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Llove Is

The Core of Everything







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The Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient

The  Ignorance/Idiot Quotient
is that portion of your full,  Human-Consciousness
that you'd be wise to know, but you don't know      and
you don't know that you don't know.

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*1  First Universal Law of Llove.
      The way to receive Llove
         is to focus your attention
               on giving Llove.

*2  Love is all there is.

*3   Everything is a Single, Unified Whole.

*4   Humans are Eternal, Non-Physical God-Beings.

*5   Humans Are Great Creators.
       We are hard-wired to be biological  thinking machines.
     Our thoughts and emotions are our tools of creation.

*6   Our new sercice structure is Service to ALL

*7   To be free, we must learn the rules of consciousness
     and declare ourselves o be Sovereign Beings.

The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
      **First Lost Secrets of Llove             (website)
The First Lost Secret of Llove    (web page)
             Creating a day to Honor and to Celebrate of Life and Llove
             Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations of life and Llove
             Ways to Celebrate Llove
      **Third Lost Secrets of Llove
      **Fourth Lost Secret of Llove
             About Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
             Creating Llove-Day parties
             The Invitations
      **Fifth Lost Secrets of Llove
      **Sixth Lost Secret of Llove
     ** Seventh Lost secret of LLove~
     ///   ///   ///

The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove    Home Page
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove at:
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

The First Lost Secret  of 
Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

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The First Universal Law of Llove.....
    The Way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
               on giving Llove.

The First universal Law of Llove
Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

Llove Day Celebrations - Creating Monthly,
Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove

Sensual Delights Network

Satisfaction  --
Living at the Emotional Level of Satisfaction or Higher

Llove is the ultimate weapon of war
Consciousness Is King     .....

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Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  and  Aum   FahZoom

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