Money and  Scarcity  -- The Final Solution


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The Death of Money

The Final Solution

The Final Solution

The Final Solution

The Final Solution

The Final Solution


Money Is Replaced by Wealth 




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F.R. 18-03-09


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Knock,   Knock.   Knock.
is knocking at your door.
If you are wise,
You'll examine the evidence.

TO:       YOU  &  Those You Care About
FROM:  Robert Cote'~
RE:       The Death of  Money  -- The-Final-Solution.

Summary/Overview          Summary/Overview

At this time, each of  our wealthy brothers and sisters
has in their possession and
they have immediate access to their portion of, literally,
trillions of dollars of excess money
that are still valuable today,  
but . . .

As more and more of us awaken
into Fifth-Dimension-Self-Awareness,~
the world's Collective Consciousness will change, dramatically.
Abundance will replace  scarcity~

without scarcity,
 will quickly become    worthless,      useless,     
 dead,      Dead,     DEAD,      and gone forever.

Our job is:
*   To tap into  that money-
     while it is still valuable
*   To spend trillions of dollars of that money
     ON,   BY,   and    FOR
     the benefit  of

Everybody who chooses Llove  is included.
Join us and speed up the transition into
humanity's new Service to All Social Structure.~

Do you need more proof.?
Well, here it is
Read the eight pages linked-to below:

*** 1   Money --The Invitation -- The Fast Track to Freedom,,,   ...
oney will soon  be
dead,   Dead.   DEAD.   and Gone Forever.
During the transition process, 
There is a   life-changing,  
world-changing    opportunity
to access a huge portion of the soon to be useless  money
while it's still valuable
and use that money for the well being of
everybody who chooses Llove.


*** 2   Money --  Banking    Six-Major-Banking-Frauds

*** 3  
The Real Purpose of Money
is to Control and Enslave Humanity. ..
Cabal Criminal Bankers and their controllers
Are the Source-of-both Scarcity and Money. ~


*** 4   Death of Money -- Overview

*** 5   The Death of Money
-- The Full Story .     ....

*** 6   Excess (isretionary) Money

*** 7  
Money   Financial-Power-Team-of-We-The-People   ...


*** 8  
The Great God Money     Let's Talk Money


*** 9   Money -- The Great God, Money   23

*** 10   Money -- Read more about The Final Solution
Below on this page
Read the detailed,  How-to . . .  Story  Below-on-This-Page

*   Contact us
*   We'll answer your questions.
*   If you choose to join us,
     you'll be guided from there.

Thank you.
Robert Cote'

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Read the detailed,  How-to . . .  Story 

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     has arrived.

The TLC-Life-Center Team
has discovered  and uncovered,  , 
the final resolution / The Final solution
The Money and Scarcity Problem
for everyone.

We'll begin by setting the context:
*  We are eternal, non-physical God-Beings.
*   We are in and on an adventurer into
     what is called physical reality.
*   We are here because
     we are each a part of
     Source/ Creator's    Earth Recovery Teem.

*   Evil ones have stolen/ kidnapped/ hijacked
      Planet Earth and are presently running
     a fraudulent money system.~
*  W e are here for
     the process of returning Earth to We-The-People.

What Context Are We In.?
*   We are inside of (working on)
     one of the several, major changes taking us
     into    The World of  Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.~

*   Imagine yourself living in a world with
     so much wealth and abundance~ that
     money is no longer needed and no longer  useful.

*   Are you aware that
     the number of  other civilizations
     in the entire galaxy that uses money is


We have great news for you
*   The world we just described
     is the world we are headed for    and
*   You are on The Earth-Recovery Team.
     You didn't know that.?  
     Well, . . .    Now you do.
*   That's why you are here on Earth.
*   Your job is incredibly simple,
     Express the Loving and Joyous part of yourself.
*   Learn and practice The First Lost Secret of Llove~. 

*    Those of us who are truth seekers
     are on the path to remembering
     What and Who we are.~
     We are becoming Self-Aware Beings.
*   Self-Awareness quickly    opens our consciousness
     and fills us: with the joy of    giving and receiving Llove
*   Stop reading and take few minutes to imagine   
     Feeling Included,    Feeling Safe
     and   Having Your Desires Fulfilled.

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NOW:    On to information about
 Nature of our Business, (our bizy-ness).

This Solution, as we see it,
 has two aspects to it
  Here's The Consciousness Part:
      We put together
        The First Universal Law of love,~
                    Mutual Cooperation.
                         Single-Point Focus
                                 Forgiveness Compassion,  and   Gratitude.

*  We mix them all together,
*  Next, we'll describe What We Are Building.

*2  This is the physical part
      the part where money
      is setup for a fall,
      This is the How to do it part
      Welcome to the world we call

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Those actively working / playing
to bring Earth-Humanity into
the world of the Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness,~
they will be the first to receive the benefits,
including Connecting Consciousness members,
leaders, and their support teams.
The same for the TLC-Life-Center team.
and for all the other Recovery-Teams and  Players...

This Is How It's  Done.?
We'll begin by explaining the context ~
in which we find ourselves.

*  Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
     Cosmic Transformations are taking us
    into The Age of Aquarius,~
    This, in and of itself,
     guarantees success.

*   Humanity is heading for
     the end of  both  scarcity and  money
     and into a fantastic life thereafter
     in the world of  Fifth-Dimension Consciousness~
     and in our new  Service to All Social Structure~

*   Our First Challenge was getting here.
     Here Is Our Next Challenge:

*  At this time, each of our wealthy brothers and sisters
     have in their possession and immediate access to
    their portion of  literally trillions of dollars
     that are still valuable today,  
     As more and more of us awaken, step-by-step,
     into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness,~

     Scarcity~ will end and money will become    
     worthless,      useless,      dead,      Dead,     DEAD,
     and gone forever.
At this very moment,
And for a short time  only
that money is available to us

1)  Humans are great creators~,
2)   We live in a Holographic Universe.~
3)   Consciousness Is King

*   Our job is simple and easy.
    Tap into that money supply

     while it's still useful and use it,
     first, to support
     all active Truth-Seekers and Light-Workers
     and then to fund
        *1  The Ultimate Worthy Cause  
              Preventing an easily-preventable,  otherwise inevitable
             Trillion-Dollar Disaster.


Fund  our first major Fifth-Dimension Education System,   
              Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations  of Life and Llove

Begin creating
             *1   Our Community-Owned, Organic Garden System
                    by,  of,  and  for  
We-The-People ,
             *2   our new Community Education and Social Centers.
             *3   Our National support network..

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Where to Look for the Money

*   There are thousands of very wealthy people who,
     if they believed / knew that they possessed
      soon-to be useless money,
     they would offer some of their excess wealth~

     to those of us working / playing for 
     the creation of the new Service to All Social Structure.

*  After the demise of
     the temporary gold backed money system,
     the wealthy people's money
     will become useless for a different reason.

     The reason is that,
      once a significant number of people
     realize their true nature,
     everyone will have everything
     they need, want, desire and / or require
     without the need for,   or   the use of    money.

*   Our challenge is to, as quickly as possible,
      get past the believability barrier
     of the very wealthy people.
     Simon, you,  Charlie Ward,  and
     Alex Collier
     are the only people that we are certain of
      who can be our authority figures.
*   We need connect with additional people
     and expand our team's believability.
*   The believability team's job is to
      to convince the first multi millionaire:
     *1   that his/her money is going to become useless;  
     *2   that they can be of great service to everybody
           by donating some of their excess money
           that will  soon-become worthless
           to We-The-People's social services;
     *3  That we (The TLC-Life-Center Team)
           can teach him / her how to prepare for
           Life After the Death of Money~.

*   Our job is to break through the belief barrier.
     In doing so, we
open the door to billions of dollars by
     waking up the first of the hundreds  or thousands of
     very wealthy people who will support our mission.

Why only one.? 

*   Because nobody wants to be first,
     everybody wants to be second, and
     nobody wants to be last.

*   For contact info. for potential members of
     the credibility team, Contact 
     Charlie Ward    Contact via Simon Parkes
     Alex Collier,  
     Corey Goode
     David Wilcock
     Jason Rice
     Emery Smith
     and anybody else that you know of,
     until we have about five people
     whose credibility will be accepted.

*  Some very powerful, potential team players
     David Icke            Pioneer of the truth about the evil ones
     Alexandra   Meadors        Galactic Connection
     Carry Cassidy        Project Camelot
     Bruce Lipton         The Biology of Belief
     Greg Braden         Scientist  Earth Historian
     Marissa Peers       Master teacher of hypnotherapy
     Tom   Campbell     Theory of Everything
     Joe Dispensa
     Michael Tellinger  South African   Truth Speaker
     Joal Osteen           The nation's most popular Christian minister
     Wallace Thornhill  The Electric Universe

*   There are  literally hundreds of thousands of other
     highly skilled people who are lost/hidden in
     the third dimension  mob of Sheyitt Consciousness.~ 
*  With Connecting Consciusness's pool of 70,00 people,
     we can easily find the talent
     to build a single website where
      you and thousands of truth seekers  can be found
      with ZERO censorship and ZERO interference.  
*   We already have a design / a role model (in a very rough draft)
     for just such a solution:
     Fifth Dimension   People to People   Connection Services~

*   Three incredibly accurate psychics that we want on our team:
     Esther Hicks

     Bentinho Massaro
     Magenta Pixie

We have asked Simon Parkes,
founder and leader of Connecting Consciousness,
to lead the credibility team
that convinces the first very wealthy person
to join the very wealthy power team
As soon as the team has enough members
they collectively direct their power to
resolving, fulfilling, and completing the Ultimate Worthy Cause.
They, themselves, do not do the doing.
There job is to see to it that it gets done a quickly as possible.

For contact information for
Potential Members of The Financial Power Team:~
Foster Gamble   Get Foster to work with us.
                          Introduce him to Connecting Consciousness.

                          We have a huge untapped potential here.

Dean Graziosi    Excellent prospect.   Dean is  5th-D Aware
                          and has been known to make very large donations.
Tony Robbins    Tony is Dean's partner.  Also an excellent prospect.
                         Tony is passionate about feeding people.
                         We'd like someone who knows him
                         Introduce him to our organic garden system.~
                         There is also huge-HUGE untapped potential here.
Sam Ovens        Sam is both wealthy and brilliant. 
                         He is an excellent teacher.   He'll also offer
                         some great contactss   We want Sam on our team.
Tai Lopez          Tai is openhearted, wealthy and a trend finder.
.                         Once we have   "cracked" the believability wall,
                          We go to him and say,
                          If _____ goes first, will you be second?
                         i.e.  Get two wealthy players to
                         jump on the bandwagon at the same time.
                         Tai's an action man.   He'll succeed where others won't
                         He  also has contacts that can be extremely valuable.
                        Beverly Hills California, USA
                        Email:  Phone:  1-800-604-2587
Vishen Lakiani   Vishen has direct contact with
                         hundreds of key masters of their craft.  
                         He and they can be a huge benefit
                        to all of  CC's 60,000 members.
Jenna Kutcher  Jenna can give you an inside track to
                         Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins and
                         several other very wealth people

All of the above are high-integrity players.

Please also talk to the wealthy people to whom  you have access.
Perhaps you know somebody who can and will
donate to you  100 K or 50 K or even 10 K 
for your  use to help  our End of Money Project.

The We-The-Peoples-Advisory council
will guide  the donors and suggest
ways and places to apply the money.
We have invited Simon and Becky parks as part of the council.

We will, first, fund truth seekers like yourself and then,
fund the topics mentioned above.

Then take a day or so to celebrate the success
of our collective co-adventure.

Thank you.   Thank you.  Thank you.!
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'    aka   Aum   FahZoom
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An offer and a Challenge

*   As of late Aprin 3,  2021
     Connecting Consciousness has 70,000 members.
     We, the members of the TLC-Life-Center Team,
     commit ourselves to increasing
     Connecting Consciousness membership
     to a minimum of 700,000 members
     in six months.
*   The six months begins the day
     a team of open-minded investigators
     does their absolute best to prove us wrong
     regarding any significant aspect of
     Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.~

*   We challenge anybody and everybody to prove us wrong
     We invite you ,  we ask you you,   we encourage you
     to do your absolute best to prove us wrong
*   WHY.?
*   Because, in attempting to prove us wrong,
   you will prove us right.
*   Let's begin with The-Death of Money Issue.

<><><><><>   <><><><><>  

*   To Anybody an Everybody, We say"
     The Door to the Fifth-Dimension
     is now wide open.
     Let us show you the easy way
     to your destination
The First Universal Law of love

<><><><><>    <><><><><>

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Latest Update:  4 April 2021

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F.R. 18-03-09

Money and Scarcity  --  The Final Solution   

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'    aka    Aum FahZoom

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