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14 Oct 19

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C S 18-06-22

What Is It

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When we were born into
human life here on Earth,
we were all required to forget
our full-Cosmic-Consciousness.

Your Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient

is that portion of your full human consciousness
that you have not yet remembered.
Right now, at this moment,
there are huge pieces of your full consciousness
that you would  be wise to know,
but you don't know       and
you don't know that you don't know.

Every one of us, without exception, has
huge amounts of information hidden in
his or her Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient
This website is about assisting people
to find their own and each other's
 hidden information.

Every one of us has something at which
we are competent or at which we excel 
other things regarding which
we know little or nothing,
or about which we are living in a lie.

Many of us have the mental challenge
of not being able to accept that
there is much information that we still don't know.

If there is something / anything about which
you think you know all you need to know,
that's an area where your Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient
makes you a slave to your own ignorance.

When offered something new,
if you examine the evidence,
you are free to make a conscious choice,
to accept it,  or to reject it.
If you choose not to examine the evidence,
you remain the slave of your own ignorance.

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We recommend that
you take a few minutes to skip over to the content page,
Examine some of the common missing piece.
Then come back to
the basics about everybody's Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient.
You will likely find things that are also
in your own Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient.

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Once w realize that
we are incomplete human beings
our  jobs is
*   To remember our most important,  missing pieces.
*   To remember What and Who We Are.~
*   To remember How the Universe functions
*   To remember
The Rules of Reality.
Our next job is to gather all the pieces together
for ourselves and for everybody else as well.

Out of this, will arise the realization
that we are we are cells
in a grander body of God-Goddess.~
Collectively, we are one single, Eternal Divine Being.


Where Are We:
If this is your first reading, temporarily ignore
the six links in the following two paragraphs.
They are included only to provide credibility.

          The overwhelming evidence tells us that
          we are living our lives in a Holographic Universe,~
          It functions in a manner similar to  a giant computer.

          Everything is controlled by exacting set of laws
          known as The Physics of Consciousness~
          and as The Rules of Reality.~
          We were born into the existing, giant holograph
          that we call our galaxy/
          our solar system/ and planet Earth.
          Within this context,~  everything we experience
          controlled by consciousness.~
          In this reality,  Consciousness Is King,~  
          Ignorance is always the slave.

No matter what your area of expertise is,
*   there is always much more to know about it,
*   and about the things
     that are closely related to what you know,
*   and about what happens to what you know
     when there is  a change in the context
     in which what you know
      is a piece of its content
*   For example, because of our growing awareness of
     what and who humans really are,~
     and because of the rapid advancement in technology,
     Earth's social structure is changing
    Cabal criminal-controlled service to self
     We-The-People-Controlled  Service to All.~

*   This is a profound change in context.
     This new context is producing a dramatic change in
     our understanding of what money  is,
     what it does, and what its value is,
     This is about to  dramatically change how humans relate to money.

Do you  believe that your small piece of consciousness
is  the whole, Universal  Truth on the topic of money.? 
If so, you are living in your own mind-prison.
You are living a lie. 

With pieces missing, You are dysfunctional, at best.
The sooner you wake up, the easier your life will become.

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Quotient   =   proportion,   piece    part    measure, 
                      amount,  share,   percentage


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C S 18-06-22



TO   Everyone Who Chooses Llove
RE:   Finding Yourself
FROM:   Robert Cote'


If you need assistance in
finding the content of
your Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient,
Contact us.

Here's the Real Question:
When you discover inside of your own consciousness
A major, missing piece of information
that had previously been missing,

Blessings  Be Llove     (love)
Robert Cote'   aka    Aum FahZoom
Core Member,  Earth-Recovery-Team,  
Money-Division, Team Leader

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Money     040--079

The Final Solution to the Money Problem
*   The-Death-of-Money   044
*   Understanding-the-Source-of-Money    0 45 
An Example of Our collective Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient:
*   Six-Major-Cabal-Banking-Frauds    041

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Introduction & Basic Information    000 --039
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About-TLC-Life-Center     011

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Physics -of-Consciousness     080--119

*   First-Universal-Law-of-Llove.     080...

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*   Call-to-Action   120--159

Urgent-Call-to-Action..     120
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The Criminal Challenge    300--349

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The So-Called-Good Guys   350  399
*   President Trump--    350
    Third-Dimension Genius   Fifth-Dimension Idiot

Cycles of War

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The Winning Strategy    400 -- 449

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12 May 21


No matter what we do or don't do,
our eventual success is guaranteed
by the cosmic shift

third-dimension consciousness
(the age of struggle and strife)
(the age of peace, freedom and abundance for all)

One day, in the not-to-distant future,
those of us who have not been exterminated
in the war for the control of human consciousness,
we will be free,  we will be healthy,    
and  we will live in a world free of criminals,
with an abundance of anything and everything
we could ever  want, need, require, and/or desire.

However, there one caveat (warning)
that we need to understand.

***   If, both individually and collectively
     we continue to act and fail to act
     with the same  incredible stupidity,
     with which we are now acting or not acting,
     our journey to success is going to be
     incredibly painful and VERY DEADLY

Here's what the evidence is telling us.
We think we are smart, which we are,
BUT we FAIL to recognize that
we are also incredibly stupid.

We are not really stupid. 
It's that in each and every one of us,
have major pieces of our Universal Consciousness
simply missing from our Conscious Awareness.

In other word, there are things that we do not know.
and we don't know that we don't know.

We've been lied to and told that
that which we already know
is all we need to know.
In other words, we have been mind-manipulated 
to turn our mind off and
to believe that  the Cabal pathological liars~
are tell us the truth.

We have been tricked by lies, by false beliefs,
by incredibly sophisticated illusions, and by MONEY.

The Real God-Goddess of wealth and abundance
has been cast aside and

Almost everybody is worshiping The Great God Money.~

Here are some of the pieces
missing from our consciousness

Let me give you just one example.
Money --  Banking    Six-Major-Banking-Frauds~

These six lies have been peddled
to the the people in the United States
for 108 years and still,
almost nobody is paying any attention.
This cartel of organized criminals
 has grown to become a world-wide phenomenon.
And if not stopped, this disease, this  parasite
will eventual kill most of humanity
and keep the rest as mindless slaves.

Right now, today,
You are an unconscious, mind-controlled slave.  
Most people are wage-slaves.
Most of the wealthy  are
Money and Profit Dopamine Addicts
and they do NOT know they are addicts.

Are you aware that making large amounts of money
has the same affect on the human brain
as does 
Snorting Cocaine.?

More Missing Pieces:
     Every Cabal  lie you were taught as a young child
     still lies hidden from your conscious awareness
     in your subconscious mind.
     today, it's  part of your Ignorance/Idiot Quotient.

     Earth-Humans are biological Computers.
     Our natural state of being is Cosmic Consciousness.
     In other words, in our natural
     (full-cosmic-consciousness) state of being,
      we have access to knowledge
     about anything and everything we choose to know.

     However, when we came to Earth,
    we were required to to forget our full knowledge
    As a result, every one of us has
     major pieces of our software
     significantly distorted or  completely  missing
     from our normal, waking consciousness

     We do not realize that we are incomplete humans
that we are incomplete humans

Here are some samples of
missing pieces of consciousness

*1   Point of Focus 
     ***   Most humans focus a huge portion of their lives
     focusing their minds on what is wrong,  on what is missing
     and on what the criminals are doing,
     on what the DO NOT  WANT.  
     ***   they do not know that the Universal Law of Thought~
     Gives them more of what they are thinking about,
     particularly  when they are very emotional

    Your Television~ is a Cabal, mind-control machine.

*2   Collective Single-Point Focus
       is the most powerful force in the entire Universe.
     Very few people understand
     the power of collective, human thought.~

*3  Cooperation / competition: 
     Humans have been mind-manipulated
     to focus on competition, fighting, and wars
     Cooperation is infinitely more productive.~

*4   Unity / Separation
     Separation is one of evil's major lies
     Everything and everyone are part of
     a single, universal whole.

*5   Mutual Support is missing.  
    When one looks closely  at this,
     it's obvious that humans cannot survive
     without the assistance of each other.

*6   Physical / Non-Physical
    We have been told that the non-physical reality is
    insignificant foolish, childish  imagination,
    when it is actually the source of
     absolutely everything in our  physical world.

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F.R. 18-03-09


Transfer notes to here

   The Universal Law of Thought  gives us more of
     what we think about, particularly
      when we are very emotional.

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When you start examining your own  believability,
Here's what you may find: :
*1   Missing Information:
     There is the possibility that
     you have critically important
pieces of information missing
     and you did not know that
     those pieces of information were missing.

That You believe You Know
     What is Possible and what is NOT Possible:
     Consider all those things
     that  you believe are impossible?
     *   How do you know what is possible
          and what is not possible?

     *   Answer the question, right now.! 
          Stop reading and answer the question.
     *   How do you know what is possible 
           and what is not possible?

          You don't.!     You can't.!   Why.?
     *   Because it is impossible for any of us in human form
          to know what is possible and what is not possible.

*3  Your Sheyitt-Consciousness:~
     Here's still another piece of everybody's
    You may have done much work  on
     cleaning out your subconscious mind
     of all the lies,  illusions, false beliefs
      and other Sheyitt-Consciousness~
     that you learned as young children, 
     you still hold  unexamined and
     not-yet eliminated crap
     This is part of your invisible mental prison.
     It's part of your Idiot-Quotient.

*4   Are you remembering that
     NOTHING in the entire universe is ever complete,
     including you
     and including  all that,  at which, you are so skillful.

So, When  something  way out of the ordinary comes along,
like The Death of Money,~
What are you going to do.?

We all get ourselves in deep trouble
all the time and  in countless ways
by seeing only our own small piece of the truth
and fooling ourselves into believing,
"I already know all I need to know."

If there is something / anything about which
you think you know all you need to know,
that's an area where your Idiot  Quotient
makes you a slave to your own ignorance.

For example,
based on the evidence that I am aware of,
here is my assessment of President Trump.
He is
*   a third dimension Genius  
*   a Fifth-Dimension Idiot.
Examine the evidence at
Trump -- a Genius and  an Idiot   .=    ..6...


Take a moment and  notice that essential pieces of information
remain hidden in your Ignorance/Idiot Quotient.
This lack of knowledge is keeping you in
your self-created,  belief -prison.

The advantage of studying Self-Awareness in teams
is that we can often see each other's missing pieces.

All of us, as young children,
were  mind-manipulated and
almost all of us are now stuck in a Cabal-created
of lies and illusions.

Your most powerful prison is your false beliefs about
The Nature of Earth-Humanity.~.
Here' the most powerful lie of al time: 
Humans are separate from
the Source of Creation

Our primary job as adults, is to get out of prison
That's where this book,
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness~
will take you,
only if you make the effort o learn
The True Nature of Being Human~
and learn
how the Fifth Dimension functions.~

If you feel overwhelmed, go to
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove:

Play the giving-Llove-game for about a month
and then notice the
mind-freeing-power of
giving Llove    and    being of service.

Section Title
Section Address   
..   .....

One of the first steps in reaching freedom.
is to understanding 
  The context~
in which We Find Ourselves

Thinking that what you are doing is,
in and of itself, important is a false belief.
It's important only if and when  it fits into
the grand context in which we live.
When our Earth's  context changes,
the value of what you do also changes

There is  a basic, fundamental set of
Cabal-installed lies
that control yours, mine, and everybody else's  life.

It matters not how smart you are
or how much you think you know,
If you are working for money, you are still in prison

Understanding the context that
you, I, and 99.9% of humanity is in, including myself,
we are still in one or more belief prisons.

The context we are in
is dramatically different from what
we have been led to believe it is.

How do you know / how can you  tell
if your are still living in the lie?    
 If you are doing anything for money,
you  are still in prison of your own version of
Cabal-installed beliefs.

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    .Idiot-Quotient.     .....
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F.R. 18-03-09


I'm going to take a moment and address the
That's Impossible  portion of your
This is the part of you that makes a decision
as if you knew something when
you really don't' know shit from apple butter.

unless, you know yourself as God/Goddess
it's literally impossible to know
that something is impossible.

Second, you've been tricked into
saying  something is impossible
by the Cabal criminals. 
Because it stops you from examining the evidence.
Because if your think outside
of your cabal-created false-belief box,
You might discover that
you are a mind-condoled slave

So, the next time you are confronted with something new
and you are tempted to say,
That's  impossible."  you now have a choice, 
Examine the evidence or stay ignorant by choice
That leaves you not only ignorant, but also
a foolish, stupid, dumb idiot.

Remember, consciousness cures stupidity.

I'M Too Busy.      I don't have time.,     and the like
These are more cabal tricks
to keep you from examining the evidence
and to keep you stupid

For the full story:

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55IQ-ONE   Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient-1       ....

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  and  Aum   FahZoom

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