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R. F.  18-04-01

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Llove like every other aspect of reality
is a rate of vibration.





R. F.  18-04-01

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R. F.  18-04-01




Orgasm  is the human word for
                 Experiencing God.
Orgasm is literally
Feeling and Experiencing
God's Great Joy-Fun-Orgasm-FahZoom.

We begin everything
with a heart to heart connection.

I AM  a giver of physical pleasure to  My Llove-Partner.
At the same time, my Llove-Partner
is giving me as much Joy-Fun-Orgasm-FahZoom
as I am giving to her.  
We each and we both  play all the roles
at the same time (in the same  session):
*   Giver       
*   Receiver 
*   Partner
*   Llover
*   Experiencing the unity of :
          flowing into,
flowing   with,
floating through Ecstasy, and
into the after-glow,
into those moments of stillness "where/when"
the world stops and I am just being
without any thoughts of doing.  

I am in the arms of God.
I am in the arms of
The  Infinite   I AM Llove!
I am in the arms of
The Great Just-Beingness that we call God..  

As Llove-Partners,. 
We guide and are guided,  
We are  inspired.   We inspire  and we are inspiring.  
We are thrilled.    We thrill  and we are thrilling.       
We play each other and play with each other
through cycles of ecstasy.  

From a technical perspective,
orgasm is one end of a polarity of ON /OFF.    

Our goal is to get into and flow with the river of orgasm. 
That's being in the ON position.  
ON is the releasing myself  into into my Llove-Partner
and feeling the joyous orgasmic sensations.  

The OFF is withdrawing self back OUT.  

Simultaneous orgasms of
two God Beings together  (two humans together)
amplifies the energy in ways that are
outsideof simply exponential amplification.

When timing is right 
and for those who are ready,
we will introduce
group mutual masturbation
as a unique, advanced  aspect of
our monthly celebrations of Llove.

Of course, we understand that this is shocking
to the people who do not yet understand 
The Universal Law called Gender and
the creative  power of human sexual energy.
They still believe
the Cabal-peddled lies about
the evilness of sex. 

Remember, orgasm is
the most powerful connection to God
that a human can experience
and still remain in a physical body.

Sharing orgasms without sharing body fluids 
is actually a powerful tool for raising
the overall human vibration
to such a high level of Joy-Fun-FahZoom
that evil beings
can no longer reach us or
affect us in any way.

For each monthly celebration,
we will suggest that collectively and individually
we direct the Llove-vibration-energy 
into a single point of focus.
The point of focus will be
mutually agreed upon beforehand.

We will begin by imagining
our vibration of Life and Llove
combining with that of others celebrators and
then being directed into all of us
who choose to participate in
monthly acknowledging and celebrations 
of Life And Llove.

hink of Llove in terms of
Energy,    Frequency,    Vibration,
,    and   Polarity

As an analogy, think of a computer:
Computers create all screen images
and everything else using ones and zeros.
The biological computer called the human body experiences its biological vibrations of Llove as ON and OFF.

Think of rhythm and  polarity as body-pulsations. 
In sexual stimulation the rhythm is an  arrangements of
the ON-times and the OFF times alternating   

Rhythm and polarity are cycles between  OFF  and  ON
Notice that in sexual intercourse, 
the stimulation thrust is ON  and
the move back out is OFF.
The same ON /OFF feeling occur during masturbation.

In 5th-D. extended orgasmic  sex,
the goal is to lengthen the time of the  ON part of
the ON / OFF rhythms.   

What will happen when we also breath
in harmony with each other? 
Experiences of chanting OHM together
gives us a hint of it's amplified power.

We teach advanced students how to breath Llove-energy
beginning at the root chakra and  
rising up the spine  
to the third eye and crown chakra together
and then  back down front of bod
into the release, into  the silent pause at the end oft he exhale.

Our intention is to
release our breath
and ourself into silence between
the out-breath and the next in-breath.  
This is where one consciously connects with
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.   
The body sensations here can reach
extended periods of ecstasy.

You've heard about how a group of humans
meditating together have changed collective consciousness.  
If not, we suggest that you go to
the HeartMath Institute website.

My role here is to Learn/ Remember
and Share my knowledge regarding
what Llove can inspire  us to become.  
I am a teacher of how Llove can be a five sense experiences
expressed in all of its possible forms while in physical bodies.

We take Llove into the Sound of Silence. 
These are the moments between the Llove
vibrations of On and Off

<><><>   <><><>  
We share or Llove from our hearts.  
I am sharing physical Llove with a woman
who fit my ideal fantasy of a an ideal sexual experience..

In her mind, I am her ideal sex partner
for this experience.
Together, we fulfill each others
ideal sexual experience.
We are both completely
in the here and now moment.

There are two points of excitement:
*   There is the excitement of
     sharing orgasmic experience with my Llove-Partner

*   There is the pleasurable
      physical sensations in my body

*   There is also internal state of
      being connected to
      Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

Breathing Myself Into Orgasm:
As I inhale, I imagine taking her beingness into me. 
The Llove energy rises from my root chakra
to my third eye and crown chakras,
where it expands my consciousness.  
I continue to focus on the inhale and
bring more and more energy up
into my third eye and crown chakras

When I decide to release the energy,
with my exhale, I breathe the energy
down the front of my body. 
That's the point where I completely let go of myself
and feel orgasmic.  
I also imagine my beingness  flowing into my Llove partner.  
I feel the feeling of flow  of orgasm
as it overtakes  my consciousness, for a few seconds.   I breate a few breath cycles as I continue to the orgasmic energy.  

Then I again begin stimulating myself
from the new context of imagining myself
to already be inside of my Llove partner.  

I repeat the abovecycle.

We have just demonstrate to with and for each other
*   that we are Llovable,
*   that we are Worthy and Deserving,
*   that we are God-Being connected to God-Being.

This process can be done with physical partner
or with an imaginary partner.         








R. F.  18-04-01




The Old:
Most of the adult entertainment industry
gross distorts of human sexuality. 

Not only do almost all  the films have
the old and boring cookie cutter sameness,
Adult videos have no heart, 
no common sense,
and no subtleties.  
The photography is incredibly poor quality.
The settings are often crude.
It's only appeal is to first and second chakra raw sex. 

The New
*   As a military trained photographer,
*   as a former nude model photographer,
*   as one who spent many Friday evenings
     playing bartender in a sexual swinger's party house,
*   as a holder of Fifth Dimension consciousness,
*   as author of Adventures  In  Consciousness,
*   as the finder of the Seven lost Secrets of Llove, and
*   as a highly creative visionary,
I feel qualified to direct the creation of some simple videos
Expressing Llove in its full, heart-centered format.

Our creative artist team will
*   put the heart back into sexual displays in video format,
*   express sensuality in ways not seen before,
*   make a strong connections between
      the actors and the video watchers.

We will create  Sensual-Sexuality videos
*   that express both feminine and masculine body-beauty,
*   that bring fourth chakra heart and
      third chakra emotions into the forefront.  

Here's a simple example:  
Have you ever seen an adult sexual video in which
the camera played the role of the person watching the video?  

More potential:
*   Film  Female Body Displays,
that are much more than:
spread her legs an jump right in.

*   Scenes of female faces and body movements
     from a simple, Lloving smile to women enjoying orgasm

Our Creative Artists Team:
We will have women as
our Photo Arts  Team directors,
as on-scene filming directors and
as camera the operators.   

You Are Invited!   
Join our TLC-Life-Center Work/ Play Team

ALL the profits belong to us as a team.   
We are the creators of
whatever we create.

regardless onf what those products are.
All profits
belong to us as a team.
We are all working for ourselves and for each other.  
This is Fifth Dimension Consciousness in action.
It's called Service to All. 
It's called creating Joy-Fun-FahZoom.

Contact us:

Here's my favorite: 
We will create a video
demonstrating the learning process
regarding how to become multi-orgasmic.

See the section titled   The Great In-Between
for an introduction to the process.        







   Extended and Multiple Orgasms


As part of our
celebrations of Life and Llove.  
'll describe, for you,  
the technique for achieving
multiple and extended experiences of orgasmic bliss

In this technique, one gently shifts
into and then 
floats in      the world  where       excitement and anticipation
meet fulfillment and let-go.  
It is neither anticipation or fulfillment, 
and it is both. 
We Call it
The Great In-Between.

One reaches this state of Consciousness
by shifting from  from struggling to allowing.  

Source/ Creator's point of transformation
is where nothingness meets everything,
where desire meets satisfaction,
where emptiness meets fulfillment,
where  intention meets completion,
where physical meets Spirit.

You can first notice it
in the pause between the out breath and the in breath.

This point is the Bliss point. 
It's The Great In-Between.
This point occurs in every aspect of life.

Whatever you are experiencing,
notice what this timeless moment feels like.  
In the world of sex it's called orgasm. 

In 5d sex, one does NOT reach orgasm
by struggling for orgasm .  
Instead treat yourself to joyous sensuality.
Slowly expand your  joy and sensuality
until you get near  the point
in between     excited anticipation    and    total fulfillment.  

Stop.    Relax.    Allow what you feel to just be. 
Enjoy the moment.  
Each time you'll get  a little closer,
until orgasms arrives almost on its own.

With practice, one can go completely into
and through orgasms
without muscle spasms. 
For males, this is orgasm without ejaculation.

Once one learns the process, 
multiple orgasms and extended orgasms
become repeatable. 

Orgasmic sensations can be directed
into any part of the physical form
inclining a full body orgasmic experiences.

We share more of this in our
5d, Sensual-Delight Training Sessions.

At the moment, the pages related to teaching students
the art of Fifth-Dimension  sexual ecstasy
is on password-protected, secure web pages and
is only available to our committed students
of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.





R. F.     18-04  21




Robert Cote'  aka  Robin FahZoom
5th-Dimensiopn Systems Designer for
the first ever-
Re-Birth of an Entire Planet: 
      Earth  of  the Fifth Dimension
        aka      5th-D. Consciousness.  

            I Am a Visionary
           I am a 5th-Dimension Guide and Trainer.
           I am a Fifth-Dimension-Systems Designer.
               See Example~

My job,    My Joy,    My Play
is to be in physical form and create
prototype designs,
that can be used
to build our new  5th-D. World.

May I introduce myself

Author of
      Adventures  In  5d  Consciousness~    
Creator of
      5th-D. People to People Connection Services~   

First Minister of
      Conscious Christianity~
Originator & First-Designer of
     FahZoom Town~   
Your Way-Shower for 
     Fifth Dimension Coaching, and Consulting~
Visionary-Creative-Designer of
     5th-D. Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~

Director of Learning, Becoming, and Experiencing
     The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
Creator, Finder, and First Designer of
     Full-Moon Llove Celebrations  
     Celebrating the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~     


Adventures  in  5d  Consciousness
First Cost: 
      You must give up your 3d life of unconscious  slavery. 
Second cost:
      You must  donate to our work whatever
      our website's exchange value is to you.  
      You determine how valuable our website  is to you.

You are Invited 
Together. we will Learn, Practice, and Master
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.  







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R. F.  18-04-01