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R. F.  18-04-01




Welcome Home.
For years, we told people that
humanity is being systematically lied to
and secretly controlled by evil beings.

The response from the people 
has been to say, "That's impossible!"~

and then, they'd refuse to examine the evidence.

That was then.
      This is Now!

In case you haven't yet heard about this,
a  major Earth-changing truth
has recently been uncovered
regarding the Ice Wall at the South Pole. 
Check it out at:

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What  Is the  
      Scientifically Proven
            Shape of the Earth? 

The answer to this question
is the first, major piece
of physical evidence
that is
So Powerful    and    So Obvious
that this truth and what it means
Are Completely    Undeniable.

Discovering this truth about
the true shape of the Earth
exposes evil's secret control system.

We have been tricked, conned, and lied to. 

Most humans are still mind-controlled:

"You are a slave, Neo
."             (from Matrix movie)
You are a slave in an invisible prison~  
Take "The Red Pill"  and wake up.

This website is your "Red Pill." 

The significance here
is NOT in the shape of the Earth. 
The significance is in 
exposing the invisible prison~
that still secretly enslaves most of humanity.   

OK, now what? 
Where do we begin?        
How about a dose of

evidence-based truth?    

*   The Earth Is     Not  Flat.
*   The Earth is     Not  Round.
*   The Earth is     Convex
*   The Earth is        Inside of a Torus Form ~
*   The Torus Form  is    inside of
*   An
Electric Universe.~
*   The Electric Universe is inside of
*   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
     Holographic Universe.~
*   The Holographic Universe is inside of God.
*   God is inside of you.
*   You are inside of God.  
*   We are all God-Beings.   
*   We are all God.
*   We are all part of A Single Unified Wholeness.  
*   Human-Earth-Life      is a Theater Game.
*   We each create and are the leading man or woman
      in our own play called
    our personal lives

     and at the same time,
     we play mutually supporting roles
     in each other's lives.  
Welcome Home!

We invite you to examine a visioonary's of
The Future of Humanity
and then we will share with you
two major tools to bring us into that future.

The first one is really easy and incredibly powerful
it's simply living at the emotional level of satisfaction orhigher.

The second is learning, practicing, and living by
the laws of Fifth Dimension Conscionsness
Allow us to show you the easy, joy-filled path
to Universal Consciousness
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
Come on in.
This way, please.~

FahZoom 101

Pass this message around.






End of the Beginning  
A Declaration of Completion  

Celebration Date:
Our target date is
December 21, 2020
Winter Solstice,.
This is our Age of Wisdom Celebration.

On that date,  We-The-People 
celebrate ourselves as  
Free, Sovereign Beings
with the capacity to
completely control our own lives.

December 21, 2020
will be the eighth birthday of
the end of the Mayan Calendar and
the beginning of the Fifth Dimension Earth.  

There are many people
suggesting timelines
that take decades,
even generations, for Collective Humanity
to reach the Age of Reason,
our collective Age of Wisdom.

It takes
about seven-to eight years
for a human child reaches the Age of Reason, 
the age where he or she becomes his or her own being.

As leaders of the transformation
into our new, collective consciousness,  
We-The-People intend to
declare and celebrate our collective sovereignty 

as of December 21, 2020,
Winter Solstice.

We are no longer willing to wait for the mindless masses
who refuse to examine the evidence.
We are no longer willing to wait for our so-called leaders
who are still trying to fix third dimension problems 
with third dimension consciousness. 

If you find yourself in harmony with our mission,
become a student of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
and experience Joy, Freedom,
Llove , and Abundance
in every aspect of your life.





R. F.  18-04-01




May we introduce the Fifth Dimension Trinity

Do you choose to learn by pain or by pleasure?
We design our learning tools to
maximize Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom.

Here's Music, Entertainment, and Learning
in one joy filled package.

Studying and learning
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove is
the best possible thing you could ever do.~ 

OK, It's Bottom Line Time:
Choose Secret Slavery~  and   Sheyitt~

Or learn
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
The Co-Creation Team is extremely pleased
to have you here with us.

We are creating a core team of
talented people, mostly women,
to organize, manage, and lead  
Learning,. and Celebrating
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

To become part of the core team,
examine The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Contact us.    
Tell us how you'd like to participate.   

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References/ Examples:

Here are two examples that we found on the Internet.
Notice the emotions they trigger.  
Remember, emotions are the real keys to Life and Llove.

André Rieu & Amira - O Mio Babbino Caro - YouTube        

MY WAY by Amira & Friends (Comme d'Habitude) - YouTube





C S 18-06-22




What will our normal manifested reality
look, sound, smell, taste, and feel  likee
Imagine these possibilities:

There will be a transiting  period chaos during which
the old will be replaced by the new.  
We are in that chaotic, transition period  ritht now ,July 2019)

*    major shift will see the growth of
     the abundance for All / Service to all Social Structure.
*   This will cause the value of money
     to decline and become obsolete, useless,
      un-necessary and dead, Dead DEAR

*   Brotherhood  and sisterhood in one Universal family
*   All humanioty lives in Fifth Dimension consciuousness
*   Universal / Cosmic understanding
*   Divine Llove
*   Truth,    Integrity,  Fairness

*   Physical bodies in excellent health
*   Live on Earth until we choose
     to leave our bodie and go elsewhere
*   During the transition,Multiple healing modalities
     all work to create universal health

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