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There one caveat (warning) that we need to understand.

***   If, both individually and collectively
     we continue to act and fail to act
     with the same  incredible stupidity,
     with which we are now acting or not acting,
     our journey to success is going to be
     incredibly painful and VERY DEADLY

Here's what the evidence is telling us.

We think we are smart, which we are,
BUT we FAIL to recognize that
we are also incredibly stupid.

We are not really stupid. 
It's that each and every one of us,
has major pieces of our Universal Consciousness
simply missing from our Conscious Awareness.

In other word, there are things that we do not know.
and we don't know that we don't know.

We've been lied to and told that
that which we already know
is all we need to know.
In other words, we have been mind-manipulated 
to turn our mind off and
to believe that  the Cabal pathological liars~
are tell us the truth.

We have been tricked by lies, by false beliefs,
by incredibly sophisticated illusions, and by

The Real God-Goddess of wealth and abundance
has been cast aside and
Almost everybody is worshiping The Great God Money.~

Here are some of the pieces
missing from our consciousness

Let me give you just one example.
Money --  Banking    Six-Major-Banking-Frauds~

These six lies have been peddled
to the the people in the United States
for 108 years and still,
almost nobody is paying any attention.
This cartel of organized criminals
 has grown to become a world-wide phenomenon.
And if not stopped, this disease, this  parasite
will eventual kill most of humanity
and keep the rest as mindless slaves.

Right now, today,
You are an unconscious, mind-controlled slave.  
Most people are wage-slaves.
Most of the wealthy  are
Money and Profit Dopamine Addicts
and they do NOT know they are addicts.

Are you aware that making large amounts of money
has the same affect on the human brain
as does 
Snorting Cocaine.?

More Missing Pieces:
     Every Cabal  lie you were taught as a young child
     still lies hidden from your conscious awareness
     in your subconscious mind.
     today, it's  part of your Ignorance/Idiot Quotient.

     Earth-Humans are biological Computers.
     Our natural state of being is Cosmic Consciousness.
     In other words, in our natural
     (full-cosmic-consciousness) state of being,
      we have access to knowledge
     about anything and everything we choose to know.

     However, when we came to Earth,
    we were required to to forget our full knowledge
    As a result, every one of us has
     major pieces of our software
     significantly distorted or  completely  missing
     from our normal, waking consciousness

We do not realize that we are incomplete humans
that we are incomplete humans
Here are some samples of

*1   Point of Focus 
     ***   Most humans focus a huge portion of their lives
     focusing their minds on what is wrong,  on what is missing
     and on what the criminals are doing,
     on what the DO NOT  WANT.  
     ***   they do not know that the Universal Law of Thought~
     Gives them more of what they are thinking about,
     particularly  when they are very emotional

    Your Television~ is a Cabal, mind-control machine.

*2   Collective Single-Point Focus
       is the most powerful force in the entire Universe.
     Very few people understand
     the power of collective, human thought.~

*3  Cooperation / competition: 
     Humans have been mind-manipulated
     to focus on competition, fighting, and wars
     Cooperation is infinitely more productive.~

*4   Unity / Separation
     Separation is one of evil's major lies
     Everything and everyone are part of
     a single, universal whole.

*5   Mutual Support is missing.  
    When one looks closely  at this,
     it's obvious that humans cannot survive
     without the assistance of each other.

*6   Physical / Non-Physical
    We have been told that the non-physical reality is
    insignificant foolish, childish  imagination,
    when it is actually the source of
     absolutely everything in our  physical world.

One day, in the not-to-distant future,
those of us who have not been exterminated
in the war for the control of human consciousness,
we will be free,  we will be healthy,    
and  we will live in a world free of criminals,
with an abundance of anything and everything
we could ever  want, need, require, and/or desire.

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TO   Everyone Who Chooses Llove
RE:   Finding Yourself
FROM:   Robert Cote'


If you need assistance in
finding the content of
your Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient,
Contact us.

Here's the Real Question:
When you discover inside of your own consciousness
A major, missing piece of information
that had previously been missing,

Blessings  Be Llove     (love)
Robert Cote'   aka    Aum FahZoom
Core Member,  Earth-Recovery-Team,  
Money-Division, Team Leader

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Blessings Be Llove   (love)

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