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Real money defined is gold and silver. Money is a form of goods and services.

Fake money defined is fiat money, make-believe money, the illusion of money, and federal reserve

 bank notes. Real money has 11 main attributes - measure of value, medium of exchange, storage of wealth, and more.


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The Federal Reserve




Although hard to believe, here's a piece of truth you ought to know:  The Federal Reserve is the greatest, most-lucrative, longest-lasting financial swindle the world has ever seen.   But don't believe or disbelieve us.   Examine the evidence for yourself. 

From 1833 until 1913 the price of gold was stable at $18.93.     

During that 80 year period the price fluctuation was less than ten cents.   The Federal reserve was established in 1913.   Between 1913 and 1970, there was a small rise in the price of gold.   In 1970, Former U.S. Presidents, Lyndon Johnson and  Richard (I'm not a crook) Nixon drove the final nail in the coffin of the gold standard.   Since then the price has risen dramatically.   Today September 2011 the price of gold is over $1800 per ounce.  

Inflation is a measure of how much the price of goods and services rises.   It's also a measure of how much value has been stolen our of the U.S. dollar by deficit financing.   Notice the shift that began in 1913.  

Here's how deficit financing relates to the price of gold.   The price of gold is also in direct correlation to the the cost of goods and services. 

Let's look at the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.   What cost $1 in 1913 cost $22 today (Sep 2011).  





In 1913, the  U.S. dollar  had a purchasing power of a dollar.   Today that dollar has a purchasing power is less than five cents.   In other words it now takes more that twenty dollars to buy what a dollar could buy in 1913. 

These changes in are not an accident or a coincidence.   We are not at the affect of the devil of some Unknown Financial Monster.   They have been intentionally orchestrated by those who control the wealth (See the next section below; Financial Antiquity   As you can see by the evidence, the Federal Reserve swindle is not only about stealing the money.   It's about stealing the value out of the money.   

The Federal Reserve is not a government agency.   It is a private corporation owned by a group of foreign and domestic banks and run for profit. 

The Solution:   




Financial Antiquity  

Robber Baron Economics  /  Exploitation Economics


We're presently functioning under a financially corrupt banking system that's at about 100 years old.   That's horse and buggy economics.   It's Exploitation Economics.   Our present economic system was designed and established in 1913 by and for the Robber Barons of the late 19th and early 20th century.   It's way past time to modernize our financial system.   

The Chart below shows the result of
over 100 years or Robber Baron Economics.  

The wealthiest 1% of Americans own 190 times as much wealth as the bottom 40%.   For every  $10 that a person in the bottom 40% owns, a person in the top 1% owns $76,000.  

That's a ratio of 7,600 to 1.   If you measured wealth as distance, a person in the top  1% owns a mile and a person in the bottom 40% owns 9 1/2 inches.   Using an animal reference, a 1% person owns the elephant, a 40% person owns the tail.   .

The present banking system is obsolete, fundamentally flawed, consistently dysfunctional, grossly unfair, managed in secret,  filled with ethically questionable loan practices, riddled with conflicts of interest, owned by the super-wealthy, run for the super-wealthy, and managed by excessively self-centered and arrogant multi-millionaires who don't give a damn about the people, their plight, their rights, the truth, or the environment.  

Reference:    http://www.EconomicSanity101.com#83   





Quotes About the Federal Reserve

Here is a substantial list of people who understood what the Federal Reserve actually is:     




The Federal Reserve is the greatest, most-lucrative, longest-lasting financial swindle the world has ever seen.***   And fiat money (make-believe money) is at the core if this legalize crime!   Here's the essence of the scam:   The Federal Reserve Banks loan money to the government and to it's member banks.   The government and the member banks pays interest on the loan.   On the surface, that sounds simple and straight forward, but the swindle is in where the loan money actually comes from.  

Plucked From Air:   Where did these twelve privately owned banks get the trillions of dollars they have loaned to the banks and to the U. S. government -- the trillions of dollars on which you and I are paying interest to the banks in the form of gold or other tangible assets?   

The answer is:   P.F.A.  As some would say, plucked from air.   They didn't and they don't have trillions of dollars to loan.   They are charging you and me real interest on make-believe money.   Each year, billions of your real, hard-earned, tax dollars are being funneled into the coffers of these private banks ( in the form of gold or by the seizure of other tangible assets such as your home) to pay interest on, (or for default on the repayment of) Alice in Wonderland, Fairytale Loans.  

The money you are paying interest on is non-existent!   It's fake!   Its a fraud!  The Federal Reserve is sleazy, flim-flam scam disguised as a service to the people.   It's Bernie Madoff pyramid scheme times a million.   Using a medical metaphor, our monetary system has sick with a deadly cancer.   That cancer is the Federal Reserve.  

Private, For-profit Corporation:   The Federal Reserve is not a government agency.   It is a private corporation owned by a group of foreign and domestic banks and run for profit.   This cartel of disguised criminals lend non-existent money and charges interest on the borrowed money.   They demand collateral (title to real wealth -- you car, your house, your factory, your business, or other tangible property) to insure that the lender repays the loan.  If the lender defaults (fails to repay the loan plus interest) the banks take physical possession of and legal title to the property held as collateral.  

Theft by Indirection:   The moneys they lend are fake receipts for goods and services.   Their paper money or bookkeeping ledger entries get their value form the money already in circulation.   This is a simple, straight-forward expression of the basic law of "Supply and Demand" -- supply/price/demand  --  To change one factor changes a second factor if the third factor remains the same.   In this case, increasing the supply dollars with the demand unchanged reduces the value of the dollar.   Thus, everything you buy costs more (requires more dollars to buy) because the value of the money decreases.  

Spending Counterfeit Money:  They also use their fake receipts to directly enter the business world and buy real goods and services, thus further reducing the supply of goods and services for the rest of us.   When you look at this using the Law of Supply and Demand, you'll see that, as demand, raises (with the supply staying the same) the price you and I pay for our goods and services goes up.   They pay for wars and the tools of war this way.   Unlike the rest of us, they don't have to earn money to do buy things.  They simply exchange fake receipts for whatever they want.  

Imagine having a printing press in the back of your you garage, and any time you wanted something, you went into the garage, printed some fake/counterfeit money and then went out and bought whatever you wanted.   If you want a fancy car, or an expensive vacation at a first class resort, or a high class hooker, you simply print some money, use the fake money to pay for your car, your vacation or your sexual escapade.   Now imagine the same process on a multi-billion-dollar scale.   Welcome to  the Federal Reserve Corporation.  

You're Being Milked for Money:   This scam is not limited to loans to the government.   They do the same thing to anybody and everybody through loans to businesses and individuals, including your credit card loans.   The money you are sweating your butt off to earn is going to pay interest and fees for the use of non-existent, make believe, fairy tale money.   

Here's the Real Kicker:   Remember the law of supply and demand I just mentioned.   With regard to money, the Federal Reserve controls the supply.   This gives them the power to also control price and manipulate the entire national economy.   They manipulate the economy by increasing the money supply with more fake receipts which they hand out in the form of loans.   This inspires many people to borrow and spend money that they don't have.   When the spending reach a high, the financial wheelers and dealers manipulate the system to cause an economic downturn (a Recession).   When that happens, millions of borrowers are left with no way to repay the loans, and the super-wealthy step in and seize the assets.  

This Scam in Action:   You can see this scam in action in the 2009 sub-prime derivative and banking fiasco and the resultant home for closure crisis.   Millions of people now (2009-2010) owe more on their home loans than their property is worth in the present market.   At the same time, the economy has been devastated, and millions have lost their jobs.   This combination of factors causes millions of home owners to simply turn their property over to the bankers or be forced into foreclosure where the bankers take the property by legalized force of eviction.    

On an international scale, by way of the International Monetary Fund, they do the same thing to entire nations on a multi-billion dollar scale.   When the money-borrowing nation's cycle reaches the loan default stage, they tell the defaulting nation, "You must take the money you were using for public services and use that money to repay your loan.   Also, you must sell you assets to repay the loan."  

And guess who buys those assets at fire-sale prices?   They money lenders simply create more fake money, and using a dummy corporation, they buy the assets.   The screwed borrower then gives the fires sale money back to the bankers as repayment on the loan.   The bankers end up with everything of value, and the borrowers are left with nothing but anger, poverty, confusion, and disbelief.   This is Exploitation Economics in action.   

Wake Up and Look Around You:   In case you hadn't noticed it yet, the same scam is being used here in the united states to take over our nation's federal, state, and corporate assets.  

Governments are being pressured into selling public land to the major corporations to pay their debts.   And since the corporations own the votes of the politicians, guess who wins and guess who loses?  

Have you noticed how many of the smaller banks have been gobbled up by the largest banks?   Guess who owns those large banks?

Almost 100 Years of Legalized Theft:   This hundred-year-old con game is still going on right now, today, even though the facts about this scam are easily accessible, public knowledge.   Since the passage of this law, in the middle of the night on December 22, 1913, literally trillions (that's thousand of billions) of dollars have been transferred from the public treasury to private banking interests.   (The law requires that the interest paid to the twelve, privately-owned banks that make up the Federal Reserve be paid in gold.)   And in addition to the government loan payments, trillions of dollars more in private money and private wealth are now under the legal ownership of the super wealthy bankers and their cronies.  

Guess why there is a conspicuous absence of money in the economy today (March 2011)?   Because trillions of dollars are presently being squirreled away by the super-wealthy waiting for the soon-to-be-happening, multi-billions-dollar fire sales of the nation's public property and the nation's major, corporate, manufacturing infrastructures.  

The Way Out of this Disaster:   This swindle could never be pulled off in a monetary system based on real money-- (a monetary system based on money with intrinsic value such as gold and silver).   To steal your money was the major reason the super-wealthy manipulators conned, bribed or threatened prior-generation-federal-politicians into ignoring the American constitution (Article 1 sections 8-10) and eliminating the gold standard as a basis for monetary value.   And rumor has it that President John Kennedy was murdered because he was about to put an end to this "fleecing of the lambs."  

The United States Constitution defines money as gold and silver.   With real money, one must first have money in order to loan it.   This is not required when loaning fiat (fairytale) money.   Banks loan non-existing money by simply making an entry in their records.  They then charge the borrowers interest for its use.  

Imagine, for a moment, a restaurant doing business this way.   You enter the restaurant, sit down, look at the menu and order dinner.   Instead of a real dinner, the waiter brings you a second copy of the menu and a bill for the price of a real meal.   Do you eat the menu, pay the bill and leave, or do you ask, "Where's dinner?"   Perhaps it's time to call a halt to the Federal Reserve scam.  

*** Swindling the public is nothing new.   The Federal Reserve scam is almost as good as the story that the public is still being told regarding the greatest hypocrite in all of creation -- the God of Christian theology.  

Christian theology tells us that God offers love and forgiveness to all who ask for forgiveness with sincerity for any and all transgression no matter how despicable or heinous he crime may have been.   If that's true, then why is this same Christian God holding the longest-lasting grudge in all of creation.  

According to Christian theology, God is a superhuman being who lives in the sky above planet Earth.   He is still punishing every human being, today, because a long-dead ancestor ate a fruit from a forbidden tree.   Wouldn't you think that after all these thousands of years, He (God) could let go of that one little mistake?   Apparently not.   Then this so-called loving and forgiving God goes on to torture and murder his own son to prove to us how much he loves us.  

And millions of people simply accept these fairytales as reality without even so much as a raised eyebrow.   But then, if thirty percent of the population can still be duped into smoking death-dealing cigarettes, what can you expect?   Perhaps it's time to step out of our "sheep mentality" and actually look at what we as individuals and as a society are doing to ourselves and to each other.  

   Religious Reference:   
An Interview with the Devil 

   Social Political  Reference -
The Grandfather Generation:



It's Wakeup Time.

If you want to put an end to this rip off,  support the creation of The New Corporate World Foundation's  Win-Win Business Structure.  The NCW project is incredibly simple in its initial design and yet it has the potential to dramatically change the world.   If you are not already familiar with this concept, please see our introductory page at:   


To see this business structure being put into action, readers are directed to the California Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration (CAHR) Foundation.   (See the Section below.) 




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**m2  **m2   Fiat Money    Fiat money is a gloried form of "Monopoly" money.   It's make-believe money.   It's nothing more than bookkeeping ledger entries or paper money which the Federal Reserve creates on their printing presses with absolutely no supervision.  The real value in this money is zero, zip, nada,  nothing.   It steals its value from the money already in the economy -- from the money in your wallet,  in your bank accounts, and in your retirement investments.   

The finance industry charges its customers hard-earned, interest money (money created with blood, sweat and tears) for the use of this non-existent, make-believe money that they (the bankers) simply plucked from the air or printed on the Federal Reserve's counterfeit-money printing presses.   With this make-believe money, the bankers  control, dominate, and milk the people for real money.  

Here's how the scam works:  You and I, small business owners, and the general public borrow their money.   We work diligently to produce goods and services and then we give/pay some of our real goods and services to the lenders (in the form of money) as payment for the use of their non-existent money.   Then while we struggle to survive, the  super-wealthy then live extravagant lifestyles using this stolen wealth.   This technique for milking the public for money  has been going on for so many years that it's considered normal and almost nobody questions the validity of the system.  


http://www.EconomicSanity101.com/small-business-funding.html#WhatIsMoney ˛


You can steal a little bit from everybody for a long time and most people will not even know that they are being secretly milked for money.   (That's what the super wealthy have been doing via the The Federal Reserve   for almost one hundred years.)   As the rate of theft become larger and larger, there comes a point where the missing money becomes obvious.    That's where we are now with excessive government deficit spending, with the banking industry's usury-level  interest rates and with financial fraud by the Wall Street wheelers and dealers.  


Richard Nixon  In 1972, Nixon also declared war on marijuana and other substances.  That war now produces about 250 Billion dollars every year in illegal drug and marijuana money.   In addition to funding corporate and political corruption in every country in the entire world, where do you suppose all that money goes and who has the power and political and corporate control to launder that much money every year?  

Unknown Financial Monster   In the 1950's President Eisenhower made a big public hoopla about trying to find the cause of inflation.   He said he had hired the best economic experts he could find and none of them could figure out what caused inflation.   The public bought the scam without so much as a whimper.   The cause of inflation is simply, supply and demand economics 101