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14 Oct 19

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What Is
Llove  Potion  99 .?  



Like everything else about human life on Earth
our understanding of sex is changing dramatically

For example: 
*   Orgasm is presently as close as a human can get
     to God/Goddess while still in physical form.
*   The emotional power of sexual excitement
     can be used to power the manifestation process
     for anything humans chose to manifest.

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What is Llove-Potion-99
Llove Potion 99 is a blend of
*   Marijuana,  
*   LSD,    
*   Psilocybin,    aka  magic mushrooms
*   Pure Maple Syrup.

About These Ingredience
*  Marijuana interferes with
     Cabal Mind-control programming
    It's a Lie-Buster
*   LSD opens the doors to
      an orgasmic experirnce
    way beyond anything you have ever
     previously experience
*  Psilocybin is a pure access to 
    the consciousness of God/Goddess
*   Maple Syrup 
    The after-taste of sugar is in the throat.
     The after-taste of maple syrup i
     is in the frontal part of
     the human physical brain.
     My assessment of 
     my personal experience tells me that
     Maple syrup  opens the door to my  consciousness

In the right proportions and the right amounts:
*   It produces a powerful connection
     between God/ Goddess and the physical human.
*   It raise Sensual/Sexual Joy and Ecstasy
     to levels never experienced before.
*   It's  also known as Heaven's Gate.
*   It's your ticket to the non-physical side of reality.

This NOT a substitute for
Self-Awareness Training.

is like
training wheels on a child's bicycle.
Once you learn how to ride,
you no longer need the training wheels

*   We are seeking volunteers
     to test and find the right proportions and amounts.

*   Once a
high-quality dose is determined,
    we will produce it and give it freely
     to all adult participants in 
     our Monthly Celebrations of Llove~.

*   We will also publish the recipe.

I/We wish to the world
Great Golden Visions
enhanced  with  Llove Potion 99.
Because it's time for humanity to
 wake up and realize
Who and What We Are.!

Aum FahZoom   aka   Robert Cote
1-818-727-0727   ....





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Llove  Potion  99


TLC-Life-Center is based on the
three keys of creation

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Universal Consciousness .  

We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal

connection to Source/Creator/God-Goddess.  
Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
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       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   
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      Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness 
      are the three keys of Creation.  
      Whatever the question is,
      Llove is always part of the answer.    

       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

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Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    






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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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How to create the new
Service to All Social structure?
By taking the three main evil Laws
out of our existing social structure
and we rapidly will change from struggle to Joy
Evil's trinity is
*   The Lie Called Separation   
      Replaced by Understanding Unity - The Law of ONE
*   The Lie Called Scarcity       
      Replaced by knowing that Humans are Master Creators
*   The Lie Called Competition  
     Replaced by Cooperation, Caring, and Sharing.

Together, we create
the New    Service to All    social structure
is actually quite simple.
Step One Is:
Learn how to use
the first of
the seven Lost Secrets of Llove
Then you apply your new knowledge your life.
Apply it slowly step at a time,
and very soon we will find ourselves
on the receiving side of Llove. 

Remember Llove comes in gazillions of forms.
We are each one of those forms. 
The Second of The Seven lost Secrets of Llove Tells us
We Are Made of Llove.

Now our job is to live the way of Llove
Just Play, Play at Giving Llove.
only be aware there's going to be
so many givers of Llove that we'll each 
find your own baskets full,
full in every way we can imagine. 
We are only limited,
 at this moment,
is because we imagine ourselves as being limited.  

The limitations arrived in response to your invitation
You vibrated She-Yitt~ and we get more She-Yitt.~

When people look back an ask
"How did you do that?"
 you say,
We knew the ways of Llove all along,
We entered this game with an empty mind.
Our job was to remember
and we've won grand prize,
We realize we knew the way to Llove all along.

It's the First Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

///   ///   ///

Now, as One of the 5d Team's
Earthly Team Leaders
I /We Declare another Victory,   another First
for the TLC-Life-Center TeaM.

We have just created the Fifth Dimension's first 
Four-Letter Word. 
Just imagine a female Yitt
chewing on you ass and
you just can't Get    Her   Off.

The male end of this duality is the eater, a male  getTitt





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