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Adventures into

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.The-Primary-Laws-of-War   ..5 Laws     ....
...People-to-People-Connection and  Communication Services
..Find-Your-Feel-Good-Feelings     Manifesting with Emotions. 
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The-Primary-Laws-of-War   5-laws....

*** One     The side with the most advanced technology always wins.  

*** Two     Know your enemy, your adversary~.   (Situation update)

*** Three  Understand that Earth is now functioning
                  in the Context of  Fifth Dimension Consciousness

*** Four     By Changing the Context,~
                       the Content Must Change
                            to Match the New Context

*** Five     Consciousness is  King~
                  Consciousness is the Supreme Ruler of Everything.
                  Learn How the Universe Functions
                  Learn The Rules of Reality~
                  Learn The True Nature of Earth-Humans ~

In the third-dimension war
for the control of human consciousness,
evil has had the advantage of
superior, third-dimension technology.

But only  because we, the collective we,
do not yet know how to use
the Fifth-dimension-Consciousness / Llove energy~
to defeat 3rd-D. technology.

Here's a brief overview:
The Fourth Law of War

During September/October, 2017
Source/ God/Goddess opened the door for Earth-Humans
to reach Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.
Once enough humans realize What and Who we really are~,
we will vibrate so high that evil can no longer reach us.

The evil ones have no Llove.
They have no access to Llove.
They will soon have no access to Earth-Humans

We, humans, have Llove in an infinite supply.
All we have to do is apply
The First Universal Law of Llove ~
to ourselves and each other.

This is an example of 
All we did was change the context  in which we live
from third-dimension service to self into
Fifth-Dimension Service to All.

We made the change inside of ourselves.
Our collective, external world is now 
changing to match our new consciousness

Here's an example of one of the changes: 
*   We are  setting up a
   ,  People-to-People-Connection  and Communicating Servces
     This is a m
mutual support system
     that simplu bypasses and ignoes
     The third-dimension, criminally controlled, serviceto self system

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C S 18-06-22




*   Now that you realize that there is a war going on
     for the control of both  human consciousness~
     and for the control of the physical Earth, itself,
*   Do you also realize that, like it or not
     every human being, including you, 
     is a player in this war.

*   The best and simplest thing
     you can do to be of service
     is to learn and practice
    The First Universal Law of Llove.....
       The Way to receive Llove
             is to focus your attention
                  on giving Llove.

If you choose to be more active:
*   Examine the list of  eighteen  topics below
*   Choose something that inspires you
*   Join that aspect of The Earth-Recovery Teams~
     and do whatever makes you feel good.

If We-The-People are to win this war,
action is required.

*   Find our introductory web page at:
*   Find you niche by examining the list of issues below.
*   Pick one
*   Chunk it down until you find
     where in there you are most functional.

Issue # 1   Learn about Life After The Death of Money~
Issue # 2   Everybody has an Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient~
          This is an    extremely-potent,    public-education tool

Issue # 3   Resolve,  Fulfill and Complete The Ultimate Worthy Cause~  

Issue # 4   Develop a Free Communion and Connection System~....

Issue # 5  
Create a Mutual Support System~.......
Issue # 6   Learning the True Nature of Humans.~
Issue # 7   Service-to-All -- A Fifth-Dimension Social structure~....
Issue # 8  
Practice the First of the Seven Lost Secret of Llove~  

Issue # 9    Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove~
Issue # 10   Free-Energy Technology~......
Issue # 11   Single-Point-Collective-Focus~   

Issue # 12   .Foundation-Corporation-Partnership Business Structure~
Issue # 13   Join the Torus-Scientific-Investigation-Team.~
Issue # 14   Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved.~ 
          This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
          an evidence-based truth that will completely shatter
          a major, false belief about your life on Earth.

Issue # 15   Growing Our Own Food~
Issue # 16 
Physics of Consciousness~
                    The rules of reality~
Issue # 17  Learn Fifth-Dimension Consciousness~
Issue # 18  Do whatever excites you the most~

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We-The-People are creating a
A Direct. People-to-People
Connection and Communication System
designed by and  for
*   Self-Aware People
*   People Who Choose Llove
*   People who are with us in creating our new
    Service to All Social Structure~
*   People who understand and practice
     The First Universal Law of Llove.~

A basic, simple, People-to-People
connection and communication system
has been designed.
It's purpose is to maximize
public exposure of products and services
That are in harmony with

Everything relating to service to self
is simply ignored and left out.

Thousands of very helpful websites, webpages
and self-aware people have been
wiped off the Internet by the Cabal criminals.

Our job is to create a website, a place
designed and created exclusively for
*   The benefit of
*   A site devoted to Fifth-Dimension information,
*   A site where those working for Light and Llove
     can connect to each other on a one-to one basis.
*   A site offering knowledge, products, and services
     related to awakening humanity to an understanding of
      What and Who Earth-Humans Really Are.~
*   A site that completely ignores and excludes everything else.

Once we create  a single, free, uncensored website
where anybody can go when looking for
Self-Awareness Information, for guidance,
for teachers like yourself, like Davie Icke,
 life Foster Gamble,  and thousands more,
offering products, services, and the like,

We will become a magnet to those seeking
Llove, Freedom, and Abundance.
We will soon move on and
leave the low-vibration criminals alone
with only each other and those
hopelessly stuck in evil's mind-control prison.

We cannot fix the old, criminally controlled system
Even if President Trump gets rid do the Cabal criminals,
and their horrendous banking frauds,~
we still have to deal with the so-called good guys
who are service to self oriented and
the creators/keepers/sustainers  of
the million-year-old Cycles of War

We  must create the new system.
I am a Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer~.
I have designed a connection system and
located several key players.
I know how to put all the right  pieces together.
This must be a joint effort of 
several major players, including you.

Here's the link to our detailed design for a
People-to- people Connection and Communication Service
    5th Dimension People Connection Services    
    Page One --  Index  --  Home Page   

 We need participants, NOT followers.
How many of your followers
 are willing to became
 active players/participants.?

Let's find the players and begin putting all the pieces together.
*   Step one is to learn   The-Truth-About-Money
*   Step two is to fulfill   Ultimate Worthy Cause ~    
*   Step Three:   build the people to People Connection service,
     described above.

*   Step four is to find
     the major pieces of your cosmic consciousness
     that are missing from your everyday
      personality consciousness.
Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient ..  ...

*   Step five is a Massive Education/ Entertainment System  
     Beginning with Monthly Full Moon
     Celebrations of Llove and Light.

Are you on board.?  
I/we await your response.

And one other thing:
My body is 81-years old and quite fragile.
I do not know how much longer
I can sustain my physical form
in my present situation  and circumstances, so,

Blessing  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'   and    Aum   FahZoom

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     People-to-People-Connection  and Communicating Services   .....

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C S 18-06-22




Section Address:    

If you are not using the   
Emotional Freedom .Technique,
you're missing major piece in
the process of improving your life

There re four things I/we Llove about this technique,
*   It Works  
*   It works fast and the changes are permanent,
      unless, of coerce, you choose to rebuild
     your life of Sheyitt Consciousness
*   Its Versatility   
*   Its  Simplicity

Some examples of topics on which it works:
*   Reduce food cravings   (Weight Loss)
*   Release pain
*   To change one's self image
*   To release old traumas
*   To release    Fear    Guilt     Anger,    Sadness
     (All negative emotions)

*   Change a existing program
*   Add a new belief to the Subconscious programming.

    The Emotional Freedom Technique
     is a form of energy psychology that combines
     the mind, the body, and its energy field
     to treat emotional and physical illness.
          See More below on this page
Here's more from:
The Tapping Solution FoundationWhat Is Tapping and How Does It Work? - Tapping Solution Foundation

What Is Tapping and How Does It Work?

The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips
on specific meridian points
while talking through traumatic memories
 and a wide range of emotions.

What is a Meridian Point?
*   Put simply, meridian points are certain points
that can be mapped throughout the body.
*   Energy circulates through your body
along this specific network of channels.
You can tap into this energy at any point along the system.

*   All negative emotions are felt through
a disruption of the body’s energy.
*   Your physical body,  body, like everything in the universe,
is composed of energy.
*   Restore balance to the body’s energy, and
you will mend the negative emotions and physical symptoms
that stem from the energy disruption.
*   Tapping restores the body’s energy balance,
and negative emotions are conquered.

How does Tapping Work?
The basic technique requires you to focus on
the negative emotion at hand:
a fear or anxiety,    a bad memory,
an unresolved problem,
or anything that’s bothering you.

While maintaining your mental focus on this issue,
use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each
on 9 of the body’s meridian points.

Tapping on these meridian points –
while concentrating on accepting and
resolving the negative emotion –
will access your body’s energy,
restoring it to a balanced state.

According to Dr. Dawson Church,
*   “Acupoint tapping sends signals directly to
the stress centers of the mid-brain.
*  This is not mediated by the frontal lobes
(the thinking part, active in talk therapy).”

Because EFT simultaneously accesses stress
on physical and emotional levels, he adds,
“EFT gives you the best of both worlds, body and mind,
like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.”
In fact, it’s EFT’s ability to access the amygdala,
that initiates your body’s negative reaction
to fear, a process we often refer to as the
“fight or flight” response, that makes it so powerful.

Think of your amygdala as a personal alarm system.
When you experience trauma or fear,
the amygdala is triggered and your body is flooded with cortisol,
commonly known as the “stress hormone.”
This intricate chain reaction – your stress response –
significantly influences and sometimes even causes
whatever it is that troubles you,
whether that’s an illness, injury, emotion, or
even an external problem such as an issue with a friendship.

It’s estimated that 10 million people worldwide have used tapping

What’s so exciting is how incredibly quickly
it can alleviate issues like depression, anxiety and insomnia,
 as well severe PTSD, physical pain, even illness.

These studies show that by stimulating these parts of your body –
as we do in EFT Tapping –
you can drastically reduce or eliminate the distress
that accompanies or gives rise to these problems you face.
By doing so, you can often eliminate the problems themselves!

Tapping is simple and painless.
It can be learned by anyone.
And you can apply it to yourself,
whenever you want, wherever you are.
It’s less expensive and less time consuming.
It can be used with specific emotional intent
towards your own unique life challenges and experiences.
Most importantly, it gives you the power to heal yourself,
putting control over your destiny back into your own hands

Read about the science and research behind Tapping.
See how Tapping has been used for Stress and Trauma Relief with Survivors of the Genocide in Rwanda.
See how Tapping has been used for War Veterans with PTSD.

<><><><>  <><><><>

There is great power in accepting and
     allowing what is to be as it is

The inherent God-Power within us is unshackled
by letting go of our old, obsolete beliefs.

*   In order to experience our full human potential,
     we must release our long-held
      and  suppressed emotions,
*   When we deny and repress feel- Bad feeling,
     they stay with us  and get in our way.
*   So,  Instead of denying what's going on,  
     <>   I acknowledge the truth about myself
     <>   I accept it
     <>   I  allow it to be as it is.
*   I  acknowledge and feel
     my khold-priki  (feel-bad)  feelings
     for the purpose of
     releasing them and cleansing my emotional field.

Here are a couple of things
that this author adds to the basic EMF technique....

In order for your chosen creation
to manifest in the physical world
it must be witnessed / observed/ imagined in your mind.
Why?   Because  we live in a holographic universe.
Everything is created by thought.

The same Principe applies to releasing something unwanted


*   In your mind,  place and image of the unwanted feeling
    in front of you, on a table/ platform, etc.
     <>   From your heart, send a powerful ray of God's Llove
          into the "unwanted".
     <>   Imagine your Llove as a ball of fire .
     <>   Watch the fire burning up the unwanted
           until the only thing left is
           a small puff of smoke. 
     <>   Blow on the smoke and see the smoke disappears
          back into God' Llove.

*    Say to the unwanted  _________
     you are a lie, an illusion a fraud.   Be gone.
*   Fill the void with Creator's Llove.

*   Clap  your hands together.  
    The energy waves from your clapping
     will shock the image of the unwanted  whatever
     out of its stability and
     it will either fade away or instantly pop out of existence

<><><><>   <><><><>
Another technique
*   In your mind,  place an image of the unwanted feeling
    in front of you, on a table/ platform, etc.
*  imagine a point inside the unwanted, somewhere in the middle
    At that point, imagine the exact opposite of  the "unwanted".

*   As the opposite begins to grow, see
   the opposite image merge with  the unwanted.
*   Notice how they cancel each other out of existence
*   Then, fill the void inside of you with Creator's Llove.


Nine taping points video
How to Tap with Jessica Ortner: Emotional Freedom Technique Informational Video - YouTube      4:09

Tapping Points
*1a   Begin wth taping on edge of hand  (Karate chop point)
      Left Hand  --   Touch end of middle finger to end of thumb.
      Right hand  --  With index and middle fingers,
                              tap on edge of left hand
     "Even though I am feeling ___fill in the blank____
      I deeply and profoundly
      Llove and accept myself 
       exactly as I am
     regardless of what is going on in my life
*1b   Reverse hands and repeat the above procedure.

*2   Center edge of eyebrows
       Repeat the statement while tapping all nine points
*3  Beside eyes   On the bone
*4   Under the eyes
*5   Under the nose
*6   In the depression below the lips and
       above the protruding chin bone
*7   On the Collar bone
*8   Under the arms
       about a hand width (3 inches)below the am pit
*9   Top of the head

I accept where I am even though it's less than optimum.
I remind my body, mind and spirit to feel safe

Then shift to the positive side:
I am safe, secure,  and OK
regardless of what's going on in my life.
I deeply and profoundly Llove and accept myself exactly as I am.

Tap on each of the tapping points and
say the opposite of what you just got rid of and
end with:    "and that feels really, really good

Examine these two Pages:
Creating with Emotions


Fifth Dimension Manifesting

Hundreds of examples of the feeling we will feel
when our desires are fully manifested.
      Site 22


Statements that I tell Myself

*   I am a master at channeling my sexual energy.
     I direct that energy into manifesting  something  ( (anything)
     into my physical experiential reality.

We look at the emotional issues from our present and our past.

Achieve new things in my life by letting  go of
     underlying g limiting beliefs

<><><><><   <><><><>

What Is Tapping? with Nick and Jessica Ortner -
YouTube    22:41

To release
Stress,,   Trauma,     Limiting Beliefs    Negative Thinking
Pain   Cravings     Anger,   Axiety     Financial Stress

Tapping sends a message to the amygdala part of the brain
Amygdula Defined
A roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere, involved with the experiencing of emotions.

Emotional Freedom Technique (Also called EFT or Tapping)
Text from the above website

"EFT is a form of energy psychology that combines
the mind, the body, and its energy field
to treat emotional and physical illness.
Research has shown that EFT effectively treats
anxiety, depression, addiction, symptoms of trauma,
and a host of other emotional and physical problems."

"EFT is based on the Chinese theory of energetic meridians.
Chinese medicine believes that we all have meridians,
which are energetic pathways that run through our bodies
(similar to how blood runs through our veins).
When we are sick, those meridians are blocked.
To heal, needles are placed in specific acupuncture points
on the body to unblock the energy to restore health.
Tapping also uses energetic meridians,
except tapping with your fingers is done on
the specific energy points instead of using needles."

Tapping is simple, easy, and effective.
Research has shown that it can actually
improve brain structure and function.
It can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical issues
from insomnia to headaches, anxiety, depression, and trauma."

Above text from:

EFT/Tapping - The Imagine Project

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We share this page  with you as FYI.
If you are new to the study of
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.~
The information on this page
 is way  too much to take in at one time.

Just be aware that everything mentioned below
is all part of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's,
Single Unified Whole.
Be aware of it, otherwise ignore it for now.
Come back later, if you like, and
pick a piece that interest you
and learn more about it. 

Learn at your own pace.
Remember, you are an eternal being,
You have all the time there is.
Relax,   Allow,  Enjoy.   Just be.  

If you want to help create our New Social Structure,~
focus your attention on
The First Universal Law of Llove

<><><><><>   <><><><><>   <><><><><>

What are we?     Who are we?    Where Are we? 
Why are we here?   What will our future e like? 

We are Eternal, Non-physical, God-Beings~
Living in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's  Cosmic  Holograph~

If you understand the Universal Law of Correspondence,~
you can see life on Earth in a human body
is very much like living inside of a real-life  chess game.

The players are not Kings, Queens, Knights, Castles, etc.
They are
*   You and me and all the other humans,
*   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,
*   President Trump,
*   The U.S.  Military,
*   The So-called Good Guys,
     *  Fossil Fuel Industry
     *   Big Pharma   (The Legal  Drug Industry)
     *   Corporate Farming
     *   Weapons production industry
     *   Banking and Financial Industry
     *   Computer and Communications Industry

*   AI  Artificial Intelligence,
*   Off-Plant evil beings  Beings, primarily The Lizzerdz,
*   The Cabal Banking Criminals,
*   Evil's War Machine,
      See:  Situation Update~
*   Other Galactic Civilizations.

Trends /
Changes in Direction of Pieces of our Social Structure

*   Global-level shift  in computer communication technology
*   The Desire for Personal, Human-to-Human Connections
     are stronger than ever.
     "You never miss the water until the well runs dry."
 *   Virtual (computer-simulated) contact is growing dramatically
     When Humans the simple rles bout  how to combine
     our collective powers of creation,,
     the world make the greatest change
     that humanity has ever seen.
*   The inevitable, unavoidable, complete death of money,
     in all of its forms

*   The second phase of awakening is becoming popular.
     Earth-Humans are learning the truth about
     What and Who They Really Are.~
*   People are learning and practicing and teaching and living by
*   Our transportation system is being dramatically upgraded
     by new technology
*   Universal Free Energy already exists.  
     It's not available to  We-The-People because
      the so-called good guys are hiding it from us

Then, there are the rules of the game
Physics of Consciousness       How the Universe Functions   
*   The Rules of reality,~
*    The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~

The Contexts we find our selves in
*   Source-Creator/ God-Goddess's  Cosmic Holograph,~
*   Our Soul-Selves   Everything we learned
     in all of our past/other lives
*   The true nature of what a human being actually is,~
*   We are conscious, eternal, , non-physical God-beings
*   Ourselves in physical bodies
*   Life on planet Earth a this point in cosmic Evolution,
*   Evil's  ongoing Cycles of War.
*   Situation Update,~
*   Earth-Humanity is in a war with evil
     for the control of human consciusness.

Consciousness is King.
Consciousness in NON-physical.
Consciousness rules everything that we call physical reality.
Consciousness creates physical reality.
We, every human, was created by Source/ Consciousness.
We are all Children of Source/ Consciousness/ God/Goddess.
By change the Context, we change the meaning of it's content.
We are in a war  for the control of human consciousness.
The main weapon of the evil ones
     is Lies, illusions, false beliefs, and
     all low vibration emotions, such as
     fear, anger hate, guilt, etc.
Check what the evidence tells us about Roman Catholic theology

<><><><><>   <><><><><>  <><><><><>

Considering all the above conditions and circumstances,
let's examine what President Trump is doing and not doing

Are you aware that in every aspect of reality,
Consciousness is King.  
Consciousness actually controls everything in physical reality.

As soon as you learn What and Who You Are,
We will show you how to
use our collective, human consciousness to eliminate evil.

The first key factor for
We-The-People to remember i
s that

There is no need to struggle, argue or fight about anything.
Why.?  Because we are in a war of consciousness.
Consciousness is King~.
Humans are a vital part of that consciousness

Think of life as a real-life version of
an incredibly sophisticated chess game.

The greatest power we have is each other.
Collective human consciousness
is the strongest power in th entire Universe

Thousand of years ago, 
Earth's  evolutionary process was interrupted.
Planet Earth and everything on it
including the consciousness of humanity,
 was hijacked, stolen, and taken over by agents of evil.

Evil has become incredibly  destructive,
almost beyond imagination.
They even destroyed Earth's sister planet and
turned it into what, today, we know as the asteroid belt.

Prime Creator/ God-Goddess has stepped in  and
is in the process of cleaning up the mess.

Let's look at President Trump and the U.S. military.    ....

<><><><>   7   <>><><>
*   Section Title    .A-Real-Life-Chess-Game..     .....
*   Section Address     .     .....


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 18 May 2021

The World's-Most profound-
True-Story-About Money



TO:  All seeking more Llove~ and abundance in their lives
FROM:   Robert Cote'

RE:   The Death of Scarcity and Money

Are you sick of working and struggling for money.?
Are you ready for something much better.?
Then, this story and this opportunity are for you

Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness is now here for
all Earth-Humans who are ready to learn the truth about
What and Who Humans Really Are.

Are you ready for the most profound Money-Story ever told.?
It's way, way, way. . . too good to be believable.
But,  It's True.    If you'd like,  Check Our Believability.~

In this story one of our readers
is going to receive  $150,000 finders fee.
Would you like to be that person. ?

All you have to do to receive the $150,000 is:
be the first person to inspire a very-wealthy person
to become aware of The Death of Money and
choose to work with us on  The Earth-Reclamation Team
 to complete and   to resolve
The Ultimate Worthy Cause.~
which will prevent a major social disaster
and a trillion-dollar financial disaster.

Here's  The First Chapter of the Story~

You"ll be guided through the full story from there.

The Idiot Quotient

Self Over Situation -- Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati
& Dr. Bruce Lipton - YouTube   1:39:51
Two masters of  The Art of Fifth-Dimension-Life~
share their expertise and their  wisdom.
Be sure to also read the text and check the links below the video.

*3   Looking for a Business Partner
       Talented in Social-Media-Marketing.

Thank you.
Blessings  Be Llove     (love)
Robert Cote'   aka    Aum FahZoom

*    When he  realizes that he'd be wise 
     to prepare himself for life after the Death of money
      He'll also realize that
     he  has the opportuneity iy to make a pto all f humanity

If I' right, you'll find yourself
being offered $150,000
for getting a very wealthy person
to read what you have just read about money.

If he  join The wealthy Peoples Power team
and participate in fulfilling / completing
The Ultimate Worthy Cause.
you will receive a $150,00 finder's fee.

Here's the end of money story

About believability

Your   job / invitation  55C


I'm also lookin publicity partner

The overwhelming evidence tells us
We, Earth-Humans,  are here on Earth:
*   To give Llove
*   To receive Llove.
*   To experience joy.

Some say we are here
*   To Learn,
*   To Grow,
*   To Expand
*   To become more than we ever have been before

The Pleiadians tell us we are for:
*  Self-Exploration
*   Self-Expression
*   Self-Gratification

For many people ,their lives have more
     Ugly times /  khold-prikies     than   
      Joy times     warm fuzzies.
That's changeable 
and I'm here to incite you
to join the Earth Recovery Team
as we creat humanity's new Service-To -ALL Social Struture

I am a researcher and an investigator
and  I've discovered  why their is so much
grief and misery on Earth at this time:

Here Is Why.
Because we are incomplete humans.
We are incomplete because
pieces of our humanity are still being kept  hidden
from our Personality-Selves.

When we left our heavenly-home
and entered a human body
we were required to temporarily forget
all of our full cosmic consciousness.

We come with a subconscious mind
that keeps our bodies functioning
But the knowing stuff, l
likes whats in the mind of your personality-Self
that was all left behind.

Part of the game called Human-Life is for each of us to
piece by peice , remember
What and Who we really are

God-Goddess designed us this way so that along the way,
back to full memory, most  of us
would create new new pieces     
to add to our collective reality,
most  pieces rather simple,
other more than profound

Let me give you a profound example
I/We, Robert, discovered
a new path back to  God-Goddess
Once you see how simple this is,
you'll be asking yourself,
"Why didn't  I think of that."

The answer is because I'm the one who studied
from the Fifth-Dimension Perspective.
I recently put enough of my pieces of consciousness
together in a new way. a way that nobody else ever thught  of.

When I heard these nine  words
from Andromeda contacted,, Alex Collier
lightening bolt flashed in my mind

Are you ready.?  here it is:
No other civilization in the entire galaxy uses money.

A huge piece of awareness exploded in my mind
I saw countless pictures of a huge story ,
all in a timeless flash
I was given a profound a piece of cosmic awareness

I new this must have come from God-Goddess
Because I not only  knew the future of money.
     Money soon will die and
     be gone from Earth for ever more.
I already knew that money was tool of the evil ones.
It's purpose was to enslave humans

What I knew was a new path to
Llove, Joy, Freedom and abundance for all.
Tell me the how-to .details later,
Right no w tell us what else yuo saw.

I saw and still see a world of marvel and  wonder,
*   a world where things and experiences are better than majic,
*   a world where I and other  humans
          can do as Jesus did an as He said we could.
*   a world where everyone has food, clothing , shelter
     and whatever else, for them, makes life worth living

Great.!   when can we move in.?
We can't just move in.
We have to build it  around us
by letting go of all that no longer serves us and
building a brand new infrastructure.
an infrastructure that serves the people.
Piece-by-piece we let go of he obsolete
and replace it wit anything and everything we choose.

That's even better   What is the next step? 
Is it your phenomenal discovery.?

That it is.
We want your participation
Here's your invitation

Here the path to the process

here your first task

Every motivation speaker
always include this same message i
in every one of their presentation.  
"Be of Service to Others>"

Then, why are we living is a society
that focuses on service to self.?
The biggest story in this society is
I'll serve you , but only if you pay me money
Our so-called leaders trained us to to sell and not to give

When we examine the true nature of humanity

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C S 18-06-22

Copy prior to inserting text.   




The evidence I see tells me
you are smart but lack wisdom.
You know how to make money
in the old and dying, service-to-self,
third-dimension world.

Perhaps you don't yet know that
humanity is shifting into
the Fifth Dimension world of
Abundance and Service to All.
Money is soon going to become
useless, worthless, obsolete, 
and dead, Dead.  DEAD.!

Stop whipping your dying horse and get WISE.!
If you were wise, you'd ask,
"Is the person who sent me this message,
crazy, stupid, senile a con artist, or
is it possible that there is something that he knows
that I need to know but I don't  yet know.?"

Your choice, investigate or stay stupid.!

I AM a    Visionary,   and a   Psychic,
*  I see what others don't see.    See example.
*    I am a Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer.    See example
*    I am a teacher of Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.
*    I wrote the first book ever published in
      Fifth-Dimension style and format.
*   I have 32 years of study, research,
      and experience
in the field of Self Awareness.
*   I am also the Discoverer/Designer/Creator of

I can bring you up to speed
in a relatively short time.

Robert Cote'   and   Aum  FahZoom
1-818-727-0727   ....

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C S 18-06-22




Right now,  at this moment, we have available to us
    -a trillion-dollar-supply of money.
*  That money is in the position of our wealthy
     brothers and sisters
*   All we have to do is wake up and inspire
     the first  very wealthy person
     to realize the evidence based truth
      about The Death of Money and
     take a simple action,
     Donate some of his or her excess money~
     before it becomes worthless.
     *   The first use of that money will be for
          We-The-People will us it to resolve / complete 
          The Ultimate Worthy Cause.~
     *   His or her action will get the attention needed
           to open the flood gates to billion of dollars
         from other wealthy people.
          All of humanity will receive huge benefits
    *   Tens of thousands of very wealthy people
          will become aware that they have excess money
          that will lose it value if not spent
          before the death of money arrives.
     *  Our job is to inspire him or her to donate a portion of that
          presently valuable, but soon to be worthless money
          to be spent to expand the well-being of We-he-People
     *  Our challenge is to get a very wealthy person
         to examine our message

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F.R. 18-03-09

The-Sections- below
have not yet benn edited snd formated

Template .

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C S 18-06-22

Message-to-Simon-Parkes   10 May 21




We all are incomplete humann

hey know almost nothing about how the universe function oand nothingabouut the nature of humanity
Violencesolves problemidioits  to rescue us.

Our job is to create several teams,

With regard to
guiding and building   the  future of humanity
I/We,  and the TLC-Life-Center Team:
*   We know  what to do, 
*   We know How to Do it,    and
*   We know where to start.
At the moment, what is missing are the teams of
 people willing to do the doing.

We'd like you and your people to work in harmony with us.
Out Priority Point of Focus is
tapping into the transition-processprocess

as Earth humanity shifts out of
its present, fraudulent money system
into Life after the death of money

Our mission is to extract
some of the trillions of Excess dollars
( Money that will never be spent by its owners)
and do so while  that money is  still valuable.
That money is then used for
the well-being of We-The-People.

That's the priority starting points in
The Earth-Recovery Mission

We approach you for four reasons:
*   Connecting Consciousness. org is
     a clear demonstration of your mastery.
*   You have 70,000 people most of whom
     are ready to participate in building
    the new Service to Alll Social System.~
*   You already know the the end of money is a certainty.
*   You have direct and  personal access to Charlie Ward.

*   Examine he evidence:

If you are willing to work/play with us and
 not run away and hid in your Idiot-Quotient,~
contact us and we'll share with you
several, additional, potent strategies.

Please also ask some of your people to create
a 3-to-7-person-team and try to prove us wrong.

Show anything you can find that can stop our mission to
spend hundreds of billions of soon to be useless-dollars
to enhance the well-being of all humanity

Why try to prove us wrong.?  
Because in trying to prove us wrong,
you will prove us right.

Thank you.  

A computer response is likegoing to  resteraunt nd eaciontg the menue.

*   New Self-Awareness, Education System
     Beginning with Full-Moom celebrations of Life and Llove.

*   Local-Community-Farm and Garden Sysem
     along with it'snational Support Network

*   QFS    Quantum Financial Systed
    Beyond the rumor that their going to end income tax
     Which has been illiga since to was first inroduced,
They haveh nothing to offere the people.
QFS is by the super wealth, and for he super wealthy
 They don't give a sheyiit  about anything but the mselves.

Most lies are lies of omission
Most lied are part of a network of lies

Most liesare told to protectethe status quo.

Here's the next challenge:
*   The White hats, 
*   The So-called GOood guys.
*   The wery wealthy parasites that are  still living off
     the sweat, blood, and ters of human  wage slave
They do NOT want things to chsnge.
Here's their collective consciousness
Their basic consciousnes is
*   Fear,
*    Service to self consciousness
*   Fear
*   sepaation consciusness
*   Fear
*   Greed
* war-Consciousness
*    Anger
*   Strong resisanceto change
*   Fear
*   HUGE<Massive,collectife Idiot-Quotient

Major portions of his consciousness
are simply missing from his human awareness.

Ending income tax is a the pricehey have to pat (the bribe to shut us up)

Perhaps you might be inerested in participating
in the most unique and profound non-political cue
in all of human history. 
Using a unique opportunity that is  is present in the transition into a world
with so much wealththe scarcity and monyfadeanddie

 from t in one felled swoop eliminate the Cabal criminal bankers from power and replace them with We-The-People.

use the transition crime and mone  to freedom andabundance for Allperhaps we could return control of the human population to We-the people

With regard to
guiding in the the future of humanity
I and the TLC-Life-Center Team:
*   We know  what to do, 
*   We know How to Do it,    and
*   We know where to start.
At the moment, what is missing are the teams of
 people willing to do the doing.

You, Master Simon, have access to the people needed
to turn We-The-People's  plans into  major accomplishments.
Here are some of the major pieces we are building:

*1  The overall Context:
     Creating a cooperating network of guides and leaders
     consisting of  about 777 of
     the world's best and brighten people.
     We will be work/playing in/on dozens of
     independent, mutually supporting
     and well coordinated teams.

*2  A people-to-People Connection system
     This is where all those willing to  work/play on
     one of We-The-Peoples action teams
     can directly communicate with each other
     on a one-to-one personal level.
    We have an abundance of designs,  suggestions
    and some key people, ideal for this project .

*3  Money - The Final Solution~        FinalS    FinalS
     As you know, Earth-Humans are headed into
     a social structure in which 
     We-The-People create so much wealth and abundance
     that scarcity and money both fade and disappear.
     We are at choice as to how to get there..
     Here is our/your invitation to the solution
      from Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's Master Plan.

*4   We-the-People's
Very-wealthy-Peoples Financial Power Team.

Charlie Ward, like yourself, is one of the masters of his craft.
Both of you fully  realize that we are headed into a world 
where money no longer exists.   ( FinalS )

We'd like you and Charlie, and  Alex Collier~
to offer credibility the the evidence that 
the Death of Money is inevitable and unavoidable and
is  as  certain as knowing that Llove feels good.

We'd like Charlie Ward to open the door for the people
 to The very Wealthy Peoples Power Team.
My non-physical connection to Universal Consciousness and
Everything my physical senses tell  about Charlie  Ward,
all of that tells me that there is no person on the entire planet
more qualified to be point man~ for his project
than Charlie Ward.  *  His career,  
* His website, 12 million followers.   *  his prolific writings,
*   More wealth has passed through his control
than any other man on the Earth.   *  His believability,
*  His energy field, literally Vibrates happy Wealth/Money,
*  His temperament,  *  His personality,   * His physical appearance.
He's like someone I'd like to have known as my Uncle Charlie.

Simon,, please contact Charlie and ask him
to direct his expertise to this project,
and remember The-Power-Team's first project
is to complete the Ultimate Worthy Cause.


*5  Waking people up to What and Who Humans really are:
*****  Education Content
 Human Nature  What is the True Nature of Earth-Humans

*****   Education Format
Full moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

*6  Food an Jobs for everyone;
In order to be free, We-the-People

*7  Dealing with the  Moneyed-Power-Elite
Once the evil ones are removed from power,
we still must deal with the so-called good guys
who want to keep us as their servants so that
 thy can maintain their wealth and privileged status.

Our team knows how to deal with them.
We know what to do and how to do it.
For now, we focus our attention elsewhere.

*8  Legal Authority:
What we don't know is how to deal with the simple fact
all laws created under the false, fraudulent  authority  of
The United States incorporated
are no longer legally enforceable  laws.  
Although almost nobody knows it,
humans are Sovereign God-Beings.
The laws of United States Incorporated
 are no longer legally applicable to We-The-People.

*9  Off the Mark: Twice
There are two major areas
where humans are way Off The Mark
Until these two issues are properly  addressed,
humanity will remain in its prison of ignorance.~

Focus-- Point of Focus

The Universal Law of Thought tells us that
we get more of whatever we think and talk about
Thoughts and beliefs filled with fear ,
Thoughts of fighting and wars
this is what brings to humanity
more to Fear and Fight About.
and bigger more deadly tools of war.
   Fighting Is for Losers

Wake up or Die fighting

***Two***   Mutual Cooperation
Thousand of us have skills that would be incredibly valuable i
to fellow warriors  in humanity's war of consciousness
to free humanity from evil.
and yet so many remain stuck
in the own Idiot Consciousness and 
charge fellow light-workers,
fellow soldiers in the war of consciousness
money to learn the  tools of consciousness
tools that would make their fellow warriors
much more effective
They require us to pay the same price as those
who are still completely asleep and do nothing.

Wake up.   Sshare your skills
with your fellow warriors in the battle for
the control of human consciousness.

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C S 18-06-22




Here is one of he techniques to find
missing pieces of consciousness i.e. a person's Idoit Quotent
What a person does is a measure of what a person is

Here's the pattern: 
"How a person does anything is how they do everything."
Everything fits into a pattern.

Notice a particular behavior in a person
Then, apply the Universal Law of Correspondence,
look for another related behavior in that person.
When you find it, you will have opened the door
to knowing how they live their entire lives.

This applies to their consciousness  (their beliefs)
 as well as to their physical behavior.

Some examples: 
*   Notice the company that he or she keeps.
*   Does the person have a pet.?
     is the animal an anima companion
     or do they simply have a pet.?
*  Notice cleanliness habits.
*   Notice how they dress.
*   Notice how he/she treats a waiter in a restraint.
*   Notice what is in his/her refrigerator.
*   Notice the design, style, and  the content of their  website.

Become  aware of any of these patterns, and
you know much about everything else  her/ his life

The Bottom Line in a relationship,
*   Before you get into any kind of relationship,
     (personal, business, social, etc.)
     be aware that whatever you see that person
      doing to somebody else.
     Why?   Because, sooner or later,
     given the means, the motive, and the opportunity,
     they will be doing the something to you

*   "If you make friends with an elephant keeper, 
    make room in your life for his elephants."

***2   Charlie Ward
Charlie delivered gold around the world
for wealthy people, for  organizations,
 corporations and governments.

<><><><><>   <><><><><>
***3   Foster Gamble

Foster has and is providing
the the greatest service to humanity
of any person hat I am aware of of,
 with the exception of  President Trump

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C S 18-06-22




The people did not respond to the military expectations
because the  military doesn't know
jack-sheyitt about communication.
They know how to take orders, to give orders,
to kill,  to destroy, and put pretty ribbons on their chests

They, on occasions, may know how to win a particularwar ,
but they have absolutely no idea
how to end  The-Cycles-of-War.
They focus on fear, on fighting
and on creating better killing technology
and never even consider that  it is
that keeps the cycles of war
in a never-ending loop.

They cannot even imagine how
the power of human cooperation,,
the power of mutual support
the power of collective human thought
could produce so much wealth that scarcity would fade an die.
This would  transform  planet Earth into a paradise
that vibrated so high that evil could never again reach us.
Imagine what will happen when scarcity disappears.

It is outside of their world to think that lowly non-military human
could possible tell a career military man  anything of value
The second paragraph above (focus on fighting)
is a classic example of military's lack of ability
to think outside their killing consciusness.

This is just one small piece of their Idiot Quptient.
There are several more, major pieces 
that  collectively keep them
in their own self- created, false-belief prison.

In any communication, to be successful,  the message giver
MUST speak into the listening capacity of the listener.

The military does not know sheyitt from apple butter
about communication..
If you want to be heard and understood
you must speak the same language as your listener
and speak about things relative to
and of interest and/or of value  to the listener

A non-military-tactics 
information service for We-The-People
 the people needs to be setup.


Here's an example of how a piece of news,
if properly presented,  could be a big eye opener.

The Three Gorges Dam in China
was constructed by people
under the control of the Cabal Criminals
The dam was intentionally NOT connected
 to the bedrock beneath  the dam.
As a result, portions ofthe dam, itself,
has moved down stream  s few inches from its original position

If no corrective action is taken
it's only a matter of time before
the dam breaks and releases massive  flood waters
causing hundreds of thousands of lives lost
and huge financial, social, and economic disasters.

<<><><><><>   <><><><><>

The people have been brainwashed since birth 
not to listen to anything that threatens the status quo.
For Example, all the messages from "Q anan"
may have had value for the very few but
for most humans it had absolutely no relation to their lives.

The average person even today
has no idea the there is even a war going on.
Here's a simple example: 
     A.I.  Controls the off-planet reptilians
     The Reptilians  (Lizzerdz)  Control the Cabal
     The Cabal has enslaved the Earth-Humans.
     You, my friend, are a  mind-controlled slaves.
Go anywhere and tell tha tto the first  person you meet
and notice the response you get.

The military and everyone else
in control of our resent social structure
treats We-The-People
like mindless idiots to be manipulated and used

There was and still is no information service to the people 
Do you remember Radio free Europe of the 1950s

The present social sructure would be incredibly difficult to fix.
 It far easier to simply build a new social structure
 Here's our suggested  starting poin:
Gardens -- Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
by,  of,  and  for  


Include  a way for
those who have something to offer
to can contact you.

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C S 18-06-22


How-to-Win-A-War Using-Consciousness  



Are you aware that your own infernal belief system
controls your life.?
If you believe the Cabal lie that violence solves problems
you are stuck in in
evil's cycle of violence and war

here are no victims, Only Unconscious creators.

Are you are a money and profit, dopamine addict,?
 If you are not prepared for life after the death of money,
you will require a major adjustment
in your definition of who you are and what you do,

We all have a huge, negative, thought/belief  warehouse
in our subconscious minds.

If you have not examined
why you believe whatever it is that you believe,
you are still a mind-controlled slave.
You are still  are still living in
a Cabal--created world of Sheyitt-Consciousness.~

Your life is controlled by your subconscious programming
and NOT by your conscious mind.

Your thoughts are mostly confined in your belief box.
If you believe something to be impossible,
then, for you, it is impossible.

Every thought you think is an act of creation
The life you are presently experiencing
is a blend of your most dominant thoughts.
Thoughts accompanied with high emptions
 are the most powerful thoughts.
High-emotion thought manifest much faster
than low-emotion thoughts.

I's one thing to Win a War
it's something far grander to
learn the truth about
and then eliminate
Evil's Cycles of War...

Here's a chapter in your personal and
in Humanity's' collective, Ignorance-Idiot-Quotient.~

There is no finger pointing
There is no blame.
Without knowing that you are doing so,
ou are following a very old,cabal-installed
Cycle of Evil   called  
The Cabal Wheel of War

Here's how it works
*   First, educate your self on these three Laws of Reality
          *  The Universal Law of Thought  
          *  The Universal Law of  Returns
          *   The truth about Newtonian Physics.

Here's your repeating cycle
*  You wake up and realize that
     humanity and  the-evil-ones  are in a war.
*  You and the evil ones are both fighting over
     who gets to control of planet earth and
     who gets to control of the minds of Earth-Humans
*   While feeling much that is
      a variation of Fear-Consciousness,
     you focus on winning the war.

*   Once the war ends,
   fear and the energy of war
     are still  alive and well.
     Both are inside of your consciousness.

*   Fear pushes you to build better weapons
     so that humanity will be prepared
     in the possibility of another war coming along.
*   your power of thought about violence and war
     builds until you beccome
      a great magnet for another war
*   When it comes, you tell yourself
    how lucky you are ,
     You are prepared.
     and you focus on winning the next war.

*   Your Idiot-Quotient is telling you that
     someone or something outside of your self, 
     something out there in the physical world
    is responsible for and caused causing the war.

*   The missing truth is that your focus on war
     turned you into a magnet that attracts, violence and wars.
*   You are playing Victim Consciousness.

*   You, me, we, all of us together,
     created absolutely everything we are experiencing.
*   We vibrated with war-consciousness,
     and the Universal Laws
     bing war into our physical reality.

*   It's really that simple.!

*   This cycle will continue  until
    we change our consciousness
*   The Wheel of War has been spinning endlessly
      un-noticed for millions of years

It's time for Self-Awareness and
the power of Collective, Human-Consciousness
to bring planet Earth back  into
the light of The Truth ablaut everything

Start here:
and aid here

History will remember this time as

Your Idiot Quotient:
Your Idiot-Quotient is showing up big time.
You have spent your life time fighting what you do not want.
and doing violence against it.
By naming something you acknowledge its existence.
By fighting something you give it your own life power.
you make it stronger.

You cannot create peace by fighting
You may kill its life form , but
you cannot kill evil's  existence 
by killing its messenger.

*  The consciousness of fear  and
the lie that violence solves problems
are inside of your consciousness.
That is the place to go
if you choose to create peave

*   The Bottom Line
     It is you, me. we,  the collective US that is creating
     the wars ,the violence and the destruction.

If you are among the Good-Guys / the whiteHats
who are withholding vital,
non military infrmation and  technology from the people
you will soon be facing sever negative consequences
asa reprocussion of the grie, misery and deaths yuo are responsible for

Good Guys Beware 
lest you suffer the consequences of
consciously denying consnoiusness to We-The-People

The Universal Law of Returns
The Universal Law of Thought
The Universal Law of Attraction
all tell us that what you are presently doing
will  receive the same consequences
as the Cabal Criminals are about to receive.
And, I assure you, where they are going,
you don't want to there.

On trial (i.i. subject to exposure)
By causes vast amounts of grief and misery 
by intentionally hiding technology is
on ow vibration side in cosmic law, therefore,
it will attract back negativity
an expanded version of  what  was given out

When you believe and live by a belief that is false,
you ignore the truth which is the exact opposite
of your belief.
That is opposite is The Truth
For example, 
Billions of human have been taught
 and still believe and behave
as if they are separe from God.
i.e. separate from Source/ Prime-C reatror/  God-Goddess.~.

Imagine what the world would be like
if all those billions of fellow, Divine,God-Beings really new THE TRUTH.

Weare entering the Fifth dimension
In 5D., there are no secrets

So what do you want us to do.?
Focus  on creating your ideal world
as you would chose it to be.
Start by focusing on giving Llove.

This is where the Universal Law of Returns
again steps in and gives you Llove

Ask yourself,
"If I were Llove in a physical form,
how would I express myself.?
I would think, talk, and act in a manner
that creates joy feeling inside myself.
Such thoughts would bring me more joyous  experiences.

The opposite is made by thoughts  of
fear, anger, conflict, fighting, and war.
 physical, war machine
is, like everything else, a reflection of  a Consciousness F
It's a low vibrational frequency that  grows
when people think more thoughts about
fear, fighting, conflict, war
and all those things and activities related to war.
Peace may be present for a while, but, eventually,
hht war-vibration is sparked sparked
into fighting and war
The war ends, but the war conscious lives on.
As it is given more thought it grows and grows
eventually it sparks into another war
The war produce a stronger war consciousness
the war end but the war conscious lives and grows  
And the cycvle is repeated
as long as it is given consciousness.

You go to war to keep the peace.
You preparing for war in order to be ready
in case there is another war.
Then. when it arrives, you go into victim consciousness
without realizing that itis your own consciousness
that is he creator of the war

Remember, the universal laws tell ud Like attracts like.
It is the consciousness that attracts a war.
is a Cabal-created, Idiot-Quotient master piece.

Our job is to
Learn to live at a rate of  vibration so high
that low-vibration evil cannot rech us.

I,  Robert Cote' and my partner Aum FahZoom
 challenge you
(the white hats / the good guys,
president Trump,  the U.S. military
and all the other violence peddlers,
We challenge  all of you to a
War of Consciousness

You play be your rulers.

I/We' will play by our Fifth Dimension Consciousness
 of how the universe functions

Contact me any time.
Are courageous  enough to do so.

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You have at your finger tips, in your own home,
     free access to the greatest library
          the world has ever seen.
               You have an abundance of time.
                   Ask yourself:
                        What am I doing with this awesome opportunity?

                                  This website merely opens the library doors.












C S 18-06-22




The three most powwerful tools ofcreation
*   Gratitude/Appreciation
*   Forgiveness
*   Llove

Gratitude / Appreciation:
Gratitude in one of the primary tools of creation.
The energy and the consciousness of Thank You
I already have what I am grateful for.

When we appreciate  having,
The Universe (Source/ Creator /God-Goddess
Gives us more to be grateful for.

When we understand how the Universe Functions,
When we understand What and Who we are,
When we realize that everything we experience is self created,
This triggers a  new realization that
there is nothing and no one outside of ourselves
that is responsible for what we experirnce.

Everything is sel-created,
We created the holographic experience of
being hurt/ Wronged,  etc.
so,our job, then,
is to forgive ourselves.

When Facing a Problem/Challenge,
you have a choice,
Succumb to it  or  Be Empowered by it

23 NOV  Sart here

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C S 18-06-22





*   Stock holders are nothing more than money lenders
*   The stock market is a giant gambling casino

In the third-dimension system:
*   Money lenders steal most of the corporate profits.
*   The governments steal another portion
     and call it corporate taxation
*   Corporations do NOT pay axes.
     they merely raise the price of their goods and/or services
     so include the money they pay in taxes.
     the  customers pay  money to the corporation
     which the corporations  pass on to the government
*   The people pay tax on their wages.
*   The product purchasers pay sales tax
     when purchasing the product r service.
*   The bureaucrats steal a portion of the governemtn money
*   The government bureaucrats buy  social services
      for the people at exorbitant prices
Everybody wins EXCEPT the people

*   The Foundation-Corporation-Partnership
     business structure,
*   There are no money lenders
*   The Corporation belongs to the Foundation
*   All the corporate profits of production belong to the foundation
*   We-The-People are the foundation's named beneficiaries.
*   The foundation and the corporations
      pay directly for social services
*    There is no need to tax anybody for anything

*   There Are no outside controllers of any kind for any reason.

A collection of foundation-corporation partnerships
set up a business such as home insurance.
the profits pay fo large social services
such as raads, bridges harbors, and the like.

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C S 18-06-22




*  Plant medicines will get you in contact with
    the non-physical world,
*  Plant medicine contacts are all  only temporary.
     They are like training wheels on a child's bycicle.
*   Your job is to access the non-physical part of yourself
     without external physical tools

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C S 18-06-22

Only Llove-Can-Create-Peace  



The evil ones have falsely taught gullible humans that
violence can create peace.
Just the opposite is true

Their false  teaching  is a clear violation of
The Universal law of Thought.

It's NOT possible to create something
by focusing on its opposite..
That's like using water to wash away wetness.

The Universal Law of Returns tell us
that we get back what we put out.

We ignore evil.  
We focus on Giving Llove.
*  The Universal Law of Thought  
*   The universal Law of Returns
*   The universal Law of Attraction      and
*   The First Universal Law of Llove
      all give us the same answer.
Whatever we focus our attention on, 

Llove is the ultimate "weapon" for
eliminating evil and creating peace..
The First Universal Law of Llove is
 pace in action.

Like vibrations attract each other
Unlike vibrations ignore each other.

Evil makes war and calls it peace-keeping
The Fourth Dimension, Cabal version of God
is The Roman Catholic Church
The evil ones murdered Jesus and called it an act of Llove.


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C S 18-06-22





Is something missing
is something required
Is there a skill you chose to learn

Who among our team is willing to be
the team leader/ coordinator
for the neighbor helping neighbor project.?

Dean Graziosi Tony Robbins are teaching people
how to use their personal skill to  teach the missing pieces
for someoneelse and and they charge money for their service

Connect wit them and get then to offer their services at cost
to Connecting Consciousness members
Ask all of their clients to Join Connecting Consciousness

Examine TLC-Life-Centers Website on this topic
 website 5D-People to People Connection services

We don't need to know anything to start . All we need is a commitment to taking the next step torad fulffilling this (or nny other)  intention

Who among you is willin to be team coordinator for this project

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C S 18-06-22





Success is NOT a function of physically doing.
It's a function of knowing What and Who You Are,
followed by inspired action.
It's applying
The Physics of Consciousness 
 The Rules of Reality
to whatever you are intending to manifest.

Everything,  absolutely Eeverything,
in Third-Dimension physicality,  
including your physical body
is and/or was literally created inside of
A Cosmic, Holographic Reality~
inside of non-physical,
Fifth-Dimension,  Cosmic-Consciousness..~

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C S 18-06-22




*   Presently (Feb 2021) We-The-People
     have NO VOICE in Anything..

*   We-The-People's Advisory Council~  has authorized me
     to invite you to play a major role in changing that.
     If you accept our invitation,
     you will receive huge rewards in the process

*   About 196,000 agents of evil are about to be
     removed from plant Earth's, present-day, social structure

*   Unless we take action,
     MEN   with only the  extremely limited,
     third-dimension consciousness
     (President Trump and the U.S. military)
     will be exclusively in control of
     trillions of dollars of wealth
     confiscated from the evil ones.

*   And We-the People will continue to have NO VOICE
     and no decision-making power
*   Because money is still  God in
    the old and dying third-dimension consciousness,
*   Because We-the-People
     <>   are ignored and/or
     <>   treated like immature children and/or
     <>   treated like  incompetent fools.
*   We-The-People have no power
     because our group voice is still silent.

Our first job is to create a voice
for We-The-People

The first step in that process is creating
The Wealthy-People's Financial-Power Team.

The TLC-Life-Center's Action Teams are about to change all that.
We would like you to be part of one of the team.
When you accept our invitation, you
and all the other tem mmbers
you will receive huge rewards,financial and otherewise.
Check our websites and then contact us.

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C S 18-06-22





As long as we continue to
ignore several, major,  universal  truths,
we are going to continue to
live in    fear,   Lies,    Illusions,
and Sheyitt-Consciousness.

An Example:
Most of us would agree that Einstein was
a very intelligent / Brilliant man.
He spent most of his life searching for
the combined "Theory of everything."

Why did he FAIL at his mission.?
Because he ignored a simple basic truth.
The universe has two distinct parts.
One physical      and     One non physical.

Then along comes Tom Campbell.
Tom spent years studying the non-physical side of reality
He did what  Einstein failed to do.
He gave us a new level of Consciousness.
He gave us The Universal Theory of Everything.

What Major Truths Are We Still Ignoring ,Today.?
*   The Cabal Criminal Secret,
     Corporate/ Human Enslavement System.

*    The Collective, Thought Power of We-The-People

*   The collective, knowledge and wisdom of We-The-People

*  Almost everybody is under the illusion that
      they know all they need to know
     Asa result, we remain mind-controlled slaves
     in a secret, Cabal-created, human  control system.
     We, each one of us, all of us  are enslaved
      by what we DO NOT  know
      because we don't know that we DO NOT know

*   There is a huge lack of cooperation among light workers

*   Christianity and Judaism both teach their followers
     that humans are separate from The Creator of Everything

*   How many of thees lies ara still controlling your life.?

*   Present day Christianity teaches the satanic vision of Christianity.
    The teaching of Jesus are all but ignored.
     Humans are aught that we are separate from
          God, Nature and Each other.
     The more you suffer the closer you are to God.
     Humans are inherently evil sinners.
     Do you remember the story  the Roman Catholic Pope
     selling tickets to heaven (indulgences)

*   In spite of the evidence telling us that
     we live in an Electric Universe and everything is energy
     expressing itself in families of vibrations
    Our so-called-schools
     are still teach the obsolete Newtonian theory
     that everythind in made of physical stuff.

Are You ready to look at the fairytales that you believe.?

The following applies to the vast majority of humans
*  If you don't get everything
    in a thirty-second sound-bite format,,
    You ignoreit and
     make up stories to hide  the point that
    you are either
    too thoroughly mind-controlled, 
    or too lazy,  or too stupid 
    to toke the time to educate yourself.

If a website contains typographical errors,
the content of the website must be wrong.

*   The German people were tricked into electing
     ADOLPH HITLER'S grand-daughter
     as the leader of the German government
    <>   Before you pat your self on the back
         and say I'm not that stuped,
         take a close look at former U.S. president
    <>  George Bush Senior  was one of the
        most evil, child murdering evil being 
        to ever incarnaate in physical form.
      <>   He eve participated in the Assasintion of
            the nation's most popular presidente ever,
            Presidenf John F.Kennity
      <>   And the evidence points to the most likely conclusion
           tha George junior participated in the murder John Kennedy jr.

Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
There's  NO  Woo-Woo. 
It's  NOT  Crazy.
It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans 
     do  not yet understand.

Non-physical consciousness
follows an exacting set of rules.  
Everything we know,   everything we are
is based on and is a function of
non-physical consciousness.

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C S 18-06-22

A brief technical explanation  




Ho'oponopono Meditation: The Most Powerful Healing Meditation EVER - YouTube

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C S 18-06-22

3rd-D. Life is a fraud   




Life Is Not What We Have Been Led to Believe It Is
By Those Who Claim to Know.

You, I, and almost everybody else
have  been (and still are)
making critical,  irreversible,
life-altering  decisions
based upon false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information and
in the absence of vitally important, 
missing information  

The guiding light in oour reality
is NOT economics, money, or power over others.
None of that is real. 
It's all a Big Lie being to you
by lying, parasitic evil, disease called the Cabal.
the Cabal controls himsnity for it's controllers,
The Off-plant reptilians.
the reptilians are controlled by A.I.  
Something is controlling A.I.
We know that because God-Consciousness
hasthe power to cancel
the powers presently be alowed to be in control.
We DO NOT know 
 what is actually running our reality, our gallaxy.

*   We have been programmed to fit into and support
     an economic system that serves
     only those in control of the system.
*   It's called third dimension consciousness
*   It's based ,
     fear,  danger,    scarcity,
     lies      illusions
sickness,    disease    ,
     scarcity,  lack,
     in a fear-based, debt-based money god,  
     It's  made of chaos, confusions
     low self esteem,     powerlessness,
     and countless other dysfunctions.
*    To change something
     using third-dimension consciousness,
     you  must suffer, struggle
     in the external physical world.
*   Such behavior is totally
     third-dimension,  Sheyitt-Consciousness.

How to escape the mind-control system:
Learn, practice, teach and live by
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

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C S 18-06-22




BlockChain    defined:
Blockchain is a shared,
immutable (unchangeable) ledger.
     *  A ledger is an accounting record-keeping system.
     *   It's a numbers record book,
          commonly associated with money.

BlockChain facilitates the process of
recording transactions
tracking assets
in a business network.

An asset can be tangible
(a house, car, cash, land)
or intangible (intellectual property,
patents, copyrights, branding).

Virtually anything of value
can be tracked and traded
on a blockchain network,
This cuts the  costs for all involved.
reduces risk of theft and
interfers with finance of
anything those in change call
unacceptable activity and Criminal activity.

Why BlockChain is important:
Business runs on information.
The big pluses for BlockChain
is that is fast, accuracy, and safe.
Essentially, it eliminates the criminals.

BlockChain is ideal for delivering information
because it provides immediate, shared
and completely transparent information
stored on an immutable ledger
that can be accessed only by
permissioned network members.

A BlockChain network can track
orders, payments, accounts, production
and much more.

Because members share a single view of the truth,
you can see all details of
a transaction end-to-end, (start to finish)
giving you greater confidence,
as well as new efficiencies
and additional opportunities.

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BlockChain appears to be almost exclusively about money.

BlockChain is a tamper-proof recording system
There is nothing hidden when using this technology.
This technology eliminates liars and criminals.


When the criminals are gone, 
what will be the value. of blockChain?

Who is to  says what activity is permissible
 and what is not.?

What is goint to happen to all this after the Death of money.?

When stocks dramatically increase in value,
where does the new wealth come from.?

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F.R. 18-03-09

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Chapter Twenty-Five

enetically modified Organisms)  
Sold to the public as
an agricultural revolution
masterminded human killing system     ...

GMO  Foods are poison to your body.!
The three letters, GMO, stand for 
 GMO food is slow-poison food.  
 If you eat it, your family will be genetically engineered 

Urgent action Required.    
Go to Chapters One, Two, and Three

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Why are your websites not in perfect order.?
Why are you not rich.?

*   Because I chose being of service
    instead of working for financial wealth.
*   Because I spent almost all of my spare time
     learning all the thing my websites offer you , today.
*   Because my websites include much information
     that those running the Secret Control System
     do not want you to know.

Back in the mid 1970s  I had to make a choice.
I could have focused on making money
.in the business of proving extra storage space for people
In those days, that business was almost non existent.
The timing was perfect.  
I had access to all the funding needed.
I had to make a choice.

If I had chosen money, I would not have brought you
the information and the opportunities
I bring to you today.

Had I used my money to expose  the evil ones,
I would have been murdered like the thousand of others who were murdered for openly opposing the evil ones.

I am fortunate in that I began
my Self-Awareness Training in the mid 1960s
I soon learned how to  access to
the non-physical side of reality.

My giudence advised me to
"stay under the radar."

For years, I was one person,
*  working alone,
*   with NO editor or other physical assistance,
*   with zero financial support,
*   using a horribly dysfunction website builder.

*  My personal living environment
     is still very dysfunctional.
*   I am still recovering from 
     severe, psychological abuse as a child.
*   I am seriously visually-handicapped
*   I am old enough to have great, great grandchildren.
*   For years, my work, my life, and my writings have regularly 
     being interfered with by Cabal agents.

Why all  the problems?  
Because the TLC-Life-Center website contents contain
incredibly powerful anti-Cabal truths.

*   It's now time for all that to change.
*   The context of life on Earth has dramatically changed.
*   My personal capacity to be who I came to Earth to be
     is now safe to expose and express.
*   With discretion, I can now speak
     most of the truths I learned
    while still being physically safe.

So I ask, "Please either ignore my imperfections
or assist me in upgrading my websites.

Thank you, 

Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'   and    Aum  FahZoom

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F.R. 18-03-09

Template .

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F.R. 18-03-09


Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  and  Aum   FahZoom

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