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The Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient

.The  Ignorance/Idiot Quotient
is that portion of your full,  Human-Cosmic-Consciousness
that you'd be wise to know, but you don't know      and
you don't know that you don't know.

For an introduction of the Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient,
please go to page One:  

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Re:  Your Ignorance regarding Money

*   Being polite for years has gotten me ignored
     So, I'm going to tell you the truth.

*   If all you want around you is brown -nosed, ass-kissers,
don't' read any more of this message.

* I just watched your 4-person discussion about mony
dated   September   2021.   91% a waste of my time

*** Yes, you are right saying that, at this time,
Gold and silver (preferably silver) 
is/are the best financial investments
for those with limited investment capital. 

***   NASARA is right on target, but
as far as the people know, it's a fairytale.
and it will stay that way until who know when.

***   Everybody is IGNORING we the people,
including you.. 
You may have a list of names, but at the moment,
You have made almost Zero use of this huge potential  asset..
   *   Totally unorganized .
   *    No way to them connect with teach other
   *    You offer them zero education
    * They want o help, and the know not what to do
       In what way are you  edvising  and/or educating them ?
     *  You offer them nothing Nada None. Zero.  Zipo.

***   Your videos are heavily focused on what s wrong
and focused  nobody wants in their lives
and you wonder why
    The Universal Laws of Thought,
     The Universal  Law or Attraction
     The Universal  Law of Returns,
are all responding to you by
giving you more of what's  wrong
and what you do not want. 

***   Not ony are you filling your own head
with Sheyit-Cinsciuiness,
you are filling your viewers/ listeners 

*   YOU like trump operate in
excessive, unnecessary secrecy
In thefifth Dimension there is no secrecy.

*   How many other organizations 
 are you working with  ZERO., Nada ,None. Zero.  Zipo.

*   In complete opposition to the social trends
toward lateral group control,
you are still attempting to
create your organization from the top down.

*   You act like you already know all you need to know. down

*   When was he last time you
asked We-THe-People for their advice.


Charlie Ward's 
*   incredible mastery in his former career
     shipping gold and other valuables,
*   His high integrity,
*   His wealth of knowledge,
*   His prolific writing,
*   His present activities,
*   His high number of followers,
*  His believability,
*  His energy field, literally Vibrates happy Wealth/Money,
*  His temperament, 
*  His personality, 
 * His physical appearance.
    He's like someone I'd like to have known
    as my Uncle Charlie.

*   His realization that money is eventually doomed to extinction,
*   His connections with the wealthy people,   and
*    His elephantiasis. ego,
these factors together,
 make him the perfect person to lead the
 We-the People's Fimansial Power Team.~

I have yet to get any response from him.
Please forward my message to him:

Please forward my letter to him

Do I need to go on or have you got the message yet..>
All four of you are still mind-controlled slaves.
Do you dare to take the freedom slavery test~.

***   I /We know you are doing your best,
but you are all way under educated.
***   Untill you wakeup, you wil continue to
funstion at a sall fractiont of your capacity

The four of you don't know jackshit about money.
You are also equally uniformed about
How The Universe Functionss. ~
Check the evidence:

I/We Challenge you to prove us wrong
in ANY major aspect of our work.

Please begin with the demise of Scarcity
and The Death of Money.~

And one final note
Learn the truth abut your hero.
Mr. Trump is a third dimension genoius and a Fifth-Dimension Idiot.

Mr. Simon  Parkes,
It's time for you to grow up.

See you email inbox, message code #  EQ9980

Blesing Be Llove    (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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On Your First Reading of This Message,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

The New Beginning Has Arrived.
***   Find it first inside of your self.
When you do,
 it will begin showing up
everywhere in your life.

***   It's  easy to find.
It's also so simply that, at first,
it will seem like its too simple
and too good to be true. 

In The New Beginning   aka  in The Fifth -Dimension,
We-The-People  Share with each other
all necessary goods and services.

***  Because Earth-Humans  are Great Creators,
we create so much wealth that
the costs of goods & services
steadily drops to almost nothing.
As the need for money steadily decline,
 it eventually reaches zero.

The New Currency   aka  the new measure of value
is internal, FahZoom-Feel-Good-Feelings


Begin by Feeling your feel-Good Feelings

***   Take in a full breath.
As you exhale, say,   Aahhh.!  
as if you had just experienced
something very pleasant,
such as a sip of your favorite beverage
Feel your body relaxing.

***   Take in another  full breath.
As you exhale, say,   Uuhhh.!  
as if you are experiencing
something very pleasant,
such as afoot rub.
Feel your body relaxing even more. 

***   Take in another  full breath.
As you exhale, say Oohhh  My . . ..! 
Wow.!   Thank you.
This feels like Mmorrrre.!

***  Mmmm.!   Mmmm.!  Just be.
Imagine the feel-good-feelings
such as feeling the after glow of
a delightful sexual experience. 

***   Become aware of your body's
response to all of this
Feel your body relaxing even more.
Notice you shoulder muscles letting go.
Notice your jaw relaxing.
Notice what's going on in your lower abdomin.

***   If extraneous thoughts come to mind,
just be the observer.  Let them be.
It it's something you need to deal with,
say thank you.  We'll  deal with you later.

***   Relax.    Allow.      Let go.     Enjoy. 
       Be grateful.     Just be.......Remember Llove

<><><><><>   <><><><><>

We are a team of
***   Fellow players in and
***    The creators of
 in one of the grandest program systems
ever devised.
We Entertain   We educate.
Each month at the time of the full moon, 
We Celebrate, Life & Llove
We Honor, Appreciator and express Llove
to & for God/Goddess, The Source of Llove

This is where we get to play,
to experirnce great Joy
to Give LLove nnd
to Receive Llove

Giving Llove,
in any of its multi/multible ways
is to be of service to your Fellow God-Beings.

he Universal law tells us that
     The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
                   on giving Llove.

In the New Normal, aka  Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness, 
FahZoom-Feelings    aka    -Feel-Good-Feelings
are the new
measure of value. 
We are motivated to action by our internal feelings
Feelings are our measure of value

How can I make / inspire / assist you / help you
 to feel better than you do right now.?

The currency is/are feelings, experiences, 
 satisfactions, joys,  Experiences of Ecstasy
,and Creating memories

I Llove you for who I am when I'm with you.

Ask yourself,
What am I really hungry for
What void in my life do I want to fill.

What else do you have that you'd like to share.?

Sensual sharing in groups of three creates
a circle of both giving nnd receiving

Giving Sexual Pleasure is the Ideal gift
In giving pleasure to your partner,
you., are the same time, receive pleasure.

Mixin a spray bottle
*  filtered Apple Cider Vinegar
*   Waer
*small amont of liquid soap
Sprau on what you wantto be cleaned

Wipe as you would any other cleaning agent.

to both Educate and Entertain
all who choose to learn the ways of
the New Normal.   aka  
Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness   aka
The New Service to  All Social Sructure

learning the New Normal know as

As the educational aspect of
 the new Service-to-All socisl Structures
We-The-Education/Entertainment Team

Our teachers,

Or Earth-Recovery Teal is producing

***  The New Normal is
Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
5tf-D. Functions on emotions
You do too,
you've just been mind-programmed
to ignore your inner self.

You have a choice.
Learn to function in Fifth-Dimension
or go to a different planet
and there, you continue your personal evolution
back to God/goddess.

***   Remember, Life is eternal, 
       *   You are  a non-physical god-Being
       *   All this is aa Game
            which you are guaranteed to win
      *   Change is inevitable   
       *   Suffering is optional

***   Once you stop resisting nd commit to
       remembering who you are,
       It will tke you about 70 days to learn the basic

***   Be gentle with yourself.
       Remember you are a child of God/Goddess
       You are a Child of the Universe

***   If you want to be of service
       Learn, practice, teach, and live by the
       First Fundamental Law of Llove.
            The way to receive Llove
                 is to focus your attention
                      on giving Llove.

BUT<  You must first
     Open your eyes and look,
     Open your heart to Llove,
     Open your body to feel.,
     Trust God/Goddess.
      Learn who and wha u are
      Trust yourself.
     Be willing to experience the new reality
     This change is NOT  at first a physical change. 
     It is first a change in conscioousness

 Change  --  Change in cnscusness :
Human evolution is filled with
new inventions / new ideas / new discoveries. 
Each dramatically changed the entire world as we know it,
Gunpowder, the steam engine,  the telegraph, the telephone 
the automobile,   the airplane, every one of these,
and many ore , dramatically changed the world.
***  We are in the middle a new change.  This change is more dramatic than anything the that ever occurred in al fhuan history

***  This chane is  a change in consciousness.
It's the realization that Consciousness has two sides.

***  Nichola Tesla Quote.

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On Your First Reading of This Message,
Ignore the Links  ---  Here's Why.~

TO  Simon Parkes
Robert Cote'
 "Declaration of the People of the United States
              for Global Peace and Prosperity" 

              Author:   "Man of God"~   Date:   30 August 2021

I/We offer you We-The-People's version of
a Declaration of Freedom & Sovereignty.

Please compare our work
to  the mysterious Man of God
who is presently hiding under President Trump's 
cloak of excessive  secrecy.

Are you aware that
 in Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness~
***   There are no Secrets.
***   Control is lateral.   (i.e.  with the People)
***   The people are learning Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.~ 
***   The people are learning  The Physics of Consciiusness
        and   The Rules of Reality.~
***   The People learning What and Who they are~.
***   The people are learning
        The Universal Law of Thought
***   Self-Aware People~  DO NOT go on line and
         focus on what they DO NOT WANT in their lives.

***   The people are learning that
        focusing their mind on  Sheyitt-Consciousness~
        Is HUGELY counter-productive.
***   In the new system
Control is in the groups of We-The-People.
We-The-People are no longer waiting for
someone like Trump to save them.
We .are joining together to work as teams
creating thw new sharing social structure, Service to All.   ...

***   One of the most powerful of the new action groups is
Organic-Community-Owned Gardens~
by,  of,  and  for  


Sending people out into the  physical reality and
trying to change what already is is futile gesturing.
Politics is NOT the solution.~
Teach people how the universe functions
and they and you  and Iwill change the world together.

<><><><><>   <><><><><>
*   Are you aware that you
     repeatedly and regularly violate
     one of the  core rule of Consciousness.~
Energy follows thought
     BY focusing  on the criminals
      and on what the evil ones are doing.
     you tell the Universe to give you and your listeners
     more of what we do not want.

<><><><><>   <><><><><>

I/We suggest  that learn about the new reality
The new and rapidly growing social structure
is called Sharing.

You appear to be attempting to create
another top-down organization
with yourself in control of
a bunch of order-takers / followers.
That format is third dimension and 
Watch this video.
For information about the coming changes.
Begin watching/ listening at Minute 36:00

According to Jeremy Rifkin
Top-down control is a dying social structure.

You'd be much more successful offering lateral control
with yourself as the Honored and Lloved  Master-Guide. 
Your work is vial and essential,
however, you, like everyone else,  have some
major pieces of your cosmic consciousness  missing.
I highly encourage you to to examine
your own Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient.

<><><><><>  <><><><><>
Please examine the evidence regarding President Trump: --- 
Trump --  Third dimension Genius  / Fifth-Dimension Idiot
Neither he nor the U.S. military
have the Consciousness required
to win   A War of Consciousness.. 
<><><><><>   <><><><><>

The best and the simplest thing you can do,
beginning today, is to invite your followers
to become participants.
Invite them to sign their own
Declaration of Freedom and Sovereignty
and then, register their declaration with  We-The-People

This will shift our social  structure from Cabal control
to We-The-People control.

I/We suggest you read our four page document~
as part of you own education.
Teach your follower
The First Universal Law of Llove~.....
    The Way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
               on giving Llove.

This one principle, when practiced
by by only afew thousands signers of
We-The-People's decoration of Sovereignty
will trigger a mass awakening
that will change the world

<><><><><<>   <><><><><>
Please read We-The-People's
four page document. 
Unless of course your stupid enough to say things like:
I already know all I need to know,
I'm too busy.  I don't have time to learn anything new. 
I've already made up my mind.  Don't confuse wme wit the facts.
I know what shape the Earth is.   I learned that in grammar school.
We can fix what's wrong.    We'll fight it and it will  go away.
The more I suffer, the closer I am to God.

<><><><><>  <><><><><>

We invite you to prove us wrong.
We encourage and request
that you try prove  us wrong.
Because in attempting
to prove us wrong,
you will prove us right. 

Please gather three to nine
of your available people and
ask them to prove us wrong
in ANY major aspect of our work.

Please begin with the demise of Scarcity
and The Death of Money.~

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

...     ..    ...

Simom Parkes        Connecting Consciousness

     Sent money Message  15Victoria

 Sent this message  23 Sep 21  using their form
    heir message code #  EQ9980

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Dale-Gross, D.C
Doctor of Chiropractic 

TO:   Dale Gross
RE:   Feel-Good-Feelings
FROM:  Robert Cote'
Please accept my sincere apologies
for taking so long to get this message to you.

Here's the webpage link i said  I'd send you. 

How  to  Experience FahZoom-
with  All  Six  Senses

Be sure to watch the interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza
the link is you the page I'm sending you.

Let me share the Buddha Gift~ that came to me
in the delay of getting this message to you,
*   When I examined the page to send to you, 
     I found it in need of significant updating.
     In the updating process,
     I refreshed my connection with
practicing my own teachings.

I could have pre-warned you of the delay.
Whenever I thought of contacting you,
My Inner-Self kept pulling  me elsewhere.
You have come into mind several times a day
for all that time.
Your mastery has inspired me to practice my own.
Thank you.

In my high vibration state,
The Universal Principle called Synchronicity
connected me with an interview  with
Dr. Joe Dispenza.
It is the scientific information
that underlies what is on the page you
are invited to read.

I also found  the recording portion of
my outreach messaging system to be

in chaos.
I took the time to clean up that system

Feel free to share this process with anybody you choose.
Thank you

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom
1-818-727-0727      Sent  5 Sep 2021

Dale M. Gross
6344 Laura lCanyon Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA  91606
Pone: 818-761-1355     Fax:   818-761-8705
(Personal  Home) email ;

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Outreach Messages   Sep 2021

.Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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