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The Team's mission is to discover the scientific truth
about the nature of planet Earth.

Here's a Summary of What We Already Know
*   We live in an electric Universe

*   Earth is in its own torus field

*   The surface of all the oceans
     on the entire Earth 
     are on a single flat plain

*   We live inside of the Antarctic ice wall
     NOT outside as we are being told
     by the pathological liars
     who are presently still in control of
      the existing social structure.

*   The content of Antarctica is NOT a continent

*   The Antarctic ice wall
     is a ring of ice encircling t
     the oceans and continents of Earth

Story?   Is the following story true.?   Did this happen.?
     U.S. and Russia shot rockets straight  up
     The rockets hit something and
     Every one of them  blew up.
     If you have evidence, please Contact Us.

*  When we saw the rockets launched
    during the time when the U.S. sent men to the moon,
    we saw that the rockets did not go straight up.
    At a certain height, the rocket trajectory curved
    and then rocket disappeared from view.

Admiral Byrd was innerved on national television
(Longine's Cronoscope)       6:51
Richard E. Byrd - South Pole Interview (short) - YouTube  
After returning from the South pole., Admiral Byrd
reported finding another continent
Quote below,   beginning at minute 1:40
                        going to Minute  2:06
     ". . .  But strangly enough,
     there's left in the world today
     an area as big as the united States
     that has never been seen by a humans being
     and that's beyond the pole on the other side of
     the south pole from middle America.
     I think it's quite astonishing that there should be
     an area as big as that unexplored

*  There is still much controversy
     about the reality of the story of
     humans going to the moon

*   Quotes from NASA people
      We can't get beyond the Van Allen radiation belt
*   Earth  ---  Photographs of Earth  ---  There Are NONE
     Awesome Flat Earth Song - No Photographs of Earth!
     Must Watch song from flat earth man ) - YouTube   5:19   ......

*   All  Earth satellites
     are in circular orbits inside of
     Earth's Torus energy field. 





What Questions Do We Want Answered.?
*   Physically examine what's in and on the ice wall.

*   What doe s Earth look like
     when seen from off-planet in space

*   Why all the secrecy around  Antarctica..?

*   What are the dimensions of the Ice

*   What is at  the the place called the south pole.?

*   And much more.





We focus exclusively on finding
the evidence-based scientific truth

We avoid all talk of Cabal activities.
Other teams will do the challenging.

The Torus research tam
focuses exclusive on science.

*   We want to physically examine
     what's in and on the Ice wall.

*   On whose authority are we being denied access.?

    When they site treaties as the unbreakable authority
      we offer statistics nd say
     How many treaties have been signed and broke.?
      How long did they Last.?

We-The-People were not consulted 
     regarding Antarctica treaties.
     All those who signed the treatise have left the planet.
     What right do they have to control our lives.



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Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  and  Aum   FahZoom

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