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Where shall we begin?
Begin anywhere.  
Because 5d Consciousness is not linear.   
Anywhere leads to everywhere else.

Adventures In Fifth Dimension Consciousness
a work in process
At this time (June 2018)
we are still in the early stages of creating
our new 5d world.
We invite your participation.

Follow your heart.
Let Life and Llove lead you.  
Go where you can tap into
Seven-Chakra-Life and Llove
On our website, we teach how to experience life and Llove
from all seven chakras combined.

Are you aware that we are all headed for
a common destination? 
      Know God.    
      Know Thy Self
      Know Thy-Self as God.
We are each a God-Being.
And collectively,
We are each God

We recommend that you begin with any of the
entry doors into
Adventures In 5D Consciousness.

1***   An overview of our collective future:
        A Visionary's Vision.       

2***   Start learning here:  

       The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

3***   Here's why
        The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove is
        the best possible thing you could ever do.~   

 4     Are you are ready for The Big Surprise?
It's about to change everybody's life.
       It's here waiting for you






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FAQuestions about 7 Lost Secrets of Lloves


List of Blog Entries     




R. F.  18-04-01





Welcome   Home.
For years, we told people that
humanity is being systematically lied to
and secretly controlled by evil beings.

The response from the people 
has been to say, "That's impossible."~

and then, they'd refuse to examine the evidence.

That was then.
      This is Now!
            What  Is the  
                  Scientifically Proven
                        Shape of the Earth? 

The answer to this question
is the first, major piece
of physical  evidence
that is
So Powerful    and    So Obvious
that this truth and what it means
Are Completely    Undeniable.

Discovering this truth about
the true shape of the Earth
Exposes evil's secret control system.

We have been tricked, conned, and lied to. 

Most humans are still Mind-Controlled:

"You are a slave, Neo."
You are a slave in an invisible prison~  
Take "The Red Pill"  and wake up.

This website is your "Red Pill." 

The significance here
is NOT in the shape of the Earth. 
The Significance is in 
exposing the invisible prison~
that still secretly enslaves  most of humanity.   

OK, now what?  Where do we begin?        
How about a dose of evidence based truth?    

*   The Earth Is     Not  Flat.
*   The Earth is     Not  Round.
*   The Earth is     Convex
*   The Earth is        Inside of a Torus form ~
*   The Torus form  is    inside of
*   An
Electric Universe.~
*   The Electric Universe in inside of
*   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
     Holographic Universe.~
*   The Holographic universe in inside  of God
*   God is inside of you.
*   You are inside of God  
*   We are all God-Beings.   
*   We are all God
*   We are all part of A Single Unified Wholeness,  
*   Human-Earth-Life      is a Theater Game
*   We all create and star in our own play called
     our own lives

     and at the same time,
     we play mutually supporting roles
     in each other's lives.  
Welcome Home!

Allow us to show you around
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
is our front door.
Come on  in.
This Way, Please.~

FahZoom  101

Copy this message.
Pass it around.





R. F.  18-04-01




The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
a religion?    

Heaven's No!
Religions tell us that
we humans are separate from God.

                 is the  BIGGEST  of   
                                                       The Big Lies

W are God. We are God-Beings.  
We are pieces, parts, aspects of
Source/ Creator/God-goddess.
There is nothing to worship.  

We are everything that is
We are pieces of everything.
It's all part of everything.  
Some of us  are in our
God-created play pen for human beings.
In other words, we are humans in physical bodies    

Welcome Home!
.      AhhHoom   FahZoom





R. F.  18-04-01




Final Notice:
Life on Earth as it presently exists for all humanity
is quite literally  unsustainable.

Life on Earth as it presently exists for me, personally 
is quite literally  unsustainable.
I am about to move on,
either into healthy, sustainable living environment,
or back to Source by dropping this body
You are at choice.  

If you continue to refuse to examine the evidence.  
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove 
and all the supporting evidence,
I, and all my website information
will simple disappear from the Internet.

Because I have done my job
and I am about to move on
and when I leave the body
my websites will cease to be available.  

The Result:
Instead of transitioning quickly and easily,
humanity will unnecessarily experience
many additional years of pain and misery.   

My present life style is unacceptable.
Unless outside support shows up
I will simply leave the planet.
I am 77.  I and my body can no longer endure
my present living conditions.

Also, on One of my website,
5d People to People Connection Services
I have gathered a huge collection of websites
from literally hundreds of highly skilled professionals
in every aspect of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

If these opportunities being presented to you
continue to be ignored
I and everything being laid out under your nose
will simply disappear..  

You have been clearly guided to the door to
Fifth Dimension consciousness.
I have Done my Job.
Do with this as you willl.

5d-Business structure

Conscious Christianity
FahZoom Town
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove     





R. F.  18-04-01



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Orig  Aug 2018


.FahZoom town is just my way of giving Llove. 
I Give the Gift     of      FahZoom Town and everything in it.

Old stuff is gone.  
New, Self-Aware-Self is in.
Pieces of the vision are here with us in physicality. 
Other pieces are are like flowers
growing in, on, and around
the pieces of FahZoom Town
which is already built. 

Like Flowers, became empowered with pollination,
we, that's  you, me, and  every human,
we have been impregnated with by Llove. 
to become the next cosmic generation.

We ARE the next, cosmic  generation.
FahZoom Town is one piece in a very big puzzle.


The greatest most powerful human emotion
is experienced while
sharing and celebrating Llove and laughter,

We are constantly in the process of growing,
of becoming something more
than we already are,

We are constantly
rearranging ourselves
 and our environment into
something different,
something with more Joy-Llove-FahZoom.

We ignore the old ways. of the Cabal,
the third dimension,
and the Sheyitt that
they programmed into our minds.  
The old ways fade out of our world.

We become Fifth Dimension Beings.
Our entryway is
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove     

The-Gift-of-Llove---An-Example     .



R F C S 18-06-22



Orig 1-Aug-18


Concept Summary:
What you think about,
What you focus your intention on
is the most important factor
in the entire creation process.

You point of focus is your future!

STOP focusing on what is wrong
in the external world.

If you cannot directly affect it,

Because by focusing on what we do not want,
*   We give it our Life-Force Energy.
*   We feed the  Cabal criminals.!
*   We create  more of what we do not want.  
*   We  empower a sheyitt-filled world~ and
*    We create more sheyitt in our collective reality.


How Does Physical Action
Fit into the Creation Process?

Action is NEVER the means by whic humans create.!
Physical action is the mechanism by which
we enjoy the fruits of our creation.
     Abraham Hicks 2018 - Things unfold perfectly
     even when they seem impossible - YouTube   19:56
     Minute 12:27  to minue 12:50


This message assumes that you have
a basic understanding of the Nature of Reality.
If you are new to these concepts,
we suggest that you begin by
reading the first of the:
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

Even though you may think, believe, and act
as if you were merely a physical body,
Both Jesus and The Physics of Consciousness tell us that
you and all humans  are eternal, non-physical God-Beings.

In source/Creator/God-Goddess's
Holographic reality
you have the creative power of God
You are a Creation Machine.  
You are a powerful Creator-God-Being.
Your thoughts create your own personal physical reality.
Your thoughts contribute to humanity's collective, physical  reality.

To what
are your thoughts giving
your life-force energy of creation?
Is your point of focus
serving you? 
Is it serving the evolution of humanity
or is it serving the agents of painandsuffering?

How to tell the difference:

The Universal Law of thought tells us that
thoughts direct the Universal  Vibrational Energy
in the direction of what  we think about.
Our emotions bring Universal Power to our thoughts.

The Bottom Line:
If you want more Sheyitt in your life,
focus on politics, religion, Cabal Criminals,
pedophilia, fighting, and wars.
Focus on what you fear, hate, and are angry about.   
Watch TV,     Listen to the news,     
Believe their bullshit.      Take in the latest Gossip

and the list goes on and on and on . . .
///   ///   ///

If you want more Joy, Llove, Peace, Harmony,
abundance, and the like,
begin by examining, learning, practicing living by,
and Celebrating the joys of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Don't Believe us.
Maku is prove it.    

What-Are-Your-Thoughts-Empowering?     .



R F C S 18-06-22





Being considered to be crazy does not necessarily
make wrong the evidence that  I present.  
Remember, In a society of lunatics,
a sane person is considered to be crazy.

The evidence and the presenter of the evidence
are two very different things.
The validity or status on one
does not necessarily apply to the other.

***   Lunatic Fringe   

***   Why Is It that You believe whatever it is that you believe?

Distinction---Message---Message-Presenter     .




R F C S 18-06-22





Do you really want world peace.?
Here's how that is accomplished.

First realize that this is a collective effort. 
Your participations is essential.

When enough of us realize the we are God Beings
we will vibrate at such a high rate of vibration that
those with low vibration, evil intention
will no longer be able to reach us.

We will realize that we have been tricked
(mind manipulated)
into believing that violence solves problems

Arguing, fighting and wars
DO NOT  solves problems.    


R F C S 18-06-22



Let's follow the sequence below and
see if we can discover a new end-result
(i.e. remembering  that Llove, compassion,
caring sharing is our natural state of being).
We will then function in a 5d social structure~
called Service to All.~

Problem > Challenge > Opportunity > Possibility > Discovery > 
New Knowledge  >  Resolutions > Solutions >  
Growth > Expansion, > Wisdom > Self-Confidence    
Relax   Allow     Llove   Apprecate   Enjoy    Just be.
<><><>   <><><>  
The basic, universal laws. 

***   We are all one, single, unified, Divine Whole.~
***   We are all eternal, non-physical, divine God-Beings.~  
***   We live in a Holographic Universe.~
***   We are all Great Creators.~

***   The Law of Attraction         tells us that:
         e give our creative energy to  
         whatever we focus our attention on.  

***   The Universal Law of Returns tells us
        what  we put out in thoughts, words, and deeds
        is what we get back. 

***   To fight something is to feed it  
         your universal power of creation.     

***   To give something a name~
         is to give it recognition that it exists and
         to give the power to be  in your reality.

***   The Universal Law of Returns tell us that
          whatever we put out in thoughts, words, and deeds
         is what we get back .            This is called Karma.~

***   You cannot manifest something
by focusing on its opposite.    

Some of us know these laws.  
Most do not know them and
they do not know that they do not know them.    


R F C S 18-06-22



.The Three Primary Laws of War

         If either side has significantly advanced technology,
         the side with the advanced technology always wins.  

        Know your enemy, your adversary.  
        Understand the context in which you are functioning.   

The evidence points to the conclusion that
those who physically direct the wars in this galaxy
function by way of third dimension consciousness.
Thus they are basically ignorant.  
They do not know there is a far better, simpler
and much more effective way
to eliminate an enemy.   

They may Understand  Technology is a war-winner,
what they do
tells us one of two thing:,
Either they are mind manipulated and
are functioning under someone else's control or
that they, themselves,  don't know
the second and third Laws  of War .

***   The War peddlers  ignore
the  basic rules of reality mentioned above.  
The Law of Unity          
Humans are God-Beings.    
We live in a Holographic Universe    
Humans are Great creators.
They are also completely ignorant regarding
The Power of Llove.

***   With a huge amount of powerful, negative emotion,
         they fight what they say they don't want.   
         Thereby,  they violate
         The Universal Law of Returns,
         They gat back what they put out.
***   They are attempting to fix the problem with
         the same level of consciousness that created the problem.  

***   Past focus has been directed at
        treating the symptoms
        and ignoring the root cause.   

***   Pre-planning called prevention was and still is  absent.  
         Pre-planning is to move the planet population's
          rate of vibration (level of consciousness) so high 
          that the planet becomes invisible to the evil ones. 

***   The othe civilization in this galaxy   
         allowed planet Earth to be devastated
         to the brink of human extinction
         before they took action, and
         they only took action when it was obvious
         that their own asses were on the line. 


R F C S 18-06-22



These warrior peddlers obviously possess  huge amounts of
third dimension intellectual and technological capacity, but
the evidence tell us that they possess
all but ZERO
Fifth Dimension Spiritual God-Power. 

Let's go back to war rule #1
The side with the most advanced technology always wins.  
When dealing with low-vibration,  evil beings
Spiritual God-Power Is the Ultimate Technology.

Did you get that?   
When dealing with low-vibration,  evil beings
Spiritual God-Power Is the Ultimate Technology.

God is the absolute authority.  
Nothing surpasses Source/ Creator/ God/ Goddess

Instead of fighting,
raise your civilization's collective consciousness
to a level that evil ones cannot reach.  
Once a planet is under attack,
it's way to late to apply the prevention strategy.  

There's another factor that must be considered.  
The physical beings who direct the wars
are genetically altered humans. 
They are mind controlled slaves.
What about the secret, behind the scenes
controllers who literally own
the incarnated Cabal Slaves .

The Law of Correspondence tells that
what we find secretly in control on planet Earth
also exists in secret control elsewhere the galaxy.  

The behavior patterns of
those who physically direct the wars in this galaxy
tell us that the process of getting rid of the evil ones
calls for cleansing way beyond dealing with
only those who have controlled and devastated Earth
for the past several thousand years.   


R F C S 18-06-22



In cleaning up this mess, look for the two red flags that say
the leadership of this civilization    
may be infected with secret psychopathic parasites.   

Red Flag Number One:  
          Some of the galactic societies engages in violence.

Red Flag Number Two
         The warring civilizations obviously have
         low levels of spiritual awareness.  
         They are not yet aware that
***   We are all one, single, unified, Divine Whole.  
***   We are all eternal, non-physical, divine God-Beings.  
***   We live in a  Holographic Universe      
***   We are all Great Creators.
***   They are also completely ignorant regarding
         The Power of Llove.
        Humans have the potential to create anything and everything
        that we could ever want, need, require, of desire.


R F C S 18-06-22

Question:   "Well, that's all nice, but what do we do
here on Earth where we are
already overwhelmed with veil beings?"

Learn and/ or Do Five  things:  

One:   Understand and know that
evil's secret intentions are no longer secret.  
Evil's intention to create wars
has been exposed. 
Continue to awaken the people
to what is really happening.

Two:    Study, learn, know, understand, and live by
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
We are all eternal, non-physical, divine God-Beings.  

This will open people up
to the  the Universal Laws.
God-realized beings cannot be enslaved. 

Three:    Use the enemy's own tactics against them.  
Secretly infiltrate the world with
beings aware of Cosmic Conscious
(i.e.  How the Universe Functions). 
Have these beings quietly teach these universal  truths
to anybody who will listen.
Remember. God-realized beings cannot be enslaved. 

Four:  Dry up the Cabal  money supply. 
a)   Legalize Marijuana. 
b)   Issue debt free money from the U.S. Treasury 
c)   Cancel all debts to the bankers,
       including the national debt  
d)   Inspire all home owners to
       stop making home loan mortgage payments
       to the banks  

Five:     Expose the  truth about 
the satanic rituals of the evil ones.  
They rape, torture, and murder our children
and then drinking their blood.    

5d-Consciousness---Ends-Wars---Creates-Peace     .



R F C S 18-06-22


<>text not yet revised<><>


Relax!    Breath Consciously.     Allow.     Share.     Enjoy.     Just Be!     

Read that bottom line again.

Breath Consciously.   
Follow Your Bliss.   
Just Be I Am! 

That Is The 5d Context~
in which we we now live.

We live in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.~ 
We are The Collective Consciousness
called Earth's-Humanity.

We are presently creating our, new, 5d world.
This new reality is based upon
Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 

If you choose to stay here with us, 
By staying, you automatically
become one of us.  

We are all 5d creators.   
We create by consciousness.  
We create  in Source/Creator/ God-goddess's
Cosmic Holograph.~

The Art of Becoming
has no speed attached to it.  
It's outside of what Earthlings call time.
Each of us can ride the train called time
at any speed we choose.

3d people are falsely taught to run faster. 
Why? Because
it appear that they get There  quicker.
Actually they only exhaust themselves
and feel bad.  
The feel bad feelings
radiates low-vibration energy.   
That energy feeds the evil ones. 

In sharp contrast,
Us 5d fools,    We Ride Llove.  
We Flow.   We Allow.   We Float.    We Ride    and
We Glide into the joys of 5d, life and
then into celebrating
another intention fulfilled.  

We pause for a while, relax with a contented smile
and then declare an  another intention into existence,
be it as  simple as walk into the kitchen
or as major as the next step in creating FahZoom Town.~  
We step back onto the path  and
begin out next  journey in Llove.  

Wait a minute.  Maybe
we are not the dumed-down  ones
who are asleep.  
Maybe we are NOT
the foolish, mindless  fools.

The turns have re-tabled?  
The Bass is no longer ackwards
Gibberish is quiet.
Entropy has been overpowered by order.
Llove as been re-activated.
And here we stand. 
Leading the 5d shift team into Llove.
<><><>   <><><>

It's us.  All of us.  We did it
We did it with Llove.
with Compassion, with Caring, with Sharing,
It was so simple that most humans
still don't realize we did it.  

The feelings called  Llove
and the feelings called great joy
were our primary tools.   
We did it inside of ourselves.  
We di it with feelings.

It only took one one half of one percent of us
to trigger the shift.      That's 0.05%.

We each chose our own
path of becoming,
coming and Cumming  together 
and playing together as One.

Remember, when your consciousness
steps outside of time
You are male.   You are female
You are also both male and female playing as a team.

The game is called
Earth Life.

The version,
the transformation, 
the dividing pint in a cycle
the shift we are going through
is known as
The Event!

The EVENT   involves great preparation.  
We've each have spent lifetimes
preparing for    The Event.

Remember the affect of   reaching critical mass.
Remember the affect of the  hundredth monkey showing up.
We are Awakening into knowing
The Physics of Consciousness.

What Is on the Effect Side of Cause and Affect?
The effect is infinitely joyous experiences,
Joyous life-times, and everything else
we could ever want, need, require or desire.  

We get to experience the affects of our thoughts.  
Our  Thought-Reflections
come  to us in  multi-sensory, physical form.   

Remember that
What What You Put Out Is what You get Back

What you think goes  into our pot and
what we take out  
a part in it      
called you.

Thoughts and emotions are our building blocks. 
Source-Creator/ God-Goddess Goddess is the Context.
She is called

Some call the game she plays by names like
Gender Blending
The Yoni-Lingam Dance.
She's also known as   

We have re-opened the door called Llove. 
We are creating a Service to All~ social structure.
This Is the real Bottom Line.

Relax!    Breath-Consciously.    Allow.     Share.     Enjoy.      Just Be! 

Find us at

Before introducing humanity to
extra-terrestrial civilizations,
first introduce humans to themselves.
Humans are eternal, non-physical, God-Beings
The best way to do this is by learning
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.  

Welcome-to-the-Bottom-Line     .



R F C S 18-06-22



Orig-- 2016>


Edit sthis section 

Third Dimension:

Living in Third D, relationships exist in a context
that is obsolete, dysfunctional,
and based on lies, illusions, and false beliefs.

The third dimension consciousness 
is the world of duality,
the world of  relationships in which
conflict overpowers harmony.    

Social structures are secretly controlled
by cabal criminals. 
Education is based on  the illusion of
    1)   separation from God,
    2)   separation from nature, and
    3)   separation from our fellow humans.  

The common belief is that  
God either does not exist
or that he is an angry, fickle vengeful, violent,
mass-murdering  super human being
who lives in the sky. 

Consciousness is right-brained mental, all head,
no heart, no feelings, no emotions.
God is masculine and rules by threats of violence.
Emotions are for women and weaklings.  

Women have three roles,
sexual services, creating babies,
and being servants to men. 

Most relationships that last are dysfunctional at best
and often either boring or pain-producing. 
Sex is often completely absent.  

Sex is physical experience only,
filled with shame, guild, and riddled with fear.  

Money or lack of money rules most peoples lives. 
People are mind manipulated to believe that
secrecy, scarcity  and service to self is all there is.  

Most people work for others
Most profits go the super wealthy

What one wants is impossible,
what is (present circumstances) suck,
someone else is in control, and
life can't be any other way. 
Most people are not even aware that they hold these beliefs.  

To most people, all this is considered to be normal.  
In 3d consciousness,
connections with other people are weak 
and relationships are usually short-lived.  

<><><>   <><><>    

Fifth Dimension.   
The first, and most obvious difference is that in 5d
we relate to each other as fellow God-Beings.~   

We wakeup to and soon  realize our true nature.  
We are nonphysical, eternal God-Beings
having a human experience on Earth
in physical bodies in a Holographic Universe. 

Separation is an illusion.          
Everyone and everything and everyone
are all part of a single, unified being.  

Everything exists in the context of Llove.  
We realize that humans
are inherently kind, compassionate, 
Lloving, and generous beings.  

The heart rules everything.  
This is particularly obvious
in human-to-human relationships.  

In 5d, sex in its physical form
is a mystical, spiritual divine experience
of two God-Bings experiencing Gender-Blending.  
Gender blending is  masculine and feminine
each also becomes the other. 
together they are blended into one, single, unified being.   

Being Gender-Blended  is our
natural, normal, non-physical state of being.  

Once we realize that we are God-Beings,
abundance quickly becomes infinite. 
Scarcity and money disappear. 
Rulers, politicians, and lawyers become all but extinct
External control become unnecessary.  
Freedom is boundless and so are humans.   

People work as teams in
We-The-People, community-owned businesses
Profits belong to the people.  
As we shift from service to self
into Service to All,
we create so much abundance that
money becomes obsolete.  

See the next section below. 
It compares service to self with Service to All


If a human in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
attempts to create a close, personal relationship
with a person still living in
third dimension consciousness,
failure is inevitable.    

000   000   000

3rd-Dimension     The Service-to-Self, Hidden Agenda
5th Dimension    
Service to All,  God's Agenda:         





R F C S 18-06-22


Orig  July-18



Birds Of A Different Feather:
Another factor is that
once we wake up to who and what we really are,~ 
we simply no longer want to relate,
personally or businesswise,
with people or businesses still stuck in the very limited
third dimension consciousness.  

The Mysty Crystal Wake-up Team
created the Truth filled book:  
Adventure into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
It's about finding, remembering, learning,
practicing and living by
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Our job is to reach out to those still stuck in 3d thinking. 
Our Job is to inspiring them into the realization that
all of us are actually eternal, non-physical God-Beings.
We find ourselves inside of a physical body having  human experience





R F C S 18-06-22




We encourage and inspire you to learn and understand
the incredible power and potential of
working as teams and supporting each other.

By teams we mean, anything that two or more people
do together while in the state of consciousness
known as Service All.~

Llove is the connection link  in sharing and cooperation        

The-Power-of-Cooperation       .




R F C S 18-06-22




In social media, the TLC-Life-Center Team
is using a catchy title for our outreach work.  
We are sharing our training services and
the concepts we show to the world
under the title of
Papa Bear and the Princess.   
Papa Bear and the princess talk about living life
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
We discuss The Rules of Reality
and How the Universe Functions  
in simple, easy to understand language.

Rev. Robert Cote' aka  AhhHoom FahZoom
leads the discussions as Papa Bear.  
He represents the to elder generation.  
The Princes is played by a young woman
who can attract the attention of her peers, 
people under the age of thirty.  

At this time, we are interviewing candidates
to play the role of The Princess.   
We are looking for a woman who is youthful,
lighthearted, innocent in appearance, playful, and
committed to becoming fully conscious
as a Fifth Dimension Being.

In that intent we sent this email 12 Dec 2017
RE:  Invite Sterling to be the princess

RE:    Papa Bear and the Princess


My name is Robin FahZoom, 
I am creator and director of TLC-Life-Center.  

I have watched some of you videos.
Your presentation style is lighthearted,
well done,  and impressive.

I am contacting you to offer you,
Sabrina, and, your Beyond Disclosure team
an opportunity to co-venture some videos
about what humans will need to learn
when we do get Beyond Disclosure.    

In the email, t
he opening three Paragraphs
(at the top of this page)
were inserted ion the emai at thispoint

You fit that description very well.
Talk with Sabrina and the others on your team,  
check our websites,  and
please get back to me as soon as possible.  
You can contact me by phone at 818-727-0727.

You can find you listing on our connection services website at:   
Thank you


Papa-Bear-and-the-Princess      .








R F C S 18-06-22




Is There Another Way? 
The answer is:
There Is Always Another Way

"How?"  Vibrate by thoughts and feeings/emotions.
Vibrate in compatible harmony
with your intention and it's yours

Remember, we live in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic Holograph.
We each live, move and have our being
in a Earth human physical body.

If you chose to learn how to play The Earth-Life-Game,
our Entryway is at
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

It's Free. There's no Money involved.
If you find us too tricky for you,
we offer a  triple-your-money-back  guarantee.

But that was then.   This is now.
On the Joy- side, 
you may find yourself to be an ideal fit with 
who and what you really are.
You are an eternal, non-physical, God-Being.~    

Is-There-Another-Way       .





R F C S 18-06-22

Each Interplays-with-the Other   



A tree is an excellent example of the interplay between
the seen and obvious 
the completely invisible.

When you look at a tree, you see
It's trunk, branches and leaves,
but its supporting root system is invisible.

Neither half could survive
without the othe partr.

So It Is in Other Areas of Life:

To give roses to a woman, is to give her something
that is already dead. 
It is a plant vagina seeking its male companion
It's a dying, vagina thwarted and unfulfilled.
It soon withers and dies.

Is there a part of you that's invisible and missing?
Is there a part of you
that DOES NOT wither or die

Are you hungry for that missing part in your life?
Well, we are going to invite you
to meetthe invisible part of yourself.
Are you aware that the your true Self Is Llove

Llove in the connecting link
There's Llove between  everything,  
Llove is th Great-In-Between  
Llove is the context in which
we live, move and have our being.

The old was to take life. 
The New is  Give Life.
Know the unseen side.
Play them together.  
That's what Life is all about.     

The-Seen--and--The-Unseen     .




R F C S 18-06-22




If you can say yes to any of these questions,
please contact us.

Have you ever experienced an orgasm at a rock concert?

Have you ever expereinced an orgasm while riding a horse?

If you participated in the Viet Nam War
and have any information regarding
the code word
Papa Bear. 

Have you had any interactions with
the Essassani Galactic Civilization?

Have you ever had an experience with Fairy Dust?

Were you a participant in the spiritual community 
in New Mexico in the ealry 1990s called Samala.
with a leader called Satya?







R F C S 18-06-22




I asked her,
"What do you think about when you masturbate?"

Notice that this is a a loaded question.  
It implies that she does masturbate,
and jumps her right into
asking her to tell you
her sexual fantasies.    







R F C S 18-06-22




Gobble and Nibble were having
still another
Gobble, as usual guzzled it all
in one giant,
prize-claiming bite 
He gruffly growled something that sounded like
Howdy Duty's dirty diapers

Nibble demanded, 
"Enough is enough.   Your half.   My half. 
Never the two shall meet."

Gobble apologized.
And promised to share.

Nibble demanded proof.

Proof? Gobble laughed
You mean like taking a picture of the wind.

I'm a guzzler.  That's just what I Am.

No, you are not.  
To Guzzle is what you do not what you are
You are a fellow God-Being
stuck in a false belief.  
Eating fast is fine for you. 
You just can't keep eating everyone else's food. 

How do Learn to share?

By becoming a master tof
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.





R F C S 18-06-22




By now, you must have at least heard of
that crazy idea that humans are
non-physical, eternal God-Beings
experiencing life in a holograph.  

Well, that story's not crazy.   It's true.
We actually are God-Beings
living on planet Earth
in human bodies.  

Our job is to refine our human consciousness
so that our human bodies vibrate
in harmony with our God-Self.
When that happens we will have united
God-Consciousness with physical Form.  

That, my friends is one our next destinations.

Earth is becoming a Playground for the GODs
That's Us!   You and me and everyone else
who chooses to evolve into
their own version of Heaven.

The Collective Heaven is us together re-creating Earth.
She, Lady Gaia, ha agreed to be our host.
Most of us feel good being part of our collective world.
We just don't like the role we are playing.

Where are we Headed?

We are on a powerful timeline headed toward
Lady Gaia and Earth Humans as a conscious team.   
Together, we create so mush joy that
we we become
The Twelfth Living Libraries of Cosmic Knowledge.

That, my friends, is the game
in which we work/play.

We must be in
a very powerful state of Feel-Good Feelings
in order to vibrate at the level of the Living Library, 

How are you going to create that much Joy?

In the Fifth Dimension, orgasm
is very different from 3d sex. 
When male and female
get together to pleasure each other, 
we call it Gender Blending.
It a natural  evolution of third dimension sex.
We have evolved  Gender Blending into a fine Art.
Extended and multiple orgasms are common.

What's Gender Blending? 
It's being a master of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
And learning how to make everythingi n your life
a Yoni Dance,  A Seven Chakra Experience 
It's the applied art of Lloving ourselves and Each other. 

In sensual and sexual activity,
its riding the waves of joyous, physical sensations. 
We ever so gently float past the sleeping ejaculation muscles.
and experience extended and/or multiple orgasms.

When we reach that level of
we find ourselves inside of a
Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.
Once we've have the key,
opening the door is easy 
any time we choose

We are then able to communicate with everything.    




R F C S 18-06-22




How to Escape from Cabal Mind Control:
We pass this story along FYI 
(For Your Information)
What you do with it is
your own choice and responsibility.
When the Cabal criminals program a human
to do their evil work,
they also program him (or her)
to self destruct if he get's caught.

The person being mind-manipulated
is warned that if he defects to the other side,
he will receive the Cabal's equivalent of
the Christian threat of heretics burning ih hell forever.

The best way  that we are aware of
for a Cabal Slave to break out of the control system, 
is to eat moderately strong dose
of edible marijuana and
and then sit quietly in silence, and asked
The Goddess of Marijuana
to break the evil spell implanted by the cabal.
We've heard that it takes  three sessions
to completely beak the control system.      









R. F.  18-04-01




In Source/ Creator/God-Goddess   
Cosmic Holograph,
Thought Is

How does that relate to Earth Humans?

We, Earth Humans are at the leading edge
in the game of Cosmic Evolution.
We are expanding the art of
Creation by Blending
,   and   Imagination,
and   Emotions   and   Holographic Action.

The Goal is to feel the joys of Godhood
while living in holograph-physical-human-body form

Is it true that Earth humans
are at the Leading edge of Consciousness. 

Not only are we  at and  on the leading edge,
we Are the leading edge!

We are work/ playing in human bodies.
Our mission is to make our Earthly Selves  and
our Earthly environment
light enough / evolved enough
to house  Being of Fifth Dimension consciousnesses.

Housing is not the right analogy.
It's more like vibrating in mutual harmony
with your own Higher Consciousness.

Most of those missing these joys
are till carrying much
their old useless baggage.

What do you mean by baggage?

Baggage, that's the low vibration
thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc. ,

OK, where are we going?

We are literally creating a world where
all human know, practice,
Live by and Celebrate
The Seven Lost Secrets of Love.  

The Sixth Lost Principle~ is probably
the most well known of The Missing-Seven . . .
If you are new o tis game,
we recommend that ou start your journey
with the first Lost secret.

Now do you expect me to read
the first or the Sixth Lost Secrets of Love?

NO!  Actually things will work out nicely if you don't read either.

Why is that?

Youll simply become
a role model of what not to do.
Others will see your fally and its consequences.  
They will learn with Grace and ease
instead of by pain and misery. 

The Fool Among Fools
is the one who who condemns,  or belittles
and intentional ignores
that about which he or she
is blatantly ignorant.

Only fools draw and declare conclusions
without the aid of the evidence.
Enslaved humans  are farm animals
to the controllers.
Humans are a source of food, labor,
sex slaves, and torture vicims.
The controllers have reversed, distorted, lied about
and otherwise tricked humanity into Secret Slavery.

But, enough of that.
We have a lifetime invitation into
The Mysti Crystal Collective
a world of Llove,

Examine the evidence.
When you are done playing under
mindless control of
The Crown Jewel Fools.~
Come back.  Our doors are always open.
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
is our entryway.

Welcome to The Fifth Dimension
A world    Of Llove.       BY Llove     and For Love      







R. R.

Orig 8 Jul-18


Look Some of the Standard
         Third Dimension Beliefs.  
                  They are all false!  

*   The big bang theory is fact.
*   The theory of evolution is fact and it explains everything.
*   You and everything else are all an accident of nature.  
 Physical reality is all there is.
*   You are only your physical body.
*   There is no God, no Creator.  
*   The non-physical side of reality is an illusion.
*    Some people are more valuable than others.
*   The Earth is round ONLY! 
*   The Earth is a physical ball of rocks and water.   

The Lies:

The Newtonian World of Lies
The Cabal World of Lies.
Deception in 3d consciousness

The Evidence based Truths
The Physics of Consciousness
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove    








R F C S 18-06-22




I do whatever I do for the joy I feel 
before, during, and after engaging in the activity.

This is different than what is commonly called  ego.
There are those pleasng only themselves
I am pleasing everybody.
I am both pleasing my self and
being of service to others.

Get on this Joy-Go-Round with us for a moment:
Give Joy-Llove-FahZoom
and get back much more
Joy-Llove-FahZoom than you gave out. 
  I am also  experiencing great joys in my giving.
Imagine what this will spiral into? 

Get ready for a
Seven billion human orgasmic-consciousness Level
Cosmic Orgasm.!

Now, that's a pretty Big Bang!

Yes, I want to know that you are pleased by my contributions,
Why?   Because this adds to my joy..

I receive, accept, and take in
the Llove you direct to me.   Thank you.

Remember, here on earth, Llove comes in
about seven billion human forms.

Some see only themselves on the receiving side.
Why?   Because they have been tricked into
believing in scarcity and lack.
Scarcity and lack are big lies.
they are only  the absence of knowledge.

We do not have to buy or earn anything.
We are god-Beings.    We together, are God
We in unity Are One, single, unified whole.

We separated ourselves into pieces
to play in a holographic game called
Life on Earth in a Human Body.

I/wee experience great joy  participating in
a service to all community social structure.
I/we receive huge amounts and levels of Joy,
levels that in transcends 3d imagination

The Llove and appreciation we will each receive is infinite

 I do what I do for the joy I feel 
before, during, and after engaging in this activity.

That is why I do whatever I do:

For-The-Joy-of-It      .




R F C S 18-06-22




The Universal Law of Returns
applies to everyone, without exception.
In other words, we we each hold
personal responsibility
for our behavior.
We get back what we put out
Here's an example:


For thousands of years,
humanity has been controlled by a species off planet
beings, commonly knows as the  Draco Reptilians.
Once these beings got humans
to do their creative thinking for them,
they became 3d unbeatable.
Their behavior has been worse than
despicable, disgusting and and sickening.

What these parasitic con artists didn't realize
is that they were being conned by a higher power
using the same principles
they used to manipulate humanity.

In their own words: 
"By the time our enemy
(the targeted population)
realized that they were being attacked
the war was all over. 
All that remained to be done
was to clean up the details."

These Beings and their
genetically altered human Cabal slaves
are now on the receiving end of
what they did to others.

They ignored
The Universal Law of Returns:
"What they put out is what they are now getting back."
"As you sew, so shall you reap."
"What goes around comes around."
The evil ones are systematically being eliminated.

The lesson here is that we can
use the Universal Law of Returns
to remove evil from our collective world.
We do this by focusing on Llove. 
The first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
explains this quite clearly. 

Here's the truth as simple as it gets.
Give Llove, Get Llove. 

Give Llove,   Be Llove,   Share Llove and
by The Universal Law of Returns,
we receive Llove-Joy-FahZoom Feel-Good-Feelings.
in what ever form you choose to experience Llove.

This works because you cannot focus on Joy-Llove-FahZoom
and focus on fear a the same time.
So by focusing on Llove, we automatically ignore fear
and the universe gives us more Llove

You can see this interaction more clearly
when you apply
The Universal Law of Correspondence:~
     The principles found in one situation
     will also be found elsewhere,
in other cituations and in other circumstances.   

the natural, geometric structure of Source/ Creator/
Holographic Universe
is a fractal.


This Leads us to the Mysti Crystal Collective 


R F C S 18-06-22



Human Genetic History:

The human species was created
about 40,000 years ago.
Basic humanoid beings already on Earth
were genetically altered
]to create slaves to mine Gold.
Since then, humanity's genetic structure
has been regularly altered
by beings from several civilizations.

Today, our genetic structure is a blend 
beyond anything ever created before.
This was not a random accident.
Rather it was and is a part of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Divine plan
for the next major step in cosmic evolution.

It's time to introduce you to another set of players
in the Cosmic evolution Game.
It's time to open another door. 
Better yet, it's time to remove all walls,
all barriers between humanity and cosmic awareness.

Four galactic civilizations have offered
to assist humanity in our cosmic evolution.

Humanity has been offered major guidance
from four, galactic civilizations: 
Pleiadians,   Essassani,   Sirians,  and Arcturians.       
There are groups of Earth humans
work/playing with each of these Groups

The TLC-Life-Center Team
has accepted the invitation from the Essassani
because the Essassani are an ideal match with
the mission of TLC-Life-Center.  

Our mission is to create the first prototype of
a true Fifth Dimension Community~ on Earth,  
a community  in which we fulfill
all wants, needs, desires, and requirements
for all community residents 
using  the rules of Fifth Dimension Consciousness and
using a blend of Essassani Essence  and  Human Essence.~ 

This Concept is explained in detail on our website titled:
The Mysti Crystal Collective.~

Mysti-Crystal-Collective       .




R F C S 18-06-22





If you think Fifth Dimension Consciousness
is going to present  itself to you in the form of an
Instantaneous, Supernatural, Transcendent, Magic Act,
its' time to wake up to more of the universal truths.

There are no magic potions, elixirs of life, or magic bullets.

If you want to be, do, have, express and/or experience anything,
You must participate in the creation process.

Nobody is going to create your life for you,
unless, of course, you want to live
a life of Sheyitt in a cabal-created Invisible prison

Forget regrets.  You cant go back and
nothing ever repeats itself.
Change is constant and inevitable. 
If you are not growing, you are dying,

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

TLC-Life-Center websites and our
Cosmic Awareness Training Programs
are college-level courses
about learning the art of living a human life in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Comic Holographic .  

If you want a
"Master of Human -Life Degree"
You MUST earn it. 
You earn it by living it.
You live it by studying ,learning, practicing,
 and living by all of
All Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~        







R. F.  18-04-01



Orig 3-JUL-18

*   There is much that we do not yet know.
*   Here is some of what we do know. 
     (i.e. Here is our present, overall Context~)

*   Human Consciousness has been hijacked by evil beings.
*   We (all of humanity) are in a Mind-Control-War!
*   Most humans still live in an invisible prison.
     The prison was created and
     is still being controlled be evil beings.

*   The genetically-altered humans,
     known as the Cabal    (Clintons, Bush Family, etc.)
     are the mind-controlled soldiers in this war.

*   The super-wealthy 
      (i.e. the genetically-altered humans that we never see)
     are the next level of controllers.
*   A.I.  (Artificial Intelligence)
     are the controllers of consciousness manipulators.

*   We break out of the invisible prison,
     first by recognizing that we are in prison.
*   Our job is to recognize that
     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
     is the ultimate controller in this game.

*   The purpose of the game is
     the expansion of God-Consciousness.
*   The game is rigged.  
     The dice are loaded. 
     The cards are marked.
Our eventual success is guaranteed.

At some point, in human evolution, enough humans will wake up
to trigger the Hundredth Monkey Effect.~  
When that happens, the power of evil will be gone and
our job, as newly awakened God-Beings,
is to create a brand new physical reality,
a physical reality that has never existed before. 

Keep in mind that what we call physically real
is simply one of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
techniques for expanding consciousness
and for experiencing our selves
in another way, in another context.
It's one of the ways in which ,
we, as God-beings, experience ourselves.
It's as equally as real as any other perception of consciousness.

The trials and tribulations we are going through
are part of a natural, evolutionary, Cosmic Cycle. 
According to Kryon,
(Channeled by Lee Carroll)
humanity has failed at achieving group consciousness
four times before.
This time, we have reached
sufficient critical mass consciousness
to proceed to he next step.

More pieces in the puzzle:
*   For Centuries, the non-physical portion of reality
        has been kept hidden from most of humanity.  

*   Whatever is at/ in/on/ under/ or beyond Antarctica
        is still intentionally being kept hidden from We-The-People.
        When we learn the truth about what is there,.
        this will be the third major lie to be exposed. 
        When that  happens,
        humanity will make another huge leap in consciousness.

*   When viewed from the Earth's surface,
     the Earth appears to be flat.
*   When viewed from outer space, the Earth will most likely
        Follow the shape of the Torus Structure
        and appear to be round.  

*   The Earth's physical structure is a Torus,~
     but we still don't know what that means.  

*   Is what we call gravity simply the Torus field energy?
     That's the logical, yet-to-be-proven conclusion.

*   We Live in an Electric Universe.
*   The Universe is teaming with life. 
     At some point, humanity will be invited
     to re-join the Galactic Family.

*   Everything begins with consciousness.
*   The Physics of Consciousness tells us that
     *   Everything is part of a Single Unified Whole.~    
     *   Humans are eternal, non-physical God-Beings.~ 
     *   We live in Source Creator/God-Goddess's
          Holographic Universe.~  
      *  Humans are Great Creators.~   
      *  We create by thinking and feeling.~  
      *  The observer (i.e. consciousness) 
          affects that which is observed.

The Physics of Consciousness is
our new We-The-People matrix.  
it's also  called Fifth Dimension Consciousness.       





R F C S 18-06-22




What is your opinion of yourself? 

Are We Worthy, Deserving,
Connected, Llovable, and Enough.

Let's look at these five words:
We are God-Beings.  
We are God.
We are everything we choose to be.  
We do anything we choose to do. 
We have anything we choose to have. 
We Express and Experience likewise.

Worthy and Deserving are 3d-judgment words.
They imply the opposite,  
They imply that  God could be not worthy and not deserving.

Then, there's the question,
"Worthy and deserving of what?
We already have the ability to
be, do, have, express, and experience
anything and everything we choose.

Connected?  Each of us is everything.
To be not connected?   Another impossibility.

We are Llove.   We are made of Llove.
Everything on Earth, including the Earth itself,
is Llove expressing itself in physical form
For Llove to not be Llovable?  
Still another impossibioity

And finally Enough:
How could God be everything and also be not enough?

That's, more that enough lies.

Our goal is to align our physical selves
with universal God-Consciousness
We do that by focusing on
Feel good feelings. 
No matter what you intend to
be, do, have, express or experience,
begin with Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom-Feelings.    

We are constantly, in every waking moment,
creating a newer version of our own future.
      What you think about
      with strong emotion
    is your future!

Leave doubt, fear and worry to the past.
Let your feelings of Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom
be your point of attraction.

We are Worthy, Deserving, Connected, Llovable, and Enough.      






R F C S 18-06-22





Everything is consciousness. 
We are each a God-Being seeing reality
from our own unique perspective.  

All incoming information comes to each of us
through our own, unique, belief filter.
(Reference:  See the link at bottom of this page.

Remember the Universal Law: 
The observer affects that which is observed.
Everything we perceive is altered by our perspective.
What does this tell us about our perceptions
as they relate to another person's perspective?

It tells us that every person's filter is unique.  
No two people ever perceive the exact same thing
Because our beliefs filter all incoming information.
While in 3d, human, physical bodies
we cannot perceive the complete and accurate truth

We cannot change anything in our experiences
by focusing on the external world.  
And we cannot change anyone else
because they are in our external world.

Successful changes begin inside each of us.
They begin with belief changes.
Why?   Because you can only experience
a holographic projection
of what you believe.

Get the rightness and the wrongness out of your life.
Do NOT sort your behavior into good/ bad,  right or wrong.  
Sort  your thoughts and your behavior by feelings.

Our goal is to align our physical selves
with Universal God-Consciousness.
We do that by focusing on
Feel-good feelings 

the feelings associated with
the most Joy-Llove-FahZoom thoughts that we can find.
No matter what we intend to
be, do, have, express or experience,
the first step is to feel Joy-Fun-FahZoom-Feelings.

Ignore that which feels  khold-priki.
Acknowledge, appreciate and respond to
the parts of our personal reality
that feels Joy-Fun-FahZoom.

From experience, we know that this
is NOT an impossible dream.
It's simply learning and accepting
a new behavior pattern.

Because we each create our own life expereinces,
there's nothing and no one out there to blame.
There are no bad guys,
only unconscious creators.

There is NO escaping from
your self-created experiences.
There is ONLY going threw them.
The technique for getting beyond khold-priki feelings
is to feel them, allow them to be, then let them go.
Repeat the cycle of
feel the feeling then release it

until the emotional feelings are gone,

Remember, we live in
a thought-and-emotion-controlled
Cosmic Holograph.
We take one bite at a time and
clean up our khold-priki thinking and behaving.  

Speak fewer words.         (Talking is often an excuse for not thinking.)
Stop khold-priki thinking. 
Start feeling
Ignore what feels khold-priki.
Acknowledge, appreciate and respond to
what feels  Joy-Fun-FahZoom.

The Biggest MANSION of Joy-LOVE-FahZoom
that I know of is at
the home of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

The entryway is at:

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Reference:    Consciousness and Belief Filters
Surviving the Transition - Full Disclosure, Solar Flash,
our Future and Ascension
- YouTube  1:37;:07
Listen from  minute  6:15  to Minute 8:50





R. F.  18-04-01




Consciousness and Physical Form

Get the rightness and the wrongness out of your life.
Do NOT sort your behavior into good/ bad,  right or wrong.  
Sort  your thoughts and your behavior by feelings.

The Universal Laws of Creation tell us that
the way to successfully experience our desires is to
Feel the feelings associated with
the most Joy-Llove-FahZoom thoughts that we can find
and then, follow them up with inspired action.

If there were any such thing as an enemy,
EFFORT would be that enemy.
Effort has a powerful thought-energy partner
That thought-energy partner 
is in opposition to creating abundance.
Struggle and effort violate the laws of intentional creating.
Why?   Because it's
thoughts and emotions that do the creating
Inspired action is the appropriate follow-up to thinking.  

Effort is in the not-having side of reality.
The Universal Law of Returns
tells us that
when we think about not having something and
struggle for what's missing
we get back  
more to struggle about    and    more not having.

Physical action cannot replace thought energy
Action is 3d. ............................ Do something in the external world
Thought-Energy is 5d .... Think differently

Look to that which is pleasurable and
do that to which you have no resistance.
Be aware that guilt may attempt to keep you feeling bad.
That's what we mean when we say
Go with the flow. 

Listen to Abraham-Hicks  and
hear this concept expanded and explained eloquently.

The Secret to Living Happily Ever After!   
Abraham Hicks 2018 -- YouTube   52:32
Begin listening at minute  17:29  to  52:30   

Follow up video
Abraham Hicks 2018 - This message can Heal You! -
YouTube   32:54

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The Opposite of Effort
We hereby Choose to:
focus on gratitude for what we already have.  
We relax in knowing that
Gratitude, and
are the Fifth Dimension pathways
to whatever we want in our lives.

We feel  the feelings of
already having our desire manifested,
and then, in our physical world.
we take inspired action.

What we put into action is:
*   Allowing what is to be as it is,
*   Feeling gratitude for everything,
     even that which appears to be taking us
     in the wrong direction, 
*   Forgiveness, particularly self-forgiveness
*   Experiencing our favorite Joy-Fun-FahZoom.

Then while in the energy field of Universal Creation,
we focus on our desired manifestations.    





R F C S 18-06-22





Rev. Robert Cote'
AhhHoom FahZoom
are here to open the door for you
into another room in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
The Mansion of Love.

This room is the home-room of
The first on the
Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

The First Lost Secret is
humanity's main entry door
into the Fifth Dimension.

Find the First Lost Secret at:    





R. F.  18-04-01




Notice the power of sentence structure.

***   In females, the most sexually exciting body part
         is shaped like the wishbone of a chicken or a turkey.   

         wish -->   chicken  -->  turkey

***   In females, the most sexually exciting body part
         is shaped like a turkey or a chicken's  wishbone..   

         turkey   -->   chicken    --> wish

This Section is a work in process





R. F.  18-04-01





The fastest way out of 3d  and into 5th-D. 
is to send Llove to those who hate Llove.

Use this trick to get rid of evil.  
When you get angry, fearful, etc.  
fill that low vibration energy with Llove.
Evil beings
 cannot stand Llove.   They hate it!
They feed on low-vibration human energy.
So, by Lloving your anger makes their food useless.
Symbolically speaking,
To fill your anger with Llove
is like putting dog turds into evil's punch bowl.





R. F.  18-04-01





How Being of Service Always Serves You

           The text below  has been edited
           for ease of reading and for clarity of understanding.

We are angels who have come to Earth 
to learn how to Create Llove.   
Being of service is our Llove-Creating-Tool
We are both giver and receiver, 
both physically and non-physically.  
We are each other's partner. 
Because we are a unified whole,
by giving to one another,  
we receive from one another.   

Being of Service  is the fastest way
to begin experiencing
the life you have always dreamed of living.  
. . .
We do not need to save or rescue anyone.
Why?    Because we are your own saviors. 
We are all God-Beings.   
We are All Gods.  
When we understand who and what we really are, and
when we understand the  Universal Law of Returns,  
(What we put out is what we get back)
we will realize
           That It is impossible for us to assist another
           without assisting ourselves.

We were mind-manipulated to falsely believing
that other humans are somehow separate from us.
Separation  produced scarcity.   
Scarcity  creates :
*   conflict,
*   confusion, and
*   a service to self society  

The False belief is that
if I give something to you
then, you must give something to me in return,

We falsely believe this
because we did not yet understand  this Universal truth.

We give ourself great gifts
          by being of service to others.

Practice being of service and
you'll soon see the reciprocity effect.
It will be the Law of Returns in physical form: 
"As you sew, so shall you reap"
"What you put out is what yu get back."

You will begin noticing 
simple experiences of synchronicity,
then with amazing experiences of synchronicity.
At Some point,  the truth will overwhelm you
and you'll just Know. 

Even Jesus told us this :
"It is better to give than to receive."
This is Divine truth. 
It is  The First Lost Secret of Llove.  
Practice this universal Law nd
you'll soon begin living as a blended being,
one part, physically human, and
one part non-physical God-Being.     

Again, let us assure you that everything you put out
comes back to in some form, in some way.
You will receive whatever  it is
you want, need, require and desire
when you give freely
of whatever you have that is beyond your basic needs.    
In other word take care of your self
so that you you have the ability share with others.

The most powerful thing you have to give
is you Llove and
your ability to create and/or provide
goods and/or services that are a benefit  to others.

Are you beginning to see how
the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
fit together so perfectly?     






R. F.  18-04-01



8-Jun-18  orig

When Something Has Been Misplaced: 
If it does not quickly show up,
avoid physically search for it. 
Avoid all negative emotions
regarding what has been misplaced.

For the entire time that you are searching,
you are focused  on not having.
Your point of focus 
is pointing your future  in
exactly the wrong direction.

If you are emotional about the missing  object,
your emotions have
your creation/ manifestation  mechanism
running at fast speed in the wrong direction.


turn   the finding  over to
the non-physical finders of Lost objects.

***   St. Anthony,  
        Tony, Tony, Turn around.  
        Something is lost and must be found.

***   What do I know about_______?

Techniques to avoid Searching
When I set something down,
I tell yourself where I  put it.

In creating
Adventures into 5d Consciousness,
I created several indexes to asist  me
in getting to specific topics.      






R. F.  18-04-01



5-Jun-18  orig

The erogenous zone is the whole body.
In females, the most sexually exciting body part
is shaped like a turkey or a chicken's  wishbone.   

For a  male, to enters a woman sexually  
is to be surrounded by here clitoris.   

When the mount of Venus meets her male match,
the lingam  entry is as deep as it can get.
The two mounts connect
with hair to aid in the electrical connection.

When both together slip deeper into orgasm,
the sensations can be extended
for as long as the couple chooses.

Remember, in 5d,
we don't chase after orgasm,
charge over the finish line,
and collapse in a post orgasmic stopper.  

We sneak up on orgasm.
By going slow,
by pausing at the beginning of orgasm,
slowing back down and then rising up again.
We ride  an ascending sign wave,  
each level reaching a bit higher than
the one before. 
Eventually, one rises all the way into orgasm and
the shut down mechanism
is still fast asleep.

One can extent the time-length of an orgasm or
one  can experience several full orgasms
in a single session.

How do I know this?  
I learned it by self discovery.
After years of practice, and
reading any literature I could find
I reached and achieved all that I've described above>

I AM  Master Celebrator
AhhHoom  FahZoom

Meet me at the party
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove    






R. F.  18-04-01



5-Jun-18  orig

Originally, Earth was being built to be
one of the twelve
Living Libraries of Cosmic Knowledge.

The Earth was  invaded,
everal thousand years ago.
They didn't attack or fight.
They infiltrated,and
secretly took control of everything.   

Until recently, earth   
has  been secretly controlled
by a cold-blooded species
of off-planet parasitic beings beings
know as the Lizzerdz. 

Their visual image
is incredibly ugly.  
Imagine standing face to face with
a being whose basic body structure
is analogous to that of a gorilla
and overlaid with the green  scaly appearance of an alligator.

Their personality
is deep into the khold-prikki~ range
Their personality is that of
a depraved psychopath ,
an angry grizzly bear, and
the feeding frenzy of sharks or a piranha
all rolled into one,  ugly, scaly, green, killing machine.

Their Consciousness:
The Lizzerdz  have no idea what Llove is. 
They are heartless,  angry, cold blooded.   
compassionless and completely self centered.
They worship evil in satanic rituals of
rape, torture, murder r and blood drinking  
Young human children are their favorite victims.

Their social structure
is a highly controlled hierarchy, 
Consciousness is compartmentalized
They lack of imagination so they cannot create. 
Instead, they rape, murder, and steal.

Dull Sameness:
Their same ugly pattern appears everywhere.
They lack of emotional connections.

They are master warriors.  
They eat or enslave any life form they can feed on.
Anger, destruction and violence is all they know.  
They have Zero imagination. they can only copy.

They have secretly mind controlled
a small fraction of humanity (the Cabal)o
to manage  everything on Earth.  

This has been going on for thousands of years.   
The context dramatically shifted in 1947
with the crash of a a alien space craft
at Roswell New Mexico

Secrecy Crumbled:
The years of secret control
and containment ended in the1950s.
Because they saw their secret control crumpling.
They began  intense al out war against humanity.

The mission shifted to
Exterminate most of humanity
and keep  enough humans alive
*   to be servants and secret slaves,
*  to be eaten as carnivorous food,
*   to be milked of       khold-prikki,     human energy,
*   to eat  their energy  as food
*   to be victims in torture chambers
*   to be raped, tortured, and  murdered
     in satanic blood-drinking sex parties

Their war was designed to create
a maximum mount of death and destructing
without getting caught.  
Their strategy was  to do what ever they could  do
to produce death and destruction.
Unfortunately for them,
Humanity is presently (Jun 2018)
the fifth cycle of human evolution. 
Four times before, humanity
failed to break out of the invisible prison.
This time we have succeeded.  
Today, 2018, we are in the clean up phase.

Before we condemn the them
understand that they are the product of
and are completely mind controlled
by someone or something that we have not yet discovered.
AI  (artificial intelligence) is somehow involved, but
responsibility probably goes far beyond that.
Who or what controls the IA is still unknown.   

Can we condemn them for what they are?
Probably not.  It's not for us to judge other lifeforms.  
It seems more reasonable that
responsibility belongs to
the consciousness that mind manipulated them.

In the mean time our job is to
vibrate with Llove and compassion.   
This will take us out of reach of all veil beings.

Evilness has contaminated our entire galaxy.
Fortunately, as part of the Cosmic transformations,
These beings are being eliminated.  
The clean up teams
are well on  their way
to complete eliminating
all beings with evil intentions.

Video record this story with he theme from Good , Bad and the ugly in the back ground   Move into a waltz music at end when we wake up

ANDRE RIEU Strauss & Co. Neujahrskonzert 1997 - YouTube
Like the fist piece on this multy-music video







F.R. 18-03-09




Everything is consciousness
Everything is growing or dissolving 
The dissolution is called Entropy  
Think about something and it grows stronger
Ignore it and it's energy fades.

This is true in every aspect of life.

When you stop thinking about something
it' source of power is cut off.
Without though energy,
it begins to fade out of physical reality.

For example,  When we stop thinking about
scarcity (Iwant ____,  but I don't  have it)
the power of your fear energy
is no longer supporting not having.  
It fades as our  power is directed elsewhere.  

See the section on being in the Zone-Vortex

I am Food, clothing shelter and production capacity
Freedom and Llove
Everything has a Llove component except for the creations by evil    





R. F.  18-04-01



Lords Prayer
"Our father who art in Heaven . . ."
That is separation language.
You are here. God is elsewhere.

It's also  a false, fraudulent translation of
the original versing of this prayer.

Here's the correct translation
"Our father who is everywhere . . ."

Adjective describing Mary, Mother of Jesus
The Lie   The Word "Virgin"
Truth the correct translation  "young woman."

Saint Augustine, Author of Christian Theology
tells us,
"The more you suffer the closer you are to God"










R. F.  18-04-01




Where did some portions of humanity get the belief that
The Name of GOD is Unspeakable?

From from the psychopathic, Cabal Criminals
whose main tactics is lying about everything.

When you understand the Rules of Reality
(i.e. The Physics of Consciousness)~
including The Universal Laws of Thought,
you'll understand that the exact opposite is true.

How do we focus on God?
Follow the Most powerful Commandment of Jesus
when He spoke this law from
The Physics of Consciousness.
Llove, Yourself,
Llove your Neighbor,
Llove God with all your heart.
There is no greater commandment than this.

Be, give, express and experience Llove!
Become master of All Seven of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

Guess what will be coming back to all of us?  
Llove Expanded beyond its exponential potential.






R. F.  18-04-01




The over whelming evidence points to the conclusion
that every major organization
related to Earth and its social structures 
are a FRAUD.

I have been studying cosmology
(the nature of reality)since about 1964.   
In those days
the Roman Catholic church
was the only authority about
the nature of humanity and
the working of the universe.

We did not know that Secret Cabal Criminal system
was in charge of everything and
had been in charge for literally thousands of years.  

We did not know that in the 1950s,
because of the rumblings in consciousness
that were beginning tot show up,
an intense, secret war was declared
against the human population.

Everything was (and most still is) dual controlled. 
There are the structures we know about,
Political, Corporate, Religious, Social,
and hiddenunder the surface
there is the secret, Cabal control system

It's all part of a highly compartmentalized
criminal control system.
At the bottom are the mind controlled masses,
called humanity, that you and me and everyone else.
We have  secretly mind controlled from birth.  

In other words,
we are under hypnosis and controlled
by evil beings who intention is to keep us
*   as mindless slaves,
*   as food (both energetically and physically) and
*   As victims in their satanic rituals winch include
     kidnaping, humans (mostly young children)
     torture,  murder, blood drinking, and cannibalism.

We were  taught to believe we are free
We didn't know that
when we were offered what sounded like a benefit,
it was actually poison in disguise.  
GMO is the most deadly and destructive  example
of that part of the secret way

The Cabal are mindless agents controlled
for the off-planed, mind controlled Lizzerdz.   
The Cabal  are ones who control
the human slaves that actually physically engage in
the criminal activity

About Cabal:
Their false, self-justification
for ordering others to commit crimes.  
They tell themselves that as long as
they did not personally commit the crime,
they will receive no karmic responsibility.

We are free to . . .   Ah . . . .  What do I do?
This is a cabal example  of mind wiping
a piece of you is missing,
but what that piece is, 
I can't remember.

We were mind-control-programmed into the
behavior wanted by the collection of
called Evil

Our consciousness
has been imprisoned by false beliefs

nd much more

The Law of Returns Has
Brought Lying Back to the Cabal.

The clearance appears to be on its way to
cleaning the secret criminal
out of the entire galaxy,
from the simple-minded low-vibration criminal
all the way up into to the top readership
of the entire galaxy. 

The evidence in the form of
huge amounts of galactic violence
tells us the cabal/Lizzerdz/AI-style criminals
have infiltrated the entire gallaxy.

Eons of violence have ruled  
where knowing, understanding, living,
practicing and Celebrating Llove
could end violence in about a generation of two.

Today, 2018, the Cabal are being brought
to face the consequences of their criminal behavior.

The Real Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is now (in Earth time, 2018) 
informing us of the truth.  

Goddess Tells Us:
That belief about
no responsibility 
IS  a lie. 
Here's what She says to the Cabal leadership:

You, the ultimate liars   have Been Lied to!
The Law of Returns.
What you put out is what you get back.
You got yourselves mind-manipilied and lied to
by the very system you yourselves created.  
Now, who do you suppose is about to face
his/her responsible?         
Look down your timelines and
feel what your life will soon be like, there.

Imagine the criminals being forced
to see, feel, experience themselves  
as his own victims.
It's simply the Law of Returns.
What you put out is what you get back.

OK.  Let The Real God deal with them.
We now Return to Llove.

It's really quite simple:
Be, give, express and experience Llove!
Become master of All Seven of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

Guess what will be coming back to all of us?  
Llove Expanded beyond its exponential potential.
And what's beyond that?   We'll  let that be for now.

We focus on how are we going to
express and experience Llove where we are right now.
and under the circumstances we find ourselves in

Remember, we live in  holographic universe 
Look Around you. 
What do you see?

What would you like what you see to be?
That's what you'll' see, w
hen you learn, understand, live by and celebrate
The Seven Lost Secrets ofLlove

You'll see what you see
as you would like it to be.   

Mission Accomplished 
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove  
NOT  Lost Anymore   









To Clean up your life:   
***  vibrate at the frequency of Llove and Joy, 
***   Do this by thinking thoughts
         and feeling feelings of Llove Joy.  
***   Ignore thoughts the causes feel bad feelings.  
***   Avoid situations and activates
        that cause feel bad feelings.  
***   Ignore everything in the external world
         that is not Llove of Joy.  
***   Do this consistently, regardless of
        what you see in your external world. 

Reap the result  
Anything that is not LLove and/or Joy
will have to change  or leave.   
The Great In-Between -  Page Two - Creating with emotions   




R. F.  18-03-27




We are not here to make money. 
We are here to find and expose the truth.

Do you recall the Joseph Campbell quote:
"Follow your bliss and the money will follow."
Well, here is the 5th Dimension version of that quote:

Follow the truth and
not only will the bliss and the money follow,  
but also,  
so much wealth will show up
that money will become obsolete and valueless.    





R. F.  03-07




Notice how some things change dramatically
when under stress/ pleasure.
Notice the Universal Law of Correspondence
in these three examples.

Bend a twig, a tooth pic , or any other
small, dry  stick of wood,
and at some point ,
it snaps into two pieces

Blow up a balloon and at some point
the stress on the balloon's surface
reaches a point where the balloon  bursts.

Stroke your genitals and a some point,
You burst into the sensations of orgasm.


The transformations in consciousness,
also follow the Law of Correspondence
We commonly refer to this as
The Hundredth Monkey Affect.    





R. F.  18-04-01




A War of Consciousness is going on right now,
both right here, on Earth and
in the entire Universe.  

The Cabal criminals and
the artificial intelligence    A.I.
that controls the Cabal,
are attempting to enslave humanity
by tricking us into expressing low vibration energies,
such as fear, anger, grief, misery, et cetera.

The optimum way to get rid of the Cabal Criminals  
is NOT to fight them.   
It is to focus on Lloving ourselves
and Lloving each other. 

If an expression of their low vibration show up,
Do NOT hate it or get angry about it.  
Anger, etc. actually feeds the evil ones.
Instead, fill it with Llove,
laugh at it's absurdity, then move on. 
Sending Llove to evil is like putting dog turd in their punch bowl.
It's no longer food for them.        





R. F.  18-04-01





What you put out is what you get back.
*   Your life is self-created and self controlled.
*   Your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations today 
      are creating  your future life.
*   There are no exceptions to the Law of Thought.
*  There are no victims, only UNCONSCIOUS creators.
*   Criticize and the Universal  gives you more to criticize.
*   Llove and and the universe gives you more Llove.

*   Be angry and the universe gives you more to be angry about.
*   Be joyful and the universe gives you more to be joyful about.

*   Look for what's wrong and the universe brings you
     more people. satiations, and things that are wrong

Have you got the message yet?

The Bottom Line:
*   Llove is the primary answer to EVERY challenge.
*   Unless you have placed yourself in an emergency situation,
     your job and your only job is to
     be, do, have, express and experience Llove. 
*   The absolute, primacy, first place to apply Llove is to yourself.
*   The Third Lost secret of Llove will explain this clearly.

Are you ready to experience
Llove expressing itself as and in
all of its physical forms?

Yes.  Good.    we'll  share with you
Our Mission Statement
followed by





R. F.  18-04-01




One of the reasons why
there are no secrets in the Fifth Dimension. 

You r aura is visible to all and
you aura radiates who you are.  

Black or muddy colors in a person's aura
expose his or her  low vibration, negativity.     





R F C S 18-06-22






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