacking the already created
directs your creative, life-force-energy
to creating more of what you are attacking
To change it, you don't fix.   You replace
Create something new

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Remember   Ignore the Links,~

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If you really want to end  Arguing, Fighting,  and  Wars
Examine this treatise on the Game Called Life:
How to End Arguing, Fighting, and
the Cycles of War 
.https://mystycrystal.com/22-Cycles-of-War-How-to-End.html     ..

also see:

*   Imagine setting up an information broadcasting system
     based on the principles of
     the Radio-Free-Europe System of the 1950's,
     R.F.E .was a system  that  transmitted
     uncensored news and information
     to audiences living in physical slavery behind the Iron Curtain,
    (i.i. Eastern European countries controlled by communist Russia.)
    In the face of this opportunity, 
    Trump does nothing
* Imagine the same principle applied  here in the U.S.
     Imagine in 1964, imagine the American military
     broadcasting the truth to the American people
     from a ship on each U.S. coast about
     Cabal Banker's Fairytale money and
   The Six-Major-Banking-Frauds
  ..     ...     .....
     This information, alone,  would have been enough to
     crashed  the Cabal~  and their criminal banking system
      in a matter of a few months.
*   Neither Martin Luther King or Robert Kennedy
     would have been murdered.
*   Richard (I'm  not a Crook) Nixon
     would never have been president.
     Nixon's absolute disaster. his Anti-Marijuana War ~
     would never have occurred ,
     and who knows what all else.
     Trump still ignores the option of telling people the truth.

*   The truth  about the  six major banking frauds~ are still
     NOT being told to the people.
*   I the face of overwhelming open censorship,
      our so-called leaders have  failed to take set up
     a new internet communicating system.
*   They ignored  the true nature of what humans really are.~
*    Since March of 2018,
     they have ignored the scientifically proven evidence
     showing beyond any shadow of a doubt, that
     all the oceans on the entire Earth are on a single flat plane.~
If that single piece of evidence
     had been promoted into  public knowledge
     it would forced dramatic re-structuring
     of vast amount of other false stories about
    the nature of life on planer Earth
The Bottom Line:
     Our so-called leaders believed that
    they already knew all they needed to know.

Now, ask yourself,  Do I want do nothing and receive
more the same, old, dreary, painful 

Sheyitt Consciousness  

 Are you reasdy for this to end.  

Another Possibility:
Trump may be aware of Fifth-dimension Consciousness and
he may be going along with  the Third Dimension fools
who are lying to us and withholding technology
in order to maintain their privileged positions.
If he did not appear to be
supporting the self-interest desires of the supporters
many of them would not support him.

*   Even if Trump Succeeds in getting rid of the evil ones,
      we are still facing the
     financially- powerful, special-provided elite.
*   We will still have two options:
       *   Option One  
            Continue to do nothing and continue to be
            enslaved by the present-day,moneyed elite
            who, if unchecked will turn the USA  into
            another form of dictatorship.
     *    Option Two
          Take on the task of freeing humanity
           by applying the Winning Strategy
          designed and detailed at:
          or take   The Fast Track to Freedom
https://mystycrystal.com/55C-Core-Team-Invitation.html .

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Blog creation<><><>


On Your First Reading of This Page,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

Present-day-style politics
will never solve our social problems.

Because human personal consciousness and
human collective consciousness
are both strongly-focused on
arguing, fighting, domination~.  fear, and violence

Politics attempts to control other people,
It  defies  The Physics of Consciousness.~
It ignores the true nature of who and human beings really are,~
It defies The Universal Law of Thought,~
     Including the Law of Attraction
ALL these laws tell us that both personally and collectively
Most humans live in Sheyitt Consciousness
and are all but completely ignorant  regarding
The Physics of Consciousness~  and    The Rules of Reality.~

Here's a summary in one sentence:
We get more of what we focus your attention on

Our entire social structure is and has been
secretly controlled by the evil ones
Here's an incredibly obvious example:
Since 1913, the Cabal Control Bankers
have controlled our money.

Are you aware  that those who control
a notion's money supply control the nation
Evil's secret control system has controlled humanity
for at least 30,000 years.
Even the so-called Good-Guys,
who control all major corporate activity
are focused on War, money, fear.
They are constantly
 preparing  themselves for the next war,
fore the next violent confrontation

Because the average human being lives in fear.
We-The-People~ have absolutely NO,  None,  Nada, Zero say
in anything of consequence.

*   The entirety of Earth's third-dimension physical reality
     is based on false, Newtonian physics.~
*   There is NO /NONE / NADA / ZORO
     objective, external reality
     that we come along and experience.

*   The seemingly external universe i made of Consciousness.~ 

*   The evidence tell us that:
     *    we live in an Electric Universe,
     *   we live in   God/Goddess's Cosmic Holograph,~
     *    that The Universe is controlled by consciousness,
     *   That Consciousness has,  is,  and will continue to
          create and control everything.

*   We are presently living in a Holographic Illusion.~ 
     Everything we experience in the external world
     is an already-created illusion.

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Ignore the Links,~
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*    Politics will never solve  anything.  

     Why.?    Because it's all head and NO heart.
    Because politics  attempts to change
     the all ready-existing, external world.

*   What do you get by  arguing  fighting,
     focusing on what's wrong
     threats of violence  or valence.?
      It gets us more to argue and fight about.
      It's the energetic / vibrational source of
      more threats, and more violence.
     Its Sheyitt -Consciousness.~ in action

*    In third-dimension, change
     is usually an act of destruction.
*   In the Fifth-Dimension~, change is an Act of Creation

*   You cannot make changes by attempting to change
     the already existing illusion.

*   The way to experience a different illusion,
     you must make the changes inside of yourself. 
     Change you perceptions, your attitudes, your beliefs and
     then AND ONLY THEN take inspired action
    by creating something new.

*   Remember,  Consciousness is KING.~

*   To fight Something / anything
     in the already-existing, external world
     is a waste of time and energy.~

*   This is why people like President Trump
      and the U.S. Military
     can  sometimes win a war by fighting. 
     Ended the Cycle s of War.

*   By preparing for war,
     by being afraid of being attacked,  and/or
     by attacking and fighting anything or anyone
     our so-called leaders attract 
     more of what they focus our attention on.
     Evil peddles low vibrtion consciousness
     and We-The-People are ticked into believing their lies

   The truth is that all human beings are 
     God-Beings and  Great creators.
     We are playing a role in our collective reality. 
*   Our pathway to freedom requires us
     to wake up and learn How the Universe Functions.~.

*   Right Now, TODAY. almost everybody
     has major pieces missing from their God-Consciousness.
     Don't believe this.   Don't disbelieve it, either.

*   Examine your own Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient~  and you will
      realize why  your life is so screwed up.

*   The Solution: 
     Begin by hanging  your own,
     self-Created / Self-Managed illusion
     Start here:  

   The First universal Law of Llove

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Ignore the Links,~
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How will we solve
these personal and collective
Problems / Chalenges.?

With The Power of Unified, Human Consciousness: 
*   3rd-D. message
     When two or more are gathered in in my name,
     I am there also."

*   Fifth Dimension  version
When two or more are
 focused on 
 Giving Llove,~
the power of Universal Consciousness
is amplified exponentially.
*  When two humans are  working alone
    each has the power of one
 *   When two humans are working together
      they have the power of four humans working alone
*   Three together have the creation power of nine alone
*   Four together ---  the power of 16 alone
*   Five  together  --- the power of 25 alone
*   100 together  ---   the power of 10,000 alone
*   10,000 together   --- the creation power of 100,000,000
*   We-The People  in unified focus

*1   President Trump 
      Fifth-Dimension Idiot  
     Trump  is Missing the Consciousness Required
     to Win A War of Consciousness.

*2  Where and How to find the missing consciousness:
Examine your own Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient.
    There you will find access to the solutions to
     all your problems/chalenges and everyone else's, as well.

*3  The Final Solution to present-day politics is
The Death of Money..
      Are you aware of the  Decline and Death of money
      Inevitable and  un-avoidable

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     Politics-Will-Never-Solve-Our-Social-Problems.     .....
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On Your First Reading of This Page,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

I am willing to assist / coach / guide President Trump
on his journey into his Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient,
Because I am pleased to be of service during
Earth-Humanity's  shift/ transition into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.~ 

Because I am also well aware of the benefits
that come to those who focus on
Giving Llove~ in any of it multitudes of ways. 


Even if Trump stays stupid,
(i.e.  Even if he refuses to examine the evidence,)
he will very likely win the present conflict
with the Cabal criminals and their controllers, but
his ignorance,
     his limited consciousness
          guarantees he will never end the Cycles of War

If Trump continues his war-losing consciousness,
We-The-People will step in with
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
and forever end the thousands-of-years- old,
third dimension,  Cycles of War.  

<><><><><>   <><><><><>

If you have a way to direct my offer to President Trump
all of humanity will be expressing Llove to you.
Who do you know
     Who knows somebody
           Who knows somebody
                 Et Cetera   Et Cetera,
                            Our Mission Is Accomplished
Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom


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F.R. 18-03-09


On Your First Reading of This Page,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

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As you must know by now,
Humanity is entering the climactic phase of
a war with three groups of evil parasites,
*1   The genetically altered humans knows as the Cabal, 
*2    Off-planet-beings known as the Lizzerdz and
*3   AI  artificial Intelligence

*   For thousands-of-years, the evil ones have been
     secretly controlling humanity.
*   They have gotten so evil that
     God/Goddess has stepped in to assist humanity
     in to guide us in getting  rid of the evil ones
     and cleaning up their mess.

*   The present-day war is for
     the control of human consciousness and
     for the physical control of the Earth, Herself.

With educational support and advanced technology
beings from other galactic civilizations
are assisting/guiding Earth-Humans in the war

President Trump, the U.S. military,
and some of the so-called good guys
are close to taking the financial power away the evil ones

Even if he and the Trump-Team
succeeds in eliminating the evil ones
we, not he,  we must still deal with the privileged elite.

The Privileged Elite: 
There is a huge number of
very wealthy and very powerful  men
who do not want humanity to learn
the real truth about the nature of humanity.
Here's Why:
Because when humanity wakes up, 
the privileged elite
will lose t
*   their wage slaves
*   their sex slaves., and
*   their special privilege status

See Part Two
The problem/challenge and the solution

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F.R. 18-03-09

President Trump lacks the Consciousness Required
 to Win A War of Consciousness    ....

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote' '  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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