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Your Forgotten Godhood





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Waking Up  






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Everything is consciousness.
The primary attribute of Consciousness is Llove.
Llove    expresses  itself     byway of vibrations.
Llove is the highest rate of vibration.
Fear is the lowest rate of vibration.

Those whose intention is to control humanity
literally feed on the low vibrating energy of human fear.

Here is most basic physics of Consciousness.

I   You   We  Exist.
I   You   We   are all  God-Beings~
I   You   We   are all part of a Single Unified Whole.~ 
I   You   We   are all  Great Creators.~ 
Life on Earth as you presently know it is a Holographic Illusion.~   

Remember, everything is a mental construct The ALL.  
Physical Form is
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's ingenious way of
adding a new dimension to her mental creations.

The purpose of Life on Earth is
to experience Joy-Fun-FahZoom
in a physical-body Format. 

What's the difference? 
Since we cannot express the Fifth Dimension Consciousness
in third dimension  language,
we will give you an analogy.   

Imagine going into your favorite restaurant and
imagine eating a delicious meal.
Did you enjoy your imaginary meal?

In Physical Form:
Now take your body to that same restaurant and
physically eat your favorite meal.
Which was more Joy-Fun-FahZoom?  

Now apply this same principle to
Gender Blending (sexual expression)

Think of physicality, not as an illusion, but rather, 
as a grand expansion
and as
a delightful expression  
of Your Godhood.

The Lost Secret of Llove explain how to transform
imagination into physical form.
We are here to apply physicality to
*    Self Exploration,
*   Self-Gratification, and
*   Self expression.


Here's the Reason Why We Forgot Our Godhood:
Become aware of this. 
DO NOT dwell on it.

The Cabal liars told us to suffer and
reach god after death.
As you can now see, 
that was another super-sheyit~ story.

Mine, yours, everybody's consciousness
has been hijacked by evil beings.
Humans have been so thoroughly mind-controlled that
multiple millions, probably billions of us
work for the evil ones while believing that
we are working for the good of humanity.

The evil ones  have a vast arsenal of tools that are used
to control our minds and thus
control our behavior.  Here's a sample:

Here's Another Example
What humans call religion is a distortion of
The Physics of Conscious.  
The distortions and the omissions (what they don't tell us)
were designed to keep humans as their mind-controlled slaves.   

The evil ones treat us the way
treat farm animals.
They treat us the way humans keep cows, chickens, and sheep.
We keep farm animals because
they are and they provide our food and many other benefits.

The evil ones feed on the low vibrational energy
that vibrates and radiates  from a human body
when the dweller in that body
is experiencing fear or any of its multiple form, such as
pain, grief, sadness anger, etc.

They also kidnap, torture, rape, and murder
thousands of innocent, young children
as part of their evil, satanic rituals. 
They drink human blood and some are even canables.

The Cabal and the  evil aspect of   artificial intelligence   A.I.
are the core cause of human misery.
Evil A.I. exists in our society
because we provide it with 
the energy of our low vibration consciousness,
fear, hate, anger, etc..

Remember our Godhood

Remember, everything is consciousness.  
What you believe is consciousness.
What you do is based upon your consciousness.
Evil ones programmed your mind with
a false beliefs about everything.  
Third Dimension religion is simply one of the prison walls.~  

Also remember that the teachings of Jesus
match  The Physic of Consciousness.  
Did you get that?

                    The Teachings of Jesus
The Physic of Consciousness

In the Christian Bible, Jesus tells us:
*   We are all One.  
*   We are all God-Beings.
*   We are all  Safe and we are in the arms of God.
*   We are all Lloved.  
*   We are Great  Creators.

God is just much bigger than you thought She was.  
God is both Masculine and Feminine.   
When God-Goddess communicates with us,
God-Goddess expresses primarily his/her feminine nature.        
<><><>   <><><>

Welcome to
Conscious Christianity!

Welcome to
The Physics of Consciousness             
Welcome to

The Physics and Science of Consciousness

<><><>   <><><>

The above described concept  
fits perfectly with
The Universal Law of Correspondence.~ 

God-Goddess Lloves every one and everything. 
God-Goddess  gives 12, major gifts to all humanity.
God-Goddess requires nothing in return.  

There is only one suggestion,
Live and express yourself within  
The Prime Directive
Thou Shall NOT Violate!~    

You can even violate the Prime directive.  
However, if you do, you will experience
the consequences of your actions.  
i.e.  What you put out is what you get back.  









Llove yourself.  
Llove everyone and everything.
Let go of your old beliefs about your lack of worthiness.

Just Be

Appreciate Everything, even if it feels like Sheyit.
Balance all aspects of your life 
<><><>   <><><>

The above steps are each
expanded and explained below on t his page

Llove Yourself    
We have an entire page devoted to Self-Llove. 
Worthy, Deserving, Connected,  Llovable, and Enough 

Self-Llove is critically important because
if you do not Llove your self, you cannot Llove anything else.  

The truth is we are all God-Beings.  
We are all. pieces, parts, aspects of God.  
Jesus tells us to Llove God above anything else.  
<><><>  <><><>

Llove Everyone and Everything
Here's what you may have mist in Jesus's  statement:  
God is NOT something outside of yourself.  
You and God are one and the same thing.
Lloving yourself is LLoving God.  
Loving God is Lloving your self.
Love is equally present in everyone and in everything. 
Why? everything is made of Llove
<><><>   <><><>

Let go of your old, false  beliefs
about your lack of worthiness.
On order to reach God,
you must first realize that you actually are God.  

Here's what You and God are NOT:
You and God are NOT  angry fearful, sick, sad, evil,
fickle, vengeful,vindictive ,jealous, 
stupid, murderous, or controlling.  

You and God DO NOT expect, require, desire,
to be worshiped or adored. 
Why?  Because we are all equal. 
We are all one and the same thing.  
Without Life-forms like you and me,
God would be just a formless thought.  

Look in the mirror and say thank to yourself
for being yourself, Exactly As You Are.  

We are constantly in the state of becoming.  
Who do you chose to become.
Focus on that and forget the rest.  
<><><>   <><><>

If you are worried, stressed, fearful or
vibrate at the level of any other negative vibration, 
what you get as a result of such thinking is
more to be worried, stressed, fearful about.  

Breath deeply and consciously. 
Allow your mind to relax.  
Allow your physical body to relax.   
See:   Cycle Breakers ~   
<><><>   <><><>

You cannot change the external world,
by doing anything in the external world.

If you choose to experience something
different from what you are presents
experiencing in your physical reality
here's how that is accomplished;
<><><>   <><><>

1)    Do whatever it is
       that excites you the most.

2)   Do whatever it is
       that brings you your greatest joy.   

3)   Do whatever makes you feel
       really, really good.  
        Do what  brings you happiness

4)   Do what makes you feel light,
       connected, and alive. 

5)  Take responsibility for yourself. 

6)   Stay in Full Integrity.

7)   Llove and Appreciate~ everything

8)   As much as you can,
       focus your attention on and
       feel the feelings related to
       that which inspires you
       to feel
       really good.  

<><><>   <><><>

Just Be:  
Here's another way in which
we have forgotten ho the Universe functions.   
We can experience absolutely anything we choose to
be, do, Have, Express, and/or experience
by being and expressing Llove.

See:  The-Seven Lost-Secrets-of-Llove~    

Appreciation is a key to experiencing joy and happiness. 
Why?   Because focusing on what you like and already have
brings you more to like, Llove, appreciate, and enjoy.

You are literally the center of
everything in the physical universe.  

I, You, We all  live, move, and have our being in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.   
In a holograph,
perception is all there is.  
There is nothing else.  

Because duality is present in everything, 
Our job is to balance ourselves in between
the opposite poles of everything we encounter. 











You  and Me and everyone else,
we all  Are The God-Goddess Called Llove

We access our true, natural state of being
by way of  our feelings 
(our internal emotions) 

Our Feelings, our Consciousness,
the word we call Llove
all three vibrations, collectively
create a very  powerful Collective Vibrational Frequency.  

Our feelings create a state of being.  
The feelings called Llove
are the highest vibrational frequency
that a humans can generate.

When you master
the art of feeling Llove and Joy
you are in alignment
with your true nature,
with your natural state of being
You are aligned with the aspect of your self
that is commonly called God.  
aka  Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess    







   The Two Sides of Llove   





The Sensual Delights Network is about reviving the lost art of
non-sexual, heart-centered, purely loving, physical / sensual intimacy.   
It's about feeling good for three primary purposes.   

First, to align your self with
your own natural, internal state of being.~ 
Your natural state of being is to by free, joyous, and
fulfilled with everything you could ever possibly
want, deed, desire, or require for the purpose of feeling good..  

Second, it's about using internal feelings as powerful tools
to remove the hidden false beliefs~
that have been secretly programmed
into your subconscious mind. 

Third, it's about finding  what's hidden under our
false beliefs about the nature of reality.   
It's about learning and expressing
who and what you really are.      


When was the last time you enjoyed
giving or receiving sensual pleasures, 
pleasures such as the the adult-to-adult version of
the mother/child touch, 
the comforting touch, 
the preening/grooming touch,  hugging,
holding someone heart to heart and just being with them?  

When was the last time you gave or received a foot rub,
a back rub,  a  body massage?  
When was the last time you enjoyed sensuality
just for the joys of sharing sensual pleasures?  




The Sensual Delights Network is also about
re-learning the art of intimate physical,
sexually arousing touch.    

Are you aware that your sexual energy
is much more valuable than simply to get you to
a short-lived, orgasmic moment.   

Your sexual energy
is the pathway to
the Fifth Dimension joys
of being at one with everything.  
It's called God-Consciousness.  

You can get there only by,
learning, understanding, and applying
The rules of reality to your life.
The Physics of Consciousness~

Are you aware that you can use your sexual energy
to reach a mind state (a state of being)
that is more joyous and more fulfilling
than having sex while high on LSD. 

At the moment, the pages related to teaching students
the art of Fifth-Dimension  sexual ecstasy
is on password-protected, secure web pages and
is only available to our committed students
of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.       




2--Your Forgotten Godhoood

R. F.  18-03-07



In the First Secret, we  talked about Giving Llove,~
In the Second Secret we shared  knowing  that You Are  Love,~
Then  we opened  the door to Creating-a-Celebration-of-Llove-Day~ 
Then we suggested Ways to Celebrate Llove.~  
We have awakend you memory of Your Lost/Forgotten Godhood~     

Next we will  examine the third secrets of Llove,~

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