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R. F.  18-04-01

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Before you reach freedom,   
you must become your own being 
you have to own yourself
It's called Sovereignty

Only sovereign being can reach full 5d  consciousness





R. F.  18-04-01

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R. F.  18-04-01




Kryon (Lee Carroll) and Abraham-Hicks
have repeatedly told us that
humanity in on the leading edge of Cosmic Evolution.

Humanity is not only on the edge of Cosmic Evolution,
We ARE the edge of Cosmic Evolution.  

We are taking the God-Consciousness
where it has never gone before
.  We have shown you how the first  six Lost Secrets of Llove overcome every EVERY challenge.    If you actually learned these truths, you are already a free sovereign Being     





F.R. 18-03-09



You now know
The Seven  Lost secrets of Llove 

You are now a
Conscious Partner in
The Humanity of Gaia

Please accept your Degree in
The Art of Becoming.

Freedom, Liberty, and Sovereignty
are the crown Jewels of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.  

All seven Lost and now re-found Secrets of Llove
are the Jewels of Life and Llove.  
They are you prize, your reward
for choosing to be here on Earth
during Gaia's and humanity's transition.

Please accept your
Twelve Gifts from
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.


Learn how to  experience 
   The Seven  Lost secrets of Llove     



7   Freedom---Liberty---Sovereignty   #7



R. F.     18-04  21




Rev. Robert Cote'  aka  Robin FahZoom
5th-Dimensiopn Systems Designer for
the first ever-
Re-Birth of an Entire Planet: 
      Earth  of  the Fifth Dimension
        aka      5th-D. Consciousness.  

            I Am a Visionary
           I am a 5th-Dimension Guide and Trainer.
           I am a Fifth-Dimension-Systems Designer.
               See Example~

My job,    My Joy,    My Play
is to be in physical form and create
prototype designs,
that can be used
to build our new  5th-D. World.

May I introduce myself

Author of
      Adventures  In  5d  Consciousness~    
Creator of
      5th-D. People to People Connection Services~   

First Minister of
      Conscious Christianity~
Originator & First-Designer of
     FahZoom Town~   
Your Way-Shower for 
     Fifth Dimension Coaching, and Consulting~
Visionary-Creative-Designer of
     5th-D. Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~

Director of Learning, Becoming, and Experiencing
     The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
Creator, Finder, and First Designer of
     Full-Moon Llove Celebrations  
     Celebrating the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~     


Adventures  in  5d  Consciousness
First Cost: 
      You must give up your third dimension  life
      of secret slavery. 

Second cost:
By participation  or by donation.

      Your participation in our mission places you
      on the receiving end of
      the wealth that our project will generate.

      If you choose not to participate,
     you must  donate to us whatever
     our website's exchange value is to you.  
      You determine how valuable our website  is to you.  





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TLC-Life-Center is based on the three keys of creation

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Universal Consciousness .  

We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal
connection to Source/Creator/God-Goddess.  
Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
Financial Freedom, and
Enlightened Consciousness for all

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       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

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Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    









R. F.  18-04-01