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Setting the Stage   
        (i.e. defining the Context)

The only way to win
when playing the Cabal-created money game
is to first understand
how the money game is played.  

To learn, you must step with us
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.~
We'll show you and explain to you
you the rules of the game.   

The beings presently controlling
the Earth-Life Game that you are in
they know almost all the rules of the game.   
As a hint to their nature,
they are sadistic, psychopathic, child-raping,
child murdering, mentally-sick parasitic liars. 

Money is a complete fraud.  
It's a powerful tool for keeping humans
stuck inside of the Cabal's Invisible Prison.

In the third dimension consciousness,
we have been tricked into playing their money game.
Most humans do not know
the non-physical rules of the Cabal money game.   .
Here are some of the rules:

First Rule: -- Consciousness
Everything is controlled by consciousness.

Second Rule:  Context 
In the non-physical world of consciousness,
our non-physical thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc.
control the external physical world.  
The external world is where 
we each experience with our physical body.


Context controls content. 
Context is the playing field,
It's the stage in which
all the stuff  in your life is content,
You and me, we are part of the
content in the Cabal's context,
but we don't have to continue being
secretly enslaved.   

Our job is to learn the rules of reality
and with our expanded consciousness, 
we can easily step into our own world and
simply leave all the criminals behind.

It's actually that simple.

Did you get that?
It's actually that simple.

We DO NOT fight any one or anything
because fighting, arguing, anger, etc.,
gives your power of creation to creating more khold-priki.

Instead, we simply learn, practice, celebrate, and live by
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~    




R. F.  18-04-01

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All the mouth-fart about
gold being required to "fix" the economy
is a completely irrelevant, smoke-screen
Lie !  

The need for gold
is another Cabal-orchestrated scam!  
This lie is that
we must have physical gold
in order "fix" our monetary system.  

It's a delay tactic produced by the Cabal criminals.    
designed to delay their inevitable demise.  

The alternative is to phase out
borrowing debt-based money
from the Federal Reserve.   

The Federal Reserve
is NOT a government agency. 

It is a Criminal Cabal owned,
private, non-government
cartel of bankers
based in London, England. 

The simple way out of the Cabal's
intentionally-created, financial nightmare is to
begin issuing debt-free money
from any state or national treasury
use the money ONLY for the purpose of
rebuilding  the nation's infrastructure.

This Kaizen-style approach
(a one step at a time technique)
will work wonders. 

         Because the  Core Cause of
         the problems in our economy is that 

         the money supply
         has been intentionally removed from
         the nation's economic system.

         The solution is simply to replace the missing money.  

This can be done with incredible simplicity!  
Issue debt-free money
from any state or national treasury.  
Use the money exclusively for
rebuilding the state or nation's infrastructure.

Any nation in the entire world could do this
and produce  the same effect.  

Economies will flourish.
Abundance will grow exponentially.
This will simply bypass the Cabal.
It will make them obsolete and useless.

Another huge benefit of using
this slow, step by step approach
is that people are scared by huge, fast changes.
People much more easily accept changes
that are made slowly, one small step at a time.  

When debt-free money
is inserted into a state and/or national economy
and used only to rebuild the infrastructure,
there is and will be:
      NO chaos,  
      NO confusion,
      NO long delays,
      NO peddling fear of a major depression, 
      NO public resistance, and
      NO way that the cabal criminals can stop us.  

Remember what happened to the economy
when Bill Clinton was President?  
He put money back into the system.
His job was to create an economic boom, 
and set the economy up for the next bust cycle.  
Bush Jr. came along and
took the money back out of the economy. 
The economy nose-dived.  

Cabal agents murdered Presidents
Garfield, Lincoln, and Kennedy. 
Why?   Because these Presidents
threatened their phony money system.   

They got away with it because 
in those days, We-The-People
had no idea that
humanity was secretly enslaved by
a species of off-planet beings and
orchestrated by a cartel of genetically alerted humans
known as the Cabal.    

The Bottom Line:
All the mouth-fart about
gold being required to "fix" the economy
is a completely irrelevant, smoke-screen
Lie !  

Gold is just another method
for exchanging valuables.  
It's only useful in
a society that is based upon scarcity, on lack,
and upon lies , illusions, deceptions and false beliefs.  

In the Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
there is no such thing as lack or scarcity,
and thus, NO need for money.  

Resolving the world's major financial problem
is really this simple!





R. F.  18-04-01



Are you aware that money can only exist
in a society in which
the people do not realize that they are
eternal, non-physical, God-Beings
having a human experience? 

Money is based on the false belief in scarcity.
When we realize that we are a
we also realize that we live in a Holographic Universe.  
We also realize that  Humans Are Great Creators.  
We also realize that Creating Is Done by Thinking
and NOT by DOING anything in the physical world.  
We generate money (i.e. goods and services)
not By Working, but While Working.  

our   Consciousness,  
our   Beliefs
our   Emotions,  (feel good    or   Feel Bad)
our   Expectations 
that actually create your physical world.

Money is a fake, a fraud, an illusion,
based upon false beliefs.    

STOP believing the lie of
separate from
Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.  

STOP believing the lie of scarcity.     






and Eliminate the Cabal
in One Collective Move


One of the ways
to eliminate the Cabal slave masters and
to experience the joys of our future is by 
 joining together and
speak with one voice.  
Genesis 11:6    

Here's just one example of the power we have
when we focus together on any topic
A Major Milestone in
Rebuilding the American Dream

will occur the day all home owners, in-mass,
stop making home mortgage payments
to the Cabal criminal bankers.

We have described how that is done at

That will take
about 130 BILLION dollars every month
away from the Cabal Criminal Bankers and  
provided 75 million home owners
and their families with an average of $1,780
in spendable money
every month.   

That amounts to about a
130 billion dollar
economic stimulus
inserted into the American economy

every month

This will start a


that will provide
financial abundance for everyone

and, at the same time,
completely destroy
the Cabal banking criminals.

When the Cabal criminal bankers are gone,
we will easily earn, practice, live by, and celebrate
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~      





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R. F.  18-04-01