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Llove In Action

Our Llove-In-Action Commitment
is to make certain that
every person everywhere 
has  basic food, clothing, and shelter.






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When living in Fifth Dimension Consciousness,  
being Lloving, being Compassionate,
and being of service others
is delightful and its fun.   

Now, lets expand our joy by putting our Llove
into an action mode called Service to All.~ 

Our Llove-In-Action Commitment
is to make certain that
every person everywhere 
as  basic food, clothing, and shelter.

The False 3d-Approach:
When we approached this challenge
form the third dimension world,
it was literally impossible to reach this goal.    

Why?   Because the genetically-altered, Evil,
$atan-worshipping, child-raping, child-murdering,
money manipulating, psychopathic  criminals
were secretly in control of everything

They wanted humanity
to experience fear, pain, and misery
because the energy that radiates from a human body
when dweller in that body is experiencing negative emotions
like fear, anger, and misery,
that misery-energy is food
for the non-human, off-planet beiong  
who control the Cabal criminals.~

The 5d Approach:
When we approach this Challenge
form Fifth Dimension Conscious,
the path to the solution is straight forward and clear.  

It's still a monumental task,
with many major challenges along the way,
but the overwhelming evidence show us
a clear path to the solution.   

The TLC-Life-Center's 5d-Consciousness Training Team
is presently focusing on two, major steps into our new
~Fifth Dimension-based Life on Earth.    
      1)  Education:   Adventures  In  5d  Consciousness   and    
      2)    Food, clothing and shelter.  
             We begins here in the United States

 by creating a mutually-supporting network of
             We-The-People-owned Community Organic Food Gardens.~ 

Adventures  In  5d  Consciousness



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.Page Summary
About this Website's Creator/ Author~    






.For thousands of years,
no matter what humans did,
Failure was guaranteed.  
Why failure?  
Because secret criminal organizations
controlled humanity.  
See the basic evidence here.      







Replace The Missing Money in Our Economy


Can we get real?  
Can we wake up?

When you were a child,
did you ever hear this story?  
"Money doesn't Grow on trees."

Are you aware of
the true nature of money?
Money is goods and services
in a form designed to be
first and foremost,
a medium of exchange.

Money is only functional
in a criminal controlled society
that is based upon the false belief in scarcity
and the false belief that humans
are separate from God, separate from Nature,
and separate from Each Other.

Of what use in money? 
Trees, plants, fish, and
millions of other life forms
give us everything we call food, clothing and shelter.
For what, then, do you need to struggle 
for that stuff we call money?

The Banking criminals
have removed most of the money from our economy
We start economic recovery
by replacing the missing medium of exchange.
We replace the missing debt-based money
with  debt-free money.
How?    By issuing debt free money
from any sate treasury, or
from any national treasury  
and use that money exclusively for
rebuilding the infrastructure. 
When that happens,
that state or nation
will experience a huge economic boom.   

But until  there are enough people awake to do that
we start by learning, living, and celebration
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Basic-Food-Clothing-and-Shelter  1 of 3


When we become a
full Service to All  society
of Conscious God-Beings,~
we will no longer require money.

In the mean time we can easily create
a temporary medium of exchange,
using debt free money.

We presently use Cabal-generated,
false, fake, make -believe, fiat money.~
Fiat money has  absolutely noting backing it. 

Why back up paper money
with things like gold and silver?
So the banking criminal cannot
secretly steal our wealth.

The concept of a money back up is
having money that can be,
at any time exchanged for tangible, useful items,
such as gold and silver.  
Again,  this is part of a fake and phony, society 
based upon the existence of evil ones who would
steal your wealth if your wealth  not secured
by  a tangible, useful commodity such as gold or silver.

Additional solutions are available:
1)  Get rid of  the criminals.  
2)   Issue debt free money from any state or national treasury
       and use that money ONLY for the purpose of
       rebuilding that state or nation's infrastructure.

Paper money, fiat money, is  only valuable
because other humans will accept it i exchange for
real wealth, i.e. goods and services 
such as  food, clothing and shelter,
and for other joy-producing things,
and by our infrastructure.   

The infrastructure consists of  things like homes. 
roads, bribes, ports, factories, training centers,
entertainment and celebration centers,
and anything else that serves the well being of all.
plus trained, skilled and experienced workforce
of people like you and me.

Think of borrowing something from another human
as a form of lending a tangible form of Llove to each other.
Its us lending money (Love) to ourselves.   
Once the infrastructure is
re-built and fully functional,
that is the external, tangible form of real wealth.  
At that point money is easily seen as
merely an exchange tool
used to move goods and services
from one person  to another.        

What we are actually doing is
replacing the medium of exchange
using a format in which
the Cabal  criminals cannot steal our wealth.     

Basic-Food-Clothing-and-Shelter  2 of 3

Think of this analogy: 
Compare a car
to our  financial-exchange machine
We call this machine 'The Economy."

Take the tire off the car and the car becomes all but useless. 
Put the tires back on and the car is completely useful again. 
Take the money supply out of the economy
and the economy is severely damaged.
This damage, is called recessions and/or  depressions.
Put the money back into the system and
the financial- exchange machine    
Is fully functional again.

Cabal criminal-controlled   & Bust Cycles:
Bill Clinton put the money in and the economy boomed.
George Bush Jr. took it back out again and the economy crashed.

Keep the auto tire analogy in mind
because we have another major story to tell you
about intentionally making car and trucks useless.  

In the present Game called human Life on Earth
Fiat money (paper money) has been declare to represent
tangibly goods and services. 

Goods and services include our  infrastructure,
our factories, our natural resources,  our farms
our homes, our community gardens  and
our huge pool of talented labor.  
If you think i these terms,
we ARE incredibly wealthy.

Why are we wasting huge portions of our wealth?  
For one reason and for one reason only: 

Because the medium of exchange has been
intentionally removed from our economic system

All we have to do is put it back in.
Issue debt free money from any sate treasury, or
from any national treasury and
that state or nation will experience a huge economic boom.   

Food, clothing and shelter is not something
that we or anybody else can simply
give (ready made) to the people. 
Our job is to show each other
how to create whatever is needed.  


Wasted Potential
The greatest untapped resource on the entire Earth
is in Human Creative Energy and human labor.   
Millions of people are out of work
and waiting for someone to give them a job.   
Well,  that just "Ain't gonna happen" until
and your neighbors
decide to make it happen!

Consider this Alternative.  
Would you like to eat fresh, home-grown food
from your local   We-The-People Community Garden?
You know,
the one nearby in your neighborhood, 
the one that provides jobs for you and several of
      your neighbors, 
the one that provide organic food at very reasonable prices, 
the one that bypasses the corporate farming system,   
the one that is owned and controlled by you and your neighbors, 
the one that Does NOT put poison in your food, 
the one that cannot be shut down by corporate or political decisions?

It's available.
It's simple. 
No loans big money criminals required. 


God-Given Natural Resources:
Lets redirecting the focus onto
the proper sustainable use
of our natural resources.

The second major issue is
the grossly improper and destructive
use of our natural resources.   
Here's a multi billion dollar industry
just waiting for the people to make it happen
See:   Hemp, the Hidden Gold Mine.    

Rebuilding the Local Economies
The basic challenge of rebuilding the economy
is incredibly simple in principle:    

Simply replace the money supply. 
Stop the cabal criminal bankers from intentionally
putting money into the economy  and then take out 
in order to create boom / bust cycles.
Recession and depressions are wealth-stealing tools.  

Learn more how our economy is manipulated on the page titled:
The Fake,  Phony,  False God --- Money

Basic-Food-Clothing-and-Shelter  3 of 3







Fifth- Dimension changes
are not going to come to us
from the top down. 
Nobody is going to give anything
in an  already completed form.
5d structures  are built
from a base called We-The-People

In addition to educating ourselves
regarding the true nature of reality,  
Adventures  In  5d  Consciousness,
Or first job is to create
Gardens    --   Local, Community-Grown, Organic, Food Gardens   

Source of Funding:  
This project can begin with
a very small amount of Money.
Because everything required already exists.
Invite local  churches to loan
interest free,  the start up money
their parishioners (their neighbors )

Profits from the sale of excess food
will provide money to repay all loans.

Creating local community gardens
is the first step in what will become
a network of  Local, Community-Grown, Organic Food Gardens
Learn more about creating
your own local community organic food garden at:    





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We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal
connection to Source/Creator/God-Goddess.  
Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
Financial Freedom, and
Enlightened Consciousness for all

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Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.